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Is labour coming soon?

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Hotmad Fri 22-Nov-13 10:38:28

Hey there, I had same thing at around 36 weeks, I had diarrhoea every day for about a week or so then I went to softer stools but not so loose but every day still to now it's just daily but like normal again. This is unusual for me as I used to be a bad pooper! Once every 4 days or so before pregnancy! I'm now overdue so I wouldn't hold out that it means labour is starting but then again maybe it is! Each woman will be different so I keep getting reminded!

kayenails Thu 21-Nov-13 20:53:39

I'd read it was a sign of your body clearing itself out. I've had strong Braxton hicks the past few days too which again is out of the ordinary for me. I wish childbirth wasn't so complicated and just came on a day that you knew.

alice93 Thu 21-Nov-13 20:39:04

I can't give you any ideas but I'm interested to see how this turns out - I'm 33 weeks, with braxton hicks starting and stopping frequently, and slight diarrhoea at the moment. I never knew diarrhoea could be a 'sign'..

kayenails Thu 21-Nov-13 20:25:23

Hi guys, I'm 36+5 days pregnant with my second child. For the last few weeks ive been getting diarrhea on and off and for the past few days I've been feeling sick which I haven't suffered with this pregnancy. I'm exhausted and have been sick today despite trying really hard to not be. Is labour approaching or is this just normal pregnancy problems? I'm also very tearful which I have not been before. Any ideas?

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