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PG after MC: Keeping the Posifrickingtivity going into 2014!!

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Chocolateteabag Wed 04-Dec-13 07:34:45

Oops I managed to finish the last thread - so here we go!

Janie - fingers crossed

shellsocks Wed 04-Dec-13 09:00:34

Can't wait to hear your baby news janie good luck smile

GardenWorm Wed 04-Dec-13 09:08:39

Hope Janie can find us (not mid labour obviously - that would be one mean feat!)

JanieLovesLuckySocks Wed 04-Dec-13 09:34:27

Hello! Still here! Thanks for the new thread!

Rang mw again and the mlu is full at the minute hmmhmmhmm , she said the whole maternity ward is full too! going to try to ride it out as long as poss at home. Contractions are only nice when they fade away!

We're trying to put our Xmas tree up to keep us busy but I keep throwing myself over my bouncy ball when I get a contraction so I'm not much use oops. Dh better do the lights right! Haha!

JanieLovesLuckySocks Wed 04-Dec-13 09:35:03

And thank you all for the lucky vibes xxxx

GuffSmuggler Wed 04-Dec-13 10:30:23

Woo hoo, go janie!!!! Cheesy 80s films were good I found!! Fingers crossed lots of women pop so you can go in when you need to x

kjh5 Wed 04-Dec-13 10:55:55

Phew! I found you! Felt like I'd been left mid contraction after reading Janie's exciting news and not being able to post! wink

So: YAY Janie!!!! Hope you don't have to worry too much about getting to the hospital and your little bubba arrives soon smile

I'm currently having sympathy Braxton Hicks but am not panicking this time around after seeing a wonderful GP yesterday who referred me to a physio to deal with the back pain and told me I was unlucky enough to be getting BH this early and ones that we're painful boot. But we listened to the bubba's heartbeat and she had a good feel around and told me it all looks "perfect" and that I'm doing a great job and I'm not neurotic just a first time mum. I wanted to hug her!

BumpKitty Wed 04-Dec-13 10:58:06

Good luck janie I'm so excited for you! And labour is the only thing that would make me consider letting DH do the Christmas lights grin can't wait to hear your news xx

WhatWillSantaBring Wed 04-Dec-13 11:00:42

Go janie, go janie, Go * janie*.

Hopefully we'll have a nice thread baby to start this thread! Sorry to hear about the MLU being full - all these selfish women having babies at the same time. Shame on them. grin

2 weeks left at work and I have sooooooooooooooooo much to do. Eeek!

Bakingtins Wed 04-Dec-13 11:02:57

Marking place for the live birth thread! Go janie

Tomkat79 Wed 04-Dec-13 11:25:36

Good luck janie all very exciting! Does the MW actually mean it's full full or just not enough staff to manage anymore? Our hospital delivery suite bizarrely has 37 rooms..,but only about 6-8 women in and it's 'full' x

Pixielady83 Wed 04-Dec-13 11:45:11

oh janie so flipping excited for you! <pompoms> sounds like you're managing contractions marvellously hope the hypno Is helping (if it helps you I've decided to bite the bullet and buy the cd grin ) love that your getting Christmas tree up in the meantime!

kjh how nice to see a sympathetic gp really glad you got some reassurance smile are bh at all stress related? I get mine when I'm rushing around (which is less now that I can only shuffle walk) and when I'm in stressy meetings at work, just wondered if yours were related and if so if it was stress you could avoid/minimize? sounds hard work for you sad

kjh5 Wed 04-Dec-13 12:08:52

Pixie my BH definitely can be stress related, I get them if things are getting too hectic at work but have so gotten them after maybe exerting myself too much (running for a train) or randomly in the middle of the night when I'm asleep. Panicking or getting upset definitely makes them worse! At least now I know they're nothing to worry about. GP said to just rest and breathe through them and they'll go away!

Pixielady83 Wed 04-Dec-13 12:16:25

I got my first ones after running for the train at 20wks too! probably baby thinking 'how rude' at being jiggled and rush of adrenaline grin I only really had them from 35wks last time so was really shocked. At least it's all good practice!

GardenWorm Wed 04-Dec-13 12:28:28

Ooh Janie you'll never be able to look at a Christmas tree in the same way again grin. Come on awesome girly I want to hear your news xxx

Lieslvontrapp Wed 04-Dec-13 12:40:36

Sorry it's late but big congrats to garden on the arrival of your little boy! And what a fab name!

Welcome to blue & ickle! Congrats on your bfps!

nerdy glad to hear everything was ok at yesterday's scan.

And last but not least - good luck janie! Sounds like your coping well if you can manage the Christmas tree too. Hope some space frees up at the Mlu for you soon.

Lieslvontrapp Wed 04-Dec-13 12:55:16

Stats 4 December- today we are pregnant

Janielovesluckysocks: 1MC, 0DC, EDD 23rd Nov
Vixjane: 2 MC, EDD 24 Nov
Vocalista86: 1 MMC, EDD 30 November
ChocolateCremeEggbag: 1DS, 1MC, EDD 16 Dec
DIYandEatCake: 1dd, 1mc, EDD ?16 dec
Booty: 1chemical EDD 19 Dec
Blackholes: 2 MC, 2 DC, EDD 25 December
WillSantaComeAgain: 1DC, 2MMC, EDD 29Dec
pumpkinsweetie mc1, EDD 03 Jan
Christinedaae - 1DD, 1MC, EDD 25th Jan
Lieslvontrapp: 1MMC, 0DC, EDD 10 Feb
TotalShock 0DC, 1MMC, EDD 1 March
Pixielady83 1DD, 1MMC, EDD 2 March
GuffSmuggler: 1DS, 1MCC, EDD 4 March
Rock: 1DS, 1MMC, EDD 4 March
Swangirl:1DD,2DS,1MC EDD 8 March 2014
Motorcyclemama: 1MMC, EDD 17 March
SaggyOldClothPussCat: 1MC, 1DD, 1DS, EDD 13 March
Omri: 1DS, 1MMS, EDD 24 March
Fod27: 1DD 1DS 1MMC EDD 26th March 2014
RainbowConnections: 1DS, 2MC, EDD 1 April
Birdsdoit: 1MMC, 0DC, EDD 6 April
Blackberryand Nettle: 1MMC, EDD 10th April
Katatonic: 1MMC, 0DC, EDD 11 April
TeaAndANatter: DS, DD, 1MMC, 18th April
Honey786: 0DC, 1MMC ,EDD 19th April
Kjh5: 0DC, 1MC, EDD 21 April 2014
PoppySeedBun: 0DC, 1 MMC, EDD 22 April 2014
ImpatientlyWaiting: 0DC, 1MC, EDD 1 May 2014
MarthasHarbour: 1DS, 2MCs, EDD 7 May 2014
Tomkat: EDD 9 May 2014
Polka: 0DC 1mmc 2mc EDD 9th May
CbeebiesIsMyLife: 2DD's 6MC EDD 15th May
MissMedusa: 0DC, 2MC, EDD 20th May 2014
Emki; 1 DD, 2MC, EDD 23rd May 2014
Penguinita: 0 DC, 1 MMC, EDD 27th May 2014
Bakingtins: EDD 6th June
PGchimp: 0DC, 1 MC, EDD 9th June 2014
MeDoingMyThing: 2 DS, 1MC, EDD 14th June 2014

New arrivals:

Jessw25 Baby Oliver born 9 July 2013 5lb 11oz
GaryBuseysTeeth Baby Alexander born 30 July 2013 7lb 4oz
Andadietcoke twin girls born 29 August Charlotte 5lb 5oz & Sophie 7lb 13oz
Pentagon baby Elsie born 23 October 7lb 5oz
Bodicea baby James born 3 November 8lb
Ibelieveinpink baby Imogen born 14 November 7lb 4oz
BumpKitty baby Matilda born 18 Nov 8lb 2oz
Luckysocks13 baby Charlotte born 24 Nov 8lb
Jmf294 baby Alexander James born 25 Nov 7lb 4oz
Shellsocks baby Noah Stephen born 27 Nov 9lb 3.5oz
Gardenworm baby Wolfie born 1 December

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Wed 04-Dec-13 12:59:00

Thank God I found you all! <<phew>>
GO JANIE! grin You can do it!

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Wed 04-Dec-13 12:59:58

P.S., this time tomorrow, you wont give a damn about the fairy lights!
grin Its so EXCITING! grin

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Wed 04-Dec-13 13:06:30

Oh, and just incase anyone is interested, wink Ive just got back from the doctors. I officially have Intertrigo. AKA crusty sweaty crevice disease! grin
Got some Caneseten. I might let DP have the honour of applying it, as he is so entranced with my giant PG breasts! grin

WhatWillSantaBring Wed 04-Dec-13 13:26:55

Oh saggy, you old romantic. You do know the way to a man's heart grin

Pixielady83 Wed 04-Dec-13 13:30:15

saggy that actually made me lol grin

icklemssunshine Wed 04-Dec-13 13:35:30

Very excited about the impending births!

Got a GP appointment to "book in" my pg so he can then refer me to MW. Not sure if I'm tempting fate. Went through the first MW appointment back in January. Don't even want to see that MW. She was hopeless when I was miscarrying, get advice was call GP. Then over the summer I has a call from a HV asking if she could come & see me and discuss how I was coping with my pg at 35 weeks! MW had passed on my details even though she knew I had MCed and hadn't seen her since initial visit! Would I be unreasonable to ask to see a different MW?

Trying to keep calm but fret everyday. Even found a HGC calculator this morning on-line. Damn Google!!

icklemssunshine Wed 04-Dec-13 13:36:11

*her not get

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Wed 04-Dec-13 13:54:28

Ickle it isn't unreasonable at all. Definitely ask for someone else if you end up with her again.

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