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is this sensible?

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Hottoddy1 Fri 22-Nov-13 11:51:57

Hi- new poster here- just looking for some opinions I'm due in May with first baby and DH has 2 invitations in the period in the couple of weeks before my due date. One for a wedding East Coast US which is when I'll be 37 weeks and one for a stag do in Dublin when I'll be 38 weeks. The wedding is his best mate from uni and stag do a close school friend otherwise would have definitely said no. Would you allow your partner to go? I suspect it's pretty unlikely I'd deliver then as first babies usually late, I do have my mum reasonably near by so could have some support if did go into labour but obviously wouldn't want him to miss his first baby. Or are we being stupid? because I think he would ne gutted if he missed the baby?

cathpip Fri 22-Nov-13 22:16:44

I can remember my bil having a right old grump when my sister said that she'd rather he didn't go on a boys weekend to the Neuberg ring 6 weeks before her due date. Good job he didn't go as she had the baby that weekend! Mind you my dh has a training week in Switzerland when I'm 37 weeks, it's our 3rd baby so I have a friend lined up just in case.

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