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let's talk about varicose veins!

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spots Fri 27-Feb-04 14:07:30

Just found a juicy contender for first varicose vein and am not happy! My mum and her sister were relishing the prospect of a new generation of VV sufferers in front of me the other day and I was crossing my fingers and touching wood... Now I have my very own wriggly worm and know for sure that my youth is over. And I still have 2 months' pregnancy, not to mention childbirth, to nourish it. Damn, damn, damn. Anyone else got any??

3GirlsMum Fri 27-Feb-04 14:23:55

Yes I have a lovely one behind my knee on the back of my leg...isnt it! There are VV in my family as well and I am the lucky one that got them!

GeorginaA Fri 27-Feb-04 14:51:47

Yes... had one for a while now... depressing, isn't it?!

Janh Fri 27-Feb-04 15:13:51

My mother and both her sisters had bad VVs so I wore strong support tights almost from day 1 every time - hated wearing them and was ecstatic when I could stop but didn't get any bad ones - just a little one behind one knee. (Mind you I might have got my dad's legs I spose )

Used to spend some time lying on bed with legs up the wall too.

spots Sun 29-Feb-04 09:42:25

Behind knee... hadn't checked there (pause while checking) seems ok so far, mine is glamorously located at bikini line so all my preventative measures involving high up legs won't have done anything at all. Will just have to put on lots of weight so that a roll of fat on thigh keeeps it well tucked in.

handlemecarefully Mon 01-Mar-04 09:39:55

I developed a couple during my first pregnancy but the good news is they sort of faded into insignificance post partum when I lost the pregnancy weight.

I've got 4 or 5 juicy ones this time around but suspect they may be here to stay.

My mum is a vv sufferer. Its in the genes!

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