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very very faint line on pregnancy test

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starfish99 Sat 14-Dec-13 09:59:38

Just done a pregnancy test and there is a really really faint positive line on the test - can only really see it if I hold up to the light. I think I'm about 7 days dpo. How long does it take for a strong positive to show up?
Desperately hoping to get pregnant...mum has cancer and not long left so would be so good to have some good news for us and for her.
Think i am so hopeful I'm clutching at straws and so worried I'll get my period.

starfish99 Thu 19-Dec-13 12:09:21

Thanks goodasitgets -and yours turned into a successful pregnancy?

goodasitgets Thu 19-Dec-13 12:35:05

I didn't continue with the pregnancy but yes, all scans etc were absolutely fine
My friend bled throughout hers, every month when her period was due, and pregnancy was fine smile

starfish99 Thu 19-Dec-13 12:37:23

Thanks. I'm just so scared. I know I'm being ridiculous and should just try and concentrate on other stuff but just can't take my mind off it when it's something I want so badly. I seriously need to get a grip!!

Rach2801 Thu 19-Dec-13 17:11:41

I've just had the same issue, took 2 boots tests, one said not pregnant and the other a faint line which appeared after the 3 minutes , I then put the test away and when I checked again the line had gone.. Did this ever happen anyone I don't know now if I am or not as the line was there in the pregnant box ??

starfish99 Thu 19-Dec-13 17:21:57

How long after did you recheck it? I had a really faint line on sat which is now hardly visible. Think they do fade over time.

Rach2801 Thu 19-Dec-13 17:55:04

Around an hour after .. But it said on it if theirs a line at all then your pregnant, I just wonder should I now wait 3 days to see if it becomes more prominent

starfish99 Fri 20-Dec-13 07:47:32

I think I might have had a chemical pregnancy. Absolutely devastated. I had more spotting last night and this morning. Plus constant cramping feeling in my lower abdomen all of last night The positive lines on my tests had been getting darker but this morning the line was much lighter. I'm just absolutely gutted. Thought I was going to have the Christmas present ever and now I'm just so disappointed. :-(

Rach2801 Fri 20-Dec-13 08:38:36

Everything I've read says the spotting is normal, go check the doctors ring for an emergency appointment as if there's a line at all dark or faint it means there's something there.. Fingers crossed !!

Monkeyshuffle Fri 20-Dec-13 10:28:37

I didn't want to give you false hope as chemical pregnancies are very common, but I had spotting and cramping the week before my period was due and thought I was coming on, tested when period was 1 day late and got bfp. Also had spotting around 8 weeks as well. Had quite a lot of cramping for first two months. Just try not to worry and retest one little while x

Monkeyshuffle Fri 20-Dec-13 10:31:22

[in a little while]

Bankholidaybaby Fri 20-Dec-13 10:45:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Liveinthepresent Fri 20-Dec-13 12:49:39

Hi starfish what a roller coaster ! Just wanted to add my best wishes and agree with PP that all you can do is wait and see - it is so hard I know but it may yet be ok. fWIW - I had a chemical pregnancy and was gutted as although I already had a DD it took a long time first time around.
Anyway fast forward to the next month and I got my BFP - DS now 6 months old. Quite common apparently for it to happen again straight away.
I lost my DDad around this time too so I do know how complicated the emotions are but I hope my story shows that even if its not your month now it doesn't mean you won't get your wish.
Keep us posted and wishing you a peaceful Christmas with your Mum

LumpyBumpyMum Fri 20-Dec-13 13:09:17

Don't give up hope! My first DD I bled really badly! It poured out, and with the amount I really thought we had lost her. Scan 3 days later showed a tiny 6 week baby with a perfect heartbeat. Its possible everything will be ok.

Christelle2207 Fri 20-Dec-13 13:36:48

There is hope! I had light bleeding and cramping 7-8dpo then BFP 9 dpo (didn't test earlier). ds now 4 months.

Christelle2207 Fri 20-Dec-13 13:39:14

Oh and the lighter line could be due to more dilute wee perhaps? Try first thing tomorrow. Spotting is a good sign I'd say, full on red blood not so much.

starfish99 Fri 20-Dec-13 19:07:33

thank you all so much for your help and support. It really makes a difference.
what will happen will happen so just going to try and look forward to Christmas.

sharkey1187 Sat 21-Dec-13 09:47:10

starfish.. Sending you lots of positive vibes and I hope you get the news you want. x

VJONES1985 Sat 21-Dec-13 09:49:20

Tea1sugar - sorry, only just seen your message! Yes, am 5w4d and due in August.

starfish99 Sat 21-Dec-13 13:05:21

feeling a bit more positive this morning. did another test and got the darkest line yet. Still getting a little spotting but very little. keeping everything crossed that this is going to work out ok!

HaleyDunphy Sat 21-Dec-13 13:19:33

Sounds good! The spotting is probably just implantation spotting. Fingers crossed for you!

HaleyDunphy Sat 21-Dec-13 13:20:05

What dpo are you on now btw and when is your period due?

starfish99 Sat 21-Dec-13 13:54:02

hi Hayley. I think I must be about 14-15 dpo. I haven't tracked ov though so that's just based on symptoms. I first tested +ve with the faintest of faint lines last sat (a week ago) and the lines got darker apart from a wobble yesterday ehen ut was lighter. My period was due a coupe of days ago although they aren't that regular. people have said they get spotting around the time of their period so it could be that. Could still be a cp - who knows! Keep everything crossed for me! How are you getting on?

HaleyDunphy Sat 21-Dec-13 13:59:09

I think you're going to be fine, honestly. It's impossible not to think about it every moment, I know, but try to fill your time if you can! I did them every day religiously at 6am for days! My lines were soooo light for so long too, so that's good you've got a nice dark one.

All is well here, almost 18 weeks now and I never thought I'd get to this point. I was exactly the same as you! Fingers crossed but I really don't think you need it.

Americanhoney Sat 21-Dec-13 14:18:00

As the other posters have said previously, unfortunately you have to wait and see, which is unbearable as I couldn't think of anything else. In the end I had the "false" positive tests and then got confirmation of chemical pregnancy. I got pregnant in the next cycle and DD2 is sitting next to me now. DD1 pregnancy was a total breeze but throughout DD2 pregnancy I had lots of dark, small bleeds and period style stomach cramps, no one knew why and I feared every time I went to the loo! I say this to let you know you aren't alone and pls stay positive as it might yet happen! Wishing you all the best.

Americanhoney Sat 21-Dec-13 14:21:45

Also forgot to add that I kept on testing throughout the early stages of my second pregnancy and the lines remained faint throughout. First pregnancy lines were always dark. So for me, the darkness/lightness of the line meant nothing.

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