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Pray that this little one hangs on!!

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melbournemum Thu 20-Jul-06 10:56:43

After 10 years of fertility treatments, countless failed IVF cyclces and four heartbreaking miscarriages (all at around five weeks), my brother phoned me tonight to tell me that he was sitting on his sofa looking at a scan picture of a little tiny being with a strong heartbeat at seven weeks! Its early days but all the signs are good and this is the furthest they have ever come. I am just sending a heartfelt plea for all of you, whatever your beliefs, to send a little prayer or positive thought that this little baby makes it. I really really believe it makes a difference. We've been praying hard ever since the IVF cycle and I dreamt they had a little girl! They will be wonderful parents. So please send a thought of strength and life and hope and love and whatever else to help this most precious little person make it safely into the world.
thanks with the biggest lump in my throat xx

leander Thu 20-Jul-06 10:58:24

good luck to your db and sil, my prayers are with them xxxx

hotmama Thu 20-Jul-06 11:00:13

Everything crossed for them. Hopefully, you will post with good news etc.

moreteaanyone Thu 20-Jul-06 11:02:16

Praying for the little one and the family.

Marina Thu 20-Jul-06 11:05:22

It is such a great sign to see a heartbeat at seven weeks - statistically much reduces the chances of miscarriage
Thinking of and praying for them both and you too. I know how it is to try to support a sibling through this sort of thing XXX

melbournemum Thu 20-Jul-06 11:09:38

thank you so much for the thoughts everyone, my sil said that my db had hardly let go of the scan picture, its the first one they've ever had. it looked like a little bean she said! they are so excited and so terrified at the same time. I feel like I can hardly breath so I can't imagine how they feel.

schneebly Thu 20-Jul-06 11:13:04

Praying for them all.

shhhh Thu 20-Jul-06 11:45:22

Don't know about praying but I'm crying for them atm..!!!

I hope all goes well...I've never experienced ivf but have been through mc's. I now have a gorgeous dd and am currently 12 weeks with baby2 (which I hope also hangs in on there..)
Good things can happen and I wish them all the luck in the world. xxxx

CrocodileKate Thu 20-Jul-06 11:48:43

Thinking of them and hoping.

iamapieceofcheesecake Thu 20-Jul-06 11:49:17

Am also nearly in tears reading this.
Wishing your db, sil and 'bean' all the luck in the world. Hope you are able to post a really positive thread and picture in the future. xxxxxx

Hang on in there 'bean', you can do it. xx

melbournemum Thu 20-Jul-06 23:50:08

will keep you all posted! thanks again for your positive thoughts :-) xx

Adorabelle Fri 21-Jul-06 00:27:46

Sending much Love to your db & his wife, & will
also say a prayer that little heartbeat keeps
on getting stronger by the day. xx

time4tea Fri 21-Jul-06 20:24:23

I saw my bean last week at 7 weeks - magical. praying for all of us struggling to bring our littles into the world, including this special little family XXX

magnolia1 Fri 21-Jul-06 20:46:49

Thoughts and prayers are with them xxxxx

MaryBS Sat 22-Jul-06 04:32:16

Praying for all the 'little beans' out there. Little bean is what I used to call my DD when I saw her on an 8 week scan.

Sakura Sat 22-Jul-06 05:55:44

I`m sending a prayer for your brother and his family

LadyTophamHatt Sat 22-Jul-06 06:01:52

sending positive thoughts from here too

SherlockLGJ Sat 22-Jul-06 06:06:31

Prayer here.

foundintranslation Sat 22-Jul-06 06:07:03

praying for them melbournemum.
The heartbeat really is a fab sign. I've had two miscarriages - at 5 and just over 6 weeks - and my successful pregnancy was the one where a heartbeat could be seen at 6 weeks + 3.

CaptainDippy Sat 22-Jul-06 06:45:36

Thoughts and prayers are with your DB and SIL MM - Keep us updated - Wonderful news!! Keep going Bean!!

naswm Sat 22-Jul-06 07:31:15

will do. x

trinityrhino Sat 22-Jul-06 07:36:25

sending positive thoughts and lots of love their way xxx

melbournemum Sat 22-Jul-06 07:53:31

guys I'm really touched by all your thoughts and prayers for my db, sil and little bean and I know its helping him or her grow stronger every minute! thank you :-)

Now you've gone and got me all teary again!

YellowFeathers Sat 22-Jul-06 07:57:26


Nanou1 Mon 24-Jul-06 12:17:07

adding my heartfelt prayers too. after years to tears and many miscarriages we were blessed with a daughter through 2nd ivf. dd is 27 months now. she is a "princess" who is getting into "secrets" and "fairies"!!!!. tears of joy and hope for your db and sil. this will be a long journey for them.

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