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Flu and whooping cough vaccine, thoughts?

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littleraysofsunshine Thu 21-Nov-13 22:50:09

I'm almost 31 weeks with dc3 haven't had jabs for this before. Meant to have them tomorrow... Not sure though?

littleraysofsunshine Fri 22-Nov-13 09:15:13


YomAsalYomBasal Fri 22-Nov-13 09:20:07

Well it's up to you, really. Ive had both. I've seen what whooping cough can do to a newborn.

tmae Fri 22-Nov-13 10:33:37

I haven't had either and am 34 weeks, I am though going to discuss it with my GP on Tuesday as I am unsure what to do. I had a terrible reaction to the whooping cough vaccine as a baby and so never received the next two injections for it so am really very scared of getting the vaccine when pregnant in case I react badly again and hurt the baby.

Although if I don't get the jabs I plan to try to limit contact until he can be vaccinated himself.

Sorry that was probably no use but thought I'd reply! x

ClearlyMoo Fri 22-Nov-13 11:04:13

I had flu jab today, I'm 15 weeks. MW said wait til after 12w scan, then that was earliest they could do... I was worried as seemed late in year (my 70 year old parents had theirs a month or more ago). She said there should be no I'll affects as its not a live vaccine. Apart from a sore arm.

Writerwannabe83 Fri 22-Nov-13 11:14:30

I had my flu jab when I was about 15 weeks when I had a routine check up with my midwife. She asked me if I'd had it yet, I said no and she marched me straight round to the practice nurse smile

I will be having the whooping cough vaccine too, I'm a children's nurse and remember looking after a very young baby in our HDU who had whooping was not pleasant sad

AJH2007 Fri 22-Nov-13 11:18:22

I've had the flu jab, no ill effects whatsoever. Will have whooping cough as soon as I'm 28 weeks. My view is much safer for baby to be protected than to catch either.

littleraysofsunshine Fri 22-Nov-13 16:22:54

Had them both with just resulting sore arms so far!

wispaxmas Fri 22-Nov-13 18:33:57

I have the flu jab every year and had it last week. No I'll effects barring a bit of a sore arm afterwards.

They're recommended for a reason, because the flu can cause premature birth and other ill effects. I haven't read up on the whooping cough vaccine yet as only 12wks, but am generally for vaccines. It's thanks to vaccines that we no longer have breakouts of many horribly debilitating illnesses.

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