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So gunna stock up on a few packs of nappies?? Which make do u recommend

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Naomilouise1992 Tue 17-Dec-13 02:26:03

Hey I'm gunna stock up on a few packs of nappies just incase baby decides to come early

What makes would u recommend xxx

SoonToBeSix Tue 17-Dec-13 02:32:15

For a newborn pampers or tesco after the first few weeks definitely Aldi

Marrow Tue 17-Dec-13 02:39:52

Tesco own brand.

Naomilouise1992 Tue 17-Dec-13 02:45:09

Wow really aldi??

My mums is trying to get me to shop there. Tesco is closer though, luckily aldi is opening on the same retail park in February just in time for baby xxx

rundontwalk Tue 17-Dec-13 02:55:39

I have gone for Pampers New baby both times then switched to Asda once out of the newborn stage. I found a lot of the own brands leaked in the early stages but nappies are funny-what suits one baby doesn't always work for another. Avoid boots-they are universally crap!

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy & birth smile

SoonToBeSix Tue 17-Dec-13 02:57:26

Yes Aldi are the best nappies much better than leading brands and cheaper although I would buy them if they were the most expensive they are that good.
Avoid pampers once you have passed new baby stage they are crap.

Naomilouise1992 Tue 17-Dec-13 03:00:46

Ahh thankyou smile

I think I might try a pack of everything haha!!


Stom91 Tue 17-Dec-13 03:19:02

Big boxes of pampers are on offer on amazon £7 for 72 nappies I've just bought a few smile

Bumbolina Tue 17-Dec-13 03:21:09

We use Aldi with my toddler, and went straight to Aldi newborn nappies with my 3 week old. They've been excellent. The newborn nappies are only £1.50 for a standard size pack - SO much cheaper, and really good quality.

Naomilouise1992 Tue 17-Dec-13 03:29:49

Ooh thankyou for advice!

I might try a box of pampers and then the aldi ones! I've got 4 of the aldi ones given as samples. So gunna take them in the hospital bag xxxxx

Nicole1984 Tue 17-Dec-13 03:41:02

I swear by huggies brand!

NatashaBee Tue 17-Dec-13 03:54:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

McRoo Tue 17-Dec-13 03:56:38

If you can get your hands on Huggies I second that. Found them excellent. Pampers were also good for my newborn but now he's in size 3 I'm not so impressed (apart from the night nappies - they are fab. It's the active fit ones I don't like). For size 2 and 3 nappies I've been really pleased with sainsbury's.

leonardofquirm Tue 17-Dec-13 04:06:32

Also don't buy loads of tiny size 1 nappies, your baby might bit be in them for long!

I Aldi like Tesco and Aldi best, pampers always leaked for me!

ClaudiusMaximus Tue 17-Dec-13 04:32:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnythingNotEverything Tue 17-Dec-13 04:37:34

Wow - so many different answers! DD is 8 weeks and I find that only pampers come anywhere close to containing the explosive, runny, BF poo we get.

In the early days you're changing so often you could use anything. We have to be more careful now we're going 4-5 hours (and overnight) between changes.

I don't mind sainsburys, but find Aldi nappies to be a bit plastic-y. We find pampers mean less additional laundry, and I like the wetness indicator stripe.

SpoonfulOfJam Tue 17-Dec-13 07:22:31

Aldi. Price per nappy can't be beaten and they seem to do the job well enough. Avoid asda. A lot of extra laundry while we used up the pack.

Strongecoffeeismydrug Tue 17-Dec-13 08:30:41

Everybody I know swears by Aldis so I've stocked up on those with one pack of pampers so I can compare.
With my other 2 I used hughies but have they stopped making them?
And I tend to have monster sized babies so I've bought size 2 straight away as last time it was a disaster trying to put 10.7 ounce ds into newborn( they were tiny) and other half had to go to supermarket for bigger ones before ds was even a day oldgrin

McMerryBum Tue 17-Dec-13 08:36:59

pampers for newborn, then aldi here.

Aldi's are cheap and much better than anything I have tried for dd who is now an active 8mo.

Foxeym Tue 17-Dec-13 09:05:01

I agree with anything, pampers all the way my DS is also 8 weeks. I started with stage 1, he was in stage 2 by 2 weeks and in stage 3 by 6 weeks. He wees like no tomorrow and pampers have been the only ones not to leak all over his clothes!

AHardDaysWrite Tue 17-Dec-13 09:07:46

Pampers Simply Dry (the value ones in the orange pack) are just as good as their expensive ones. Aldi are good too but feel a bit more cardboardy.

GwenStacy Tue 17-Dec-13 09:13:01

I wouldn't buy loads of any one type tbh - some babies just don't fit different brands! E is fine in Pampers, but a friend gave us a pack of the ASDA ones. We used three from a pack and everyone leaked (poo and wee!) They went off to someone on freecycle who has since emailed to say they're some of the best nappies she's tried!

Wishfulmakeupping Tue 17-Dec-13 09:21:12

In the day sainburys own brand are the best for our dd and we've tried everything! Nighttime we use pampers night ones in case she ever did sleep through very very rare

DrinkFeckArseGirls Tue 17-Dec-13 09:29:11

Naty Naturebabycare. Pure of bleach and other plasticky crap. Very gentlemon the bottom, the only brand my DD could wear without getting a nappy rash.

Oldandcobwebby Tue 17-Dec-13 09:34:48

I liked the now defunct Huggies for my newborn daughter. She's 14 months now and we use Lidl nappies. Thinner than all the others and never had a leak.

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