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Sweep at 36 weeks effective??

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Mena1 Fri 22-Nov-13 14:23:15

After a horrible pregnancy and multiple visits/stays at the hospital my obs wants to give me a sweep at 36 weeks. I am 34+6 and am fed up with pregnancy and just ready to meet the little one and get on with things. This is my 2nd LO. Had 2 sweeps with my 1st LO but didnt stimulate labour. How effective is a sweep with 2nd LO? They say 2nd baby usually comes much quicker than 1st. Just wondering if there is a greater chance of me going into labour after the sweep.

terilou87 Fri 22-Nov-13 14:35:37

I think sweeps are easier to do after you have already had a baby but iv no idea how successful it would be, I have 4 dc and can honestly say sweeps have never worked for me, I had one with dc1,3&4, however I always agree to them just incase they do work. usually fed up of pregnancy by the time they offer and will try anything to get lo out. grin

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