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PG after MC: Posifrickentivity as we await more scans and thread babies!

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katatonic Tue 12-Nov-13 22:40:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pixielady83 Wed 13-Nov-13 07:37:53

oh how frustrating pink did you get any rest at all? at least they will induce you today though! hope you get some rest before kick off xx

BlackholesAndRevelations Wed 13-Nov-13 07:41:42

I think try and rest is probably the best advice, even though it's pretty much impossible!

With any luck the contractions have ramped up now though and you're on your way!

Good luck either way, look forward to hearing your news xx

IBelieveInPink Wed 13-Nov-13 08:02:02

Contractions still massively irregular. According to delivery suite - very common with first babies, boo. Just got to keep waiting til something gets stronger, can't decide whether to try and sleep or get things going bouncing on the ball!

IBelieveInPink Wed 13-Nov-13 08:04:47

<waves at thunder>

Thundercatsarego Wed 13-Nov-13 08:09:35


kitkat321 Wed 13-Nov-13 08:18:18

Good luck pink!! How exciting!

My cramping and spotting cleared up yesterday afternoon but is back again this morning sad

Spotting was brown but now a light red colour so I'm feeling a bit meh. I've almost refused to accept that this is going to be a viable pregnancy as it just feels so similar to what happened before prior to mc.

I don't think I'll achieve much going to EPU today but fingers crossed they can give me some reassurance even by taking some bloods over the next couple of days.

Louzul Wed 13-Nov-13 08:20:42

Hi Everyone waves, Can I join the thread? I got my BFP on November 3rd, after a MC on the 20th/21st of May. Even though I'm happy, I'm scared. Every-time I go to the loo I check to see if anything is happening, and I feel like I'm hyper aware of the symptoms I'm feeling/ not feeling. Last night my boobs didn't hurt as much as they usually do when I took my bra off, and I'm feeling stabbing/ throbbing pains down there. I know I'm being mad, and I just have to live in the moment. Seeing all of you ladies being so fab and positive really helps! As I haven't had a successful pregnancy yet I dont know what one feels like so it's hard to measure it against something. Does that make sense.

Good luck Pink. Hope everything goes well. smile

shellsocks Wed 13-Nov-13 08:26:17

Ah pink how frustrating....all I can say is get some rest, things will start when they start and if you do have an induction/longer labour you will need to catch up on last night sleep. Thinking of you smile

kitkat321 Wed 13-Nov-13 08:26:39

Hi Louzul!!

Congrats on your BFP. I'm going though the same stresses - mc on 2nd October and got another BFP on Monday but now spotting and cramping so feeling a bit meh.

Last time though, I only had a little bit of spotting and then progressed straight to extreme cramps and bleeding and I collapsed so this is much milder with only small amounts of spotting so keeping everything crossed.

Hoping you have a stress free pg smile

BirdsDoIt Wed 13-Nov-13 08:45:43

Ooh everything's kicked off since last night! How exciting pink! Loving the live feed smile and hope today goes well! Will be checking in...

Hope things start moving for shell and bump soon too smile

And welcome newbies - this is a great place to be - lots of advice and craziness here! kitkat glad to hear you've got an epu appt today and hope they can reassure you - we'll all be keeping fingers crossed. And louzul re symptoms, they definitely come and go - some days I felt so sick, other days pretty much normal. Your sore boobs will be back!

kat and kjh how long till your 20 week scans now? Mine's at 22 weeks so 29 Nov...feels quite far away... I started feeling the baby move last week which is v exciting, and reassuring (though of course I lay awake worrying for about an hour last night that I couldn't feel it moving any more sigh)...

BirdsDoIt Wed 13-Nov-13 08:59:03

pink have you considered dtd to speed things on?!! smile just remembering our earlier discussion...!

JanieLovesLuckySocks Wed 13-Nov-13 09:07:13

oh come on little baby pink!! come meet the world! pink i love how you have a whole virtual audience cheering you on smile fx it all happens soon xxx

hi louzel! welcome to the funny farm! the knicker checking is totally normal, as is everything else you will experience, we've been there and are her to comfort / advise / support / reassure you the whole way smile these girls have been priceless in therapy to me the whole way through this emotional rollercoaster! here's hoping you have a very borng pregnancy smile

i have just got a total spurt of energy. the steam cleaner is going to need more rest than me after this morning. (i say that now...i could be on the settee within half an hour ha!)

IBelieveInPink Wed 13-Nov-13 09:19:07

Birds - once waters have gone not allowed to dtd!

Janie - jealous of the steam cleaning. Last night I was full on running around the house dusting etc! Ha! It can be a sign you know.... ;)

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Wed 13-Nov-13 09:22:40

HELLOO Thunder! <<waves>> Great to see you! grin Everything ok?
IBIP I am soo jealous! I can't wait for Ryvita to get here!

GuffSmuggler Wed 13-Nov-13 09:26:49

Thanks for the new thread kat

Sorry you've had no rest pink, I sat and watched 80s films when I was i early labour with DS, they were easy to watch and just about kept my mind off things!!

JanieLovesLuckySocks Wed 13-Nov-13 09:42:02

Ooh pink a sign you say?!?! Ooooh! I'll not get my hopes up though!! If anything I'll have a tidy house / living room...depending in how far I get! The thought if carrying the vacuum cleaner up stairs is making me think twice ha!

And hi thunder!! I was just asking about you the other day! I hope you are keeping well and that your pregnancy is utterly boring wink xx

Pentagon Wed 13-Nov-13 09:54:34

go pink, go pink, go pink!

Welcome lou and congratulations!

kitkat as everyone's said, most probably the spotting is due to implantation - but we all understand how stressful it is. For the record, I had implantation bleeding with my two successful pregnancies and no bleeding at all with my 2 missed miscarriages...I hope you get seen at the EPU today and you have some reassurance!

birds yay for movements!

kitkat321 Wed 13-Nov-13 10:00:08

Thanks Pentagon - did you have any cramping when you bled?

It's the combination of the two that is scaring me - bleeding still very light thankfully and cramps mild but coming and going - my lower back is also sore.

It's actually hard to differentiate betwen the cramps and the horrible ball of nerves in the pit of my stomach.

Off to the EPU shortly - getting a taxi as I can't deal with the stress of finding a parking space at the hospital on top of everything else!!

shellsocks Wed 13-Nov-13 10:06:11

Good luck kit I know how you must be feeling but I really hope all is ok smile

Hi lou welcome and congrats smile

Hi thunder grin really good to hear from you smile

Hows it going pink?

No news from me, but no sickness etc. since yesterday lunch time so am feeling (relatively!) good at last! Can that be a sign????? wink

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Wed 13-Nov-13 10:06:23

Fingers crossed for you KitKat.

shellsocks Wed 13-Nov-13 10:12:37

Ready to update later pink smile

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BlackholesAndRevelations Wed 13-Nov-13 10:20:16

Pink- in my experience (massively long latent phase with first baby) REST, as no amount of bouncing/whatever will bring it on. It'll happen when it happens. Such hard advice to follow, I know; i got sent home twice in early stages with dc1! Gutting!

Welcome Lou!

YoshimiB Wed 13-Nov-13 10:47:46

Rainbowconnections here. NC. Rainbow too sentimental.

Pink how exciting. Hope you manage some rest though not sure I could sleep. Thinking of you. x

Hello all. Welcome to the new people. Congrats on your BFPs. The early weeks are really tough. I found myself watching a couple of really good tv series as a distraction. And an audiobook and lots of podcasts for sleepless nights. But its impossible not to be anxious. Hope you get some reassurance today kitkat. x

Congrats to those who have had good scans over the last week or two. Bakingtins glad its all going well

I'm 21 wks now but have 20 wk scan next week. Really excited to find out sex. Have bought some neutral baby clothes and really enjoying having a bump now - although still some worry moments mainly as hardly any movement so far. Starting to eye up cheap prams.

Louzul Wed 13-Nov-13 11:19:02

Thanks everyone. I already feel better. I know each time is different so I shouldn't compare! Quick post as I am at work. KitKat thinking of you today. Oh and hi bakingtins you were such a support during my MC on here, so its fab to see it's all going well.

kitkat321 Wed 13-Nov-13 11:28:53

Just back from EPU - as expected it was a bit of a fruitless exercise.

The MW couldn't understand why I'd been booked in for a scan since I'm just 6 weeks post mc and therefore would be 5 wks pg at most.

Scans showed nothing really - the internal scan showed thickening of the womb which could be in preparation for this pg or this pg may have failed and therefore it will just turn into a period.

She has taken bloods and will confirm levels today and then we'll decide if/when I need another appt.

She didn't seem concerned about the cramps or bleeding - said bleeding was very minimal when she did the internal scan but will have to see if it comes to anything.

So no further forward but was good to get the bloods done at least.

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