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Due 2nd Dec, anyone else due this week?

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kiyansmummy23 Sun 01-Dec-13 00:27:21

Hi everyone, 1st baby so NO IDEA what to expect. I've had a few contractions which were 15mins apart then they stopped. No other symptoms. Anyone willing to wait with me?

Mogz Sun 01-Dec-13 01:02:55

Hey, I'm due on Monday too, and it's also my first so I'm totally clueless grin
I've had some back ache the past few days and tightenings without any pain, even though baby is well engaged and feels very low I think it's going to be staying cozy in there for a while longer.
My DH owes me a fiver as he was convinced it'd be a week early.

EmB1715 Sun 01-Dec-13 08:35:19

hi I'm due on the 5th! had no signs of baby arriving so you're doing better than me!

Blondie276 Sun 01-Dec-13 10:18:50

Hi all- I was due yesterday (30th nov) but no sign yet- no symptoms or anything! Think it will be a bit more if a wait for me! Likewise is my first too!

kiyansmummy23 Sun 01-Dec-13 10:31:03

Hi everyone... well I started having period like cramps last night and then it stopped, there's no frequency to them, guess it's more raspberry leaf tea and walking again today. Any other tips?

Blondie276 Sun 01-Dec-13 11:17:54

Not sure if I can give tips as in late now and have tried- loads of fresh pineapple , raspberry leaf tea, curries, DTD, bouncing on a bloody ball- the lot! And still not so much as a Braxton hick ! Grrrrrrrrrrr! I know everyone keeps saying ' it will happen any day ' blah blah blah but I have had enough now! (Spd is making me practically immobile !)
Sorry- rant over ;)

kiyansmummy23 Sun 01-Dec-13 11:52:43

I understand, I'm getting really impatient now. I wasn't until last week when absolutely EVERYTHING is prepared. I'm ready to meet my little boy now. I've tried the pineapple and raspberry leaf tea, and it gives me Braxton hicks but that's it. I guess they come when there ready and it's doing my head in cause I'm so used to having control everywhere else in my life :-( sorry about the spd

Mogz Sun 01-Dec-13 11:58:06

I was explaining to DH over dinner yesterday how I was feeling, normally I'm such an organised and in control kind of person but not knowing where or when baby will make an appearance has left me feeling very irate and flustered, like when you're trying to organise something but you're waiting on a really unreliable person to put the last details in place.
Hope your cramps and Hicks (and nothings!) turn in to something soon everyone!

kiyansmummy23 Sun 01-Dec-13 13:10:52

Im just trying to reassure myself that it will all be over very soon and that we'll all prob be parents by the weekend grin

Blondie276 Sun 01-Dec-13 18:03:33

Blimey I sure hope so! I am trying so hard to remain calm but when on average 10 people a day are ringing , messaging, texting , asking 'any twinges yet' or 'still no baby?' I am fast doing to loose my temper and floor someone! Especially when people ask me when they are right in front if me. I find it very hard to not reply ' you need to take yourself to Specsavers- CLEARLY NOT YOU MORON!'

Never thought that this would be one of the most, if not the most frustrating thing about being late! I hope for my own sanity this baby gets a move on as an induction on the 12 th seems light years away

JohnSnowsTie Sun 01-Dec-13 18:42:33

Greetings - likewise was due yesterday, 30 Nov. This is my third and I've been feeling "labourish" on and off for about the last 3 weeks. With the other two I felt nothing until the actual labour started, so all these false alarms are proving frustrating!

Good luck everyone.

tracypenisbeaker Sun 01-Dec-13 18:44:44

I'm due on the 3rd. I've not being counting down till that day though, I'm adding two weeks because I know my luck tchgrin

QuietNinjaTardis Sun 01-Dec-13 19:02:14

Yep due tomorrow as well and sooooo fed up. I'm getting braxton hicks all the bloody time some of which are mildly painful. I'm knackered and up loads in the night for a wee and I could really do with getting this baby out now. This is my second and I only had braxton hicks for a week before ds was born but I've been having these for weeks and weeks and I'm starting to get concerned I'm not gonna know when I actually go in to labour. No other signs or symptoms.

kiyansmummy23 Sun 01-Dec-13 21:36:56

Blondie276- lol. I'm sure all the nagging will begin tomorrow on my due date.

I was really hoping id start having my contractions tonight. I had my 'show' earlier and was excited then was told it could still be up to TWO WEEKS. Im so disappointed.

It is VERY frustrating not know what's going to happen and when. I don't know what I'd do if I'm really overdue.

I'll prob cry

Alexandra6 Mon 02-Dec-13 07:27:24

I was due on 28th Nov with my first and running late - I'm not uncomfy (sorry for those with SPD) but just want it to kickstart naturally without induction and also am feeling very impatient and excited! I had a red bleed a couple of weeks ago as well and can't help hoping all is healthy with the baby. At the same time, I'm telling myself to enjoy this last bit of prebaby mat leave and not stress!

<drinks raspberry leaf tea and taps foot impatiently) wink

BlackholesAndRevelations Mon 02-Dec-13 07:58:40

Tracypenisbeaker- great name!! grin

I'm not due for three weeks yet but already fed up, haha!

Monkeyandanimal Mon 02-Dec-13 09:44:30

I'm overdue; EDD was 27th November and no sign of anything happening at all! My main gripe is that i am too big and unwieldy to run after my 2year old and 3.5 year old boys and so we don't go out to soft play or play groups at the moment and we are bored bored bored at home! And as a result, all 3 of us are very grumpy and badly behaved! Can't wait for baby to arrive so that DH can take some time off to entertain boys. SOOO bored. Day very long too as they get up early. Also starting to think about induction possibility and dreading it!

Popscene88 Mon 02-Dec-13 10:42:57

Hi, I'm also overdue with my 1st. Was due 29th Nov, have had a few period-style cramps in my back and painless tightenings, mainly at night, but then they go away.

Getting really fed up now. If one more person rings me "I've been on google have you eaten pineapple?" I will go spare! I have a sweep booked with the midwife fingers crossed. Hoping we all dont have to wait too much longer!

Alexandra6 Mon 02-Dec-13 11:05:52

I've just been googling a bit obsessively and in France they give you a later due date, and one study says the average first time pregnancy length is 41+1. By that I'm not even overdue! Still feeling massively impatient though wink

BlackholesAndRevelations Mon 02-Dec-13 13:52:34

Oh monkeyandanimal- a fellow insane pregnant mum of a 2 and 3.5 year old!! It's tough isn't it! Hope youre not waiting much longer flowers

Monkeyandanimal Mon 02-Dec-13 14:27:34

Thanks blackholes ; I guess i only have myself to blame; i thought it would be a good idea to have the kids close together in age! What was i thinking!? Good to know someone else is just as deluded smile

Anyway ladies, keep us posted if you happen to have a baby!

JanieLovesLuckySocks Mon 02-Dec-13 15:06:39

hey ladies, thought i'd pull up a chair if that's ok smile

i was due on 23rd nov so now 9 days overdue. everyday i wake up HAS to be today! but nothing as yet. i had a sweep on 22nd nov which did nothing but frighten me about anything ever going near my fanjo again! and they've booked me in for induction on friday if nothing happens before then.

it's sooooo frustrating. i actually got very depressed over the weekend...being at home alone all day is lonelier than i thought.

fingers crossed it'll not be long now for us all xxx

Alexandra6 Mon 02-Dec-13 15:19:56

Hi janie, interesting what you said about the sweep as have heard they don't really work unless you were already on your way anyway. I've got my midwife app tomorrow at 41 weeks so maybe I won't have one - especially if it hurts eek, I had an internal check after a bleed a couple of weeks ago and OUCH!!

Come on babies!

Monkeyandanimal Mon 02-Dec-13 16:17:56

Hi Janie, I feel for you! I've an appointment thurs (41+1) and i've said no to sweep for partly that reason! Also as Alexandra says there is no proof that they work. And the less intervention the better. There's going to be enough messing around down there as it is. Plus I'll have the kids with me on thurs and noone to help, so no thank you!

Fingers crossed you have a baby before friday anyway.

JanieLovesLuckySocks Mon 02-Dec-13 16:31:29

i know! i'd heard it was just a little bit more uncomfortable than a sweep. paaahahahaha! yeah right! was sorry i bothered! never again! and yes no proof it does anything. it made me bleed for 2 days then my plus started to come away..that was all. a friend had one and had her baby less than 48hrs later...however she was 11 days overdue already so it was going to happen soon anyway probably!

none of the old wives tales have worked on me...tried them all and wasted too much ££ now!

bouncy bouncy i go again!

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