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Not sure where to put this: FOAM OR SPRUNG COT MATTRESS???

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eenywifemum Tue 11-Jul-06 12:30:06

Hi! Not sure where to put this really, I might add it to chat later on.

I need to buy a cot mattress for my first baby. Can anybody please explain to me the pros and cons and differences between foam and sprung mattresses? We are on a budget so foam is cheaper... but I dont want to get something just because it costs less, I want to obviously do the right thing. Your comments are appreciated!

MamaG Tue 11-Jul-06 12:31:00

I got a foam one with a ventilated cover on it, was fine! Had it with both DD and DS

MamaG Tue 11-Jul-06 12:31:29

I mean, had a foam one for EACH of them, not used same one

clumsymum Tue 11-Jul-06 12:32:59

You only need foam. They aren't on it for that long (as in not many years) and of course not heavy, so really don't need an expensive sprung mattress.

Added to which, if you get a major vomit/nappy disaster, you will feel less aggrieved at replacing a foam mattress.

eenywifemum Tue 11-Jul-06 12:33:19

oh thanks MamaG - I guess I just havent been able to work out the difference? Besides obviously what they are made of, I just have no experience of baby mattresses!

eenywifemum Tue 11-Jul-06 12:34:20

crossed posts clumsymum! That's a very good point about the mess disaster!! I hadnt thought of that!

Salamander Tue 11-Jul-06 12:56:50

that is a good point that Clumsy made

YellowFeathers Tue 11-Jul-06 13:01:19

We bought the Amicor one from Mothercare but it was the one which didn't have a cover on. It looks absolutly distgusting now after major vomiting and peeing disaters!

The only thing I would say about foam is that you get indentations on them alot quicker than sprung mattresses
they are a cheaper option like clumsy said so if it did become a mess or you wanted a new one its not as bad just throwing that one out and getting a new one.

Just whatever you do get a waterproof cover for it

Salamander Tue 11-Jul-06 13:10:25


Salamander Wed 12-Jul-06 10:55:47

An Update:

We bought a fancy foam one off ebay for £31 including P&P - should arrive tomorrow!!!!!

KC12345 Tue 27-Nov-07 18:15:11

Have a look at

This code UKPARENTS will deduct 10% at checkout. Great site full of mattress advice - all types & any size

snooks Tue 27-Nov-07 18:22:56

Spend more money accordingly on whether it's a

single bed

because the length of time they are in it should correspond to the cost. I hope I make sense, I'm not sure that I do hmm

L0ulou Tue 02-Jun-15 20:27:48

Has anyone used these ??..

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