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Flu Jab When Pregnant - urgent advice please

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Iona1651 Thu 21-Nov-13 14:44:14

I'm booked in for a flu jab at 5pm this evening. It sounded good advice from the midwife. I'm nearly 8 weeks pregnant. I'm now starting to worry whether I should have this flu jab or not? Any advice would be very grateful.

Pearlsaplenty Thu 21-Nov-13 20:17:12

I think it is your call to make.

You know your immune system and exposure risks.

I refused the swine flu vaccine a couple of years ago when pregnant. Got too scared. I fortunately didn't get sick, was ultra cautious with my hygiene and not being in confined spaces with others. I have a ds now and think I might have to have it (or give him one) as obviously my risk is higher now I have a toddler (who attends nursery) in the house.

comemulledwinewithmoi Thu 21-Nov-13 20:18:56

I had it when pregnant and the whooping coug one at the same time.

MetellaEstMater Thu 21-Nov-13 20:57:11

Absolutely valid to state an opinion worried, and of course to act as you see fit, but your first post states that it is a 'live' vaccine, which as others have said it is not.

MidnightRose Thu 21-Nov-13 20:57:20

Peadiatricians aren't scientists, but that is besides the point. There have never been any known direct pregnancy losses caused by the flu vaccine, pregnancy losses caused by the flu one the other hand, well I have just finished up a recent case study of one.

ShoeWhore Thu 21-Nov-13 20:59:33

My GP friend had the flu jab without hesitation when she was pg.

LadyMedea Thu 21-Nov-13 21:44:10

worried you are right everyone should weigh up the benefits and risks for them... However you said you didn't have it because it's a live vaccine.... But it's not. Would that not change your mind?

Worriedthistimearound Fri 22-Nov-13 11:37:07

No, I know it's not a live vaccine. I researched it thoroughly. That wasn't quite what I was trying to say.

As I said, all my children have been fully vaccinated so I'm certainly not anti vaccine. I just think its your call to make as its you who has to live with whatever happens even if not directly attributable then you will always doubt. Mentally, I knew I could live with potential flu complications better than what ifs.

thecakeisalie Fri 22-Nov-13 12:46:03

I had my flu jab at about 16 weeks this time and had when I was pregnant with ds2. No side effects after the jabs not even much soreness in my arm. The flu complications that scare me include losing the baby or losing my own life - I'd hate the think my kids wouldn't have a Mum for the sake of having a jab. Plus I had pneumonia last year when I wasn't pregnant and I have never felt so ill in my life it took weeks to recover. I cannot imagine going through something similar while pregnant with limited medication.

Its a personal decision though about weighing up the risks involved and whether you can live with the consequences of these risks should the worst happen.

Iona1651 Mon 25-Nov-13 10:32:08

Hi everyone, Yes, I did end up getting the flu jab. I decided that having flu and having possibly to take other drugs which I would also worry about outweighed having the jab. Thanks for all your advice. x

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