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Baby number 4 at 42

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Pennypringles Fri 22-Nov-13 14:01:03

I'm thinking of trying for number 4. My DH is very keen! My other children are 12, 9 and 6.
Anyone in the same position? Anyone have any advice?

Shellywelly1973 Fri 22-Nov-13 14:08:05

Im 40. My dc are 24, 21, 12, 8 &5.

I had a MMC last February. So there's quite a gap & I am feeling a bit more tired this time.

Im healthier now then I've ever been so health wise im fine. The main thing I've found this time is the reaction from HCP' age wasn't an issue to me but its brought up constantly at appointments. The individual hospital policies regarding mothers & of 40 & above have stressed me out more then anything else!

This probably wont be my last though!!

Best of luck.

duvetheaven Fri 22-Nov-13 19:14:54

I don't think I have any advice but in similar position as also 42. I had a MC last month - I didn't notice that there was much mention of my age on hospital visits though. The nurse thought I was about 35 though lol ! As I think I brought up the age issue regarding increased chance of MC. I am using a Clearblue Fertility Monitor but it can be done more cheaply with a thermometer and monitoring cervical mucus etc. Good luck to OP and Shellywelly - hope works out for us all : ).

Foxeym Fri 22-Nov-13 21:47:18

Hi I have 2 DD age 15 and 12 and had DS 5 weeks ago, I'm also 42 and he was by far the easiest pregnancy and birth smile

kilmuir Fri 22-Nov-13 21:51:47

i had baby 4 when i was 42, go for it.

lucybrad Fri 22-Nov-13 22:11:20

I just had dc4 and I will be 42 in a month. Go for it if you feel fit enough! I was unlucky being preggers through this hot summer but otherwise all good.

DH having snip next week as I am broody again!

lucybrad Fri 22-Nov-13 22:12:57

I just had dc4 and I will be 42 in a month. Go for it if you feel fit enough! I was unlucky being preggers through this hot summer but otherwise all good.

DH having snip next week as I am broody again!

duvetheaven Sat 23-Nov-13 09:32:36

Great to hear your experiences : )

Pennypringles Sat 23-Nov-13 11:11:39

Thank you all for your replies. Good luck to you all ttc and congrats to the new mummies.
I have no health problems so fingers crossed eh? How did you all find a return to a new baby routine after a time away?

jimijack Sat 23-Nov-13 11:18:45

Hi there I have a 10 year old & a 10 month old and I'm 43.

Not going to lie, it was physically very tough, (spd, back & pelvic pain) and the amino waiting for results was THE most distressing aspect of the whole thing but by golly, my boys are fecking awesome.

I am fitter, healthier and happier than I have ever been in my 20's / 30's.

Good luck x

Primrose123 Sat 23-Nov-13 11:19:26

We're considering trying for number 3. We have 2 DDs, aged 16 and 13, who desperately want me to have another baby. I'm 42 too. I'd love another, but I'm not sure whether we should or not. I look at pictures of my DDs when they were younger and I do feel that I want to do it all over again.

This is what is putting me off: my age could cause complications for me or the baby, are people going to be gossiping about me, sleepless nights, money, I'm already overweight and will definitely put more weight on with another pregnancy and can't seem to lose it afterwards, freedom to work and retrain etc.

The pros are: we would all love another baby! DH and I don't have brothers or sisters or close cousins so our family is very small. I would love to have another child so that when we are older or gone completely our children will have each other (not sure if that makes sense).

Ragwort Sat 23-Nov-13 11:22:18

I had baby no 1 (and only grin) at 43 - I had no adverse comments from heath professionals about my age but the thing I do find hard (12 years later) is that so many of my contempories now have grown up children and I am a bit 'on a limb' - frequently mistaken for my DS's grandma - which doesn't bother me grin but my mindset is totally different from a lot of my DS's parents' attitudes. Perhaps I am just an old fogey grin.

jimijack Sat 23-Nov-13 11:22:47

Well because I had completely forgotten everything it was all brand new and anyway, advice & recommendations have changed massively in the last 10 years so it really is all new.

The routine I don't mind just simply because I am still stunned and shocked at this little boy being here as he really should not be. I'm amazed on a daily basis.

Madamecastafiore Sat 23-Nov-13 11:23:25

Shoot me or put it down to new mum madness but we are planning one more. Am 40 next year. Have a 13, 9 year old and a 7 day old.

I found each pregnancy more challenging, the tiredness and sickness being the worst this time around but figure if I get in the right help and take things easy then I'll make it through the 10 months.

Mind you , am sitting here sniffing dd and would have at least 10 more just to prolong this most wonderful moment.

Ragwort Sat 23-Nov-13 11:26:58

Primrose - are you really considering having another baby because your existing daughters want a brother or sister? hmm. Be very careful because the novelty may soon wear off - if their own teenage enjoyment is constrained by having a baby in the family they may soon lose interest. What happens when they go off to university/leave home which won't be far away now?

Also, having siblings does not mean you necessarily get on with them, both my DH & I come from families of four children but neither of us is at all close to our siblings - caring for elderly parents has always fallen on my shoulders grin.

Don't mean to sound negative, I am sure you will be aware of all this and do what is right for you and your DH. smile

VisualiseAHorse Sat 23-Nov-13 11:28:10

A very close friend had her seventh child at 45! Other children ranged in age from about 20 down to 4 I think.

It was a lot more tiring. She ended up with a planned c-section as baby got wedged sideways, and got sterilised at the same time!!

Only1scoop Sat 23-Nov-13 11:40:51

I'm currently preg with number 2 wasn't trying....a suprise I guess. I'm 40 ....dd is 3. I feel ancient....not helped by severe sickness exactly as last time. Dp is 10 years older than me. Many of my friends in our career have left it later but I wish I hadn't left it this late. If I'm totally honest although healthy....I havnt felt at the peak of fitness for the last few years.

Primrose123 Sat 23-Nov-13 11:48:38

Thanks Ragwort I appreciate what you're saying, but it's not really like that. It's more that we if we talk about it they are very supportive! It was our idea in the first place. I wouldn't have another baby just for them if I didn't want one!

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