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Have my friend here. Please tell her this is an evap line?

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EweHaveGoatToBeKiddin Sun 03-Nov-13 10:40:16

She tested here this morning with a normal First Response test which said could be used from the first day of missed period. Her period isn't due until Thursday, but she's been feeling sick on and off for the past week so decided to take one as she couldn't wait any longer.

After 2 minutes, she showed me the pink control line and I told her that it was negative (which she was relieved to hear). But upon closer inspection, still around the 2 minute mark, she saw an extremely faint white line. I told her that this was normal, it was just the line where the dye would go if positive. But she snapped the thing open and got the test strip out. There is definitely a silvery white line next to the pink control one. This is an evap line, right? She's not pregnant, especially if her period isn't due until Thurs?

We've just taken a picture of it, so round about 10 minutes after she peed. but this is the same line we could see right away.

Hopefully this link works to the pic. She's just created a tinypic account for this.

fruitloop84 Sun 03-Nov-13 10:59:18

I have had 2 lines like that singing in the back.of the car as we speak. Hope things work out for your friend.

fruitloop84 Sun 03-Nov-13 11:01:29

I have had 2 lines like that both are singing in the back of the car as we speak. Hope things work out for your friend.

OnePramAndHisSprog Sun 03-Nov-13 11:11:14

That's a line. Its so early though that it doesn't mean much - chemical pregnancies are so so common. She needs to test on Thursday to be more sure. Sorry.

onlyfortonight Sun 03-Nov-13 11:12:52

Her hCG levels double every 24 hrs in early pregnancy, so if she waited just another day she will have a more reliable answer. Ideally she should wait until Thursday. I could never wait that long

RaRa1988 Sun 03-Nov-13 11:18:24

I would think that's an evaporation line - true positives should have some colour in them even if it's very very pale, and that doesn't look coloured at all. I'd tell your friend to wait until AF due and then test again if she doesn't show up - if she is pg, the hormones should have risen enough to give a 'proper' line by then.

GrandPoohBah Sun 03-Nov-13 11:28:38

If it's very early there's no colour to the line, it's just a discolouration of the white IYSWIM. My 'hold it up to the light and shut one eye so you can see it' line is currently terrorising her Daddy downstairs. Sorry.

HOWEVER... Chemical pregnancies are much more common than people who aren't ttc realise. She may come on in the next couple of days. It sounds like that's what she'd prefer?

LittleMachine Sun 03-Nov-13 12:05:38

It looks like my line I got at about 6 or 7dpo. At 9dpo I got a strong positive on a FR and a 1-2 weeks on a CB digital.

I hope everything works out for your friend.

terilou87 Sun 03-Nov-13 12:07:03

It's a positive, you wouldn't get an evap line in two mins as the evap line is caused when the stick dries out and the urine evaporates ( hense the name evap line) iyswim, if she is unsure wait a day or two and it should be clearer

PuppyMummy Sun 03-Nov-13 12:12:40

Im not convinced. Think it should be pink. and you shouldnt have to take the test apart to see it. if that was my line I wouldn't think I was pregnant...

best thing would be get a couple more tests and wait til tues or wed that will give a more reliable result as it is very early still.

blondebaby111 Sun 03-Nov-13 12:14:39

My 'evap' line is now cooking in my belly (30wks) it was so faint and only appeared after 30mins. I'd get her to test again the morning, that what I did and it was a definite line, still faint but a bit darker .However I'm pretty sure my faint line did gave a slight colour to it but it may be too early to know, only time will tell. Keep us updated xx

BummyMummy77 Sun 03-Nov-13 12:24:26

I had two lines like that. I currently lying in bed like an upside down turtle waiting for 'line' to get the hell out!

EweHaveGoatToBeKiddin Sun 03-Nov-13 12:31:31

Thanks for all the messages. My friend hasn't returned nor answering my calls. hmm

I've made an email for her though filled with links to various google images and other sites.

Apparently all First Response one step tests have a vertical 'indent line' even before peeing on them. And I believe this is the line we saw at 2 minutes, and the same line we saw when it was taken apart.

But i guess another test in a few days or the appearance of her period will tell one way or the other.

KatAndKit Sun 03-Nov-13 13:56:11

Tell her to try a superdrug non digital early test. Cheaper, and the dye is a darker shade so less confusion
she should get a clear answer on one of those by Tuesday.

SomethingOnce Sun 03-Nov-13 14:46:29

I don't think those tests are showing a positive result.

Just because others had similar tests and then went on to get positives doesn't make them positives. It could as easily be that pregnant women tested too early to get positives but then got them later so decided the early negs were positives.

fryingpantoface Sun 03-Nov-13 15:23:05

I had three first response ones like that. I wasn't pregnant. It was evap lines. First response are pretty notorious for it apparently, well among the people i know at least

EweHaveGoatToBeKiddin Sun 03-Nov-13 15:27:00

Thank you.

She called me to say she's now getting very mild cramps as if her period is on its way. Which she finds strange because the cramps don't normally happen till the actual day of her period, not 4-5 days before it's due.

After reading this and my mail about First response indentations/lines, she's convinced she is not pregnant.

She snapped open one of the new unused tests she bought this morning and can see the same white line on it, although fainter, even though she hasn't wee-d.

What a nuisance those tests are! smile

fluffandnonsense Sun 03-Nov-13 17:51:40

Yep, that's a line alright!

Mummabear12 Sun 03-Nov-13 17:58:12

My first line looked like that! I'm now 15 weeks smile x

Mummabear12 Sun 03-Nov-13 17:58:40

And I tested with first response 4 days before period was due x

RaRa1988 Sun 03-Nov-13 18:09:24

I think Somethingonce has a very good point...

If the line was there before she peed on it, then it's not a result at all really. See if AF turns up, and if not get her to take another test. Try a different brand - Asda's own are pretty good.

nosleeptillbedtime Sun 03-Nov-13 18:13:56

I had a line like that and was not pg.

April13 Sun 03-Nov-13 19:41:04

I'd retest in a couple of days x

QuietNinjaTardis Sun 03-Nov-13 19:47:47

I had a line like that on the Sunday, on the Monday the line was the faintest of pinks and gradually got darker as I tested every day after that for a week. I wasn't due on until the thurs. I also had bad period cramps on the mon/tues. I'm currently 36 weeks. I thought it was an evap line on the Sunday but obviously not!

EweHaveGoatToBeKiddin Sun 03-Nov-13 20:02:51

Thanks again everyone.

She text me about an hour ago saying she's still getting cramps in her hips and is convinced her period will come on during the night. And she's 'raging' she went out and bought another £30 worth of tests this morning for nothing. grin

EweHaveGoatToBeKiddin Sun 03-Nov-13 20:06:51

Oh, QuietNinja, didn't see your post. Hmmm, that's sort of the exact same situation as my friend, isn't it? grin Oh dear, just when I had her convinced she's definitely not pregnant...

TBH, it's very, very unlikely. She used a condom. And she was on the last day of her period when it happened the 12th/13th of Oct.

I know there's still a chance, but it will be a very, very slim one.

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