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39 weeks,.... Join me for final week(s) wait?

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IBelieveInPink Sat 09-Nov-13 05:20:29

39 weeks today! Yay!
I'm kinda ready now though. Another week (possibly more) seems like such a long time, but baby is showing no signs at all of shifting, so I guess should probably get cosy for (yet another) 2 week wait?! Anyone fancy joining me to pass the time/pass tips on 'encouraging' baby to make a timely appearance?
Or on sleeping..... As you can see I'm not managing that too well either smile

PumpkinPie2013 Mon 25-Nov-13 10:52:47

Aww congratulations Bumbolina grin

I'm just at hospital - waters have gone grin

Off home soon to wait for things to progress but looks like baby will be here by tomorrow which is my due date eek grin

Will update as and when I can and keep fingers crossed for everyone else xx

whereareyougoingmylittleone Tue 26-Nov-13 01:10:25

Any news Pumpkin?

I had a baby girl tonight at 9pm. 9 pounds 14 ounces. A bit traumatic and painful as the pain relief arrived too late ( though I had the joy of needles being stuck in me just as baby was being pushed out, also coinciding with my cannula falling out and splashing dh with blood). All in all an action packed birth but we are all okay now. Dd2 is lying beside me and she is gorgeous.
Sending love to Monday and everyone else still waiting. It will happen this week xxx

Bumbolina Tue 26-Nov-13 04:06:20

Congratulations Where! Sounds like a very exciting entrance to the world!
Enjoy your little baby newborn snuggles (I know I am) smile

Mondayschild78 Tue 26-Nov-13 05:31:40

Massive congrats where on the arrival of your DD2. That's brilliant news!

And what is more is she shares her birthday with my DS2! smile who was born at midday on Monday.

Good luck Pumpkin, things come in threes wink

Love to all

whereareyougoingmylittleone Tue 26-Nov-13 07:11:44

Aw, congrats Monday! See, you even snuck in there before me!! The 25th is a great day for a birthday indeed. Hope you are okay and all went well.
Love to all and looking forward to more announcements xx

Mondayschild78 Tue 26-Nov-13 08:29:01

Ha ha thanks!

Agree a great date as one month to Christmas woo hoo!

Enjoy your little one and all the very best x

2Labradors Tue 26-Nov-13 11:55:27

Congratulations bumbolina where and monday what lovely news grin
I hope you're all enjoying you're first days with your newborns.

Everything seems to have stopped for me, am 39+4 today, and all the signs that were pointing to labour have fizzled out.

So, I bounced on my ball for the whole of I'm a celeb last night, I'd been on a walk to get my DC from school, and we DTD again (this is really no fun lol) but baby is just happy staying in there I think

I spent this morning ordering more Christmas presents and eating: a salad followed by some quality street grin

I'm going to walk to school & back again today, I actually felt quite good after doing it yesterday.

I would love baby to make an appearance this week though....please

whereareyougoingmylittleone Wed 27-Nov-13 11:13:12

Fingers crossed for you 2Labradors! I think 39 weeks is a long enough pregnancy. In fact, 38 weeks would do. 41 weeks ( the thread average I think?) far too long... Make us proud! x

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