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craving dairy, any thoughts on baby's gender?

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jabberwocky Wed 05-Jul-06 23:47:30

We'll be finding out in 2 days time if it's a boy or girl so thought it would be fun to see what everyone had to say about cravings and gender. The only major craving I have really had is for dairy.

kama Thu 06-Jul-06 00:04:58

Message withdrawn

colditz Thu 06-Jul-06 00:57:11

Cheese, yoghurt, milk both times, both boys.

I think it is a common craving for the calcium and protein tbh.

Miaou Thu 06-Jul-06 06:35:26

1st pg - craved dairy, had a girl.

2nd pg - couldn't stand dairy, had a girl.

3rd pg - craved dairy, had a boy.

Sorry jabbers!

NotQuiteCockney Thu 06-Jul-06 06:43:11

I would say that a craving for dairy definately and absolutely indicates that the child will have a gender. Hope this helps.

Miaou Thu 06-Jul-06 06:58:55


colette Thu 06-Jul-06 08:07:33

Like kama I craved cheese and had a boy craved Salmon for ds and dd

schneebly Thu 06-Jul-06 08:15:56

I had cravings for milk both times and both boys.

fullmoonfiend Thu 06-Jul-06 09:02:21

I craved dairy big time with both my pregs. Especially baked potatoes with cottage cheese, butter and grated cheese on top! (wonder why I put on 4 stone...?) And big, ice cold glasses of milk.
Both were boys....

I also craved ice lollies though!

kdinas Thu 06-Jul-06 14:06:35

I craved cheese with all my pregnancies, and have had three boys!
This time, I can't stand dairy, so will wait and see at the scan, really hoping for a girl(secretly).

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Thu 06-Jul-06 14:30:51

My craving for milk = boy. But my craving for fresh cream horns produced a girl.

Tatties Thu 06-Jul-06 14:31:31

I craved milk and cheese and had a boy Funny though, at the time I didn't really think it was a craving but looking back, I was drinking milk by the gallon and I never do that now!

Loobie Thu 06-Jul-06 17:09:48

Milk in huge quantities i.e up to 8 pints a day for the first 2 pgs,both were boys then nothign at all with DD!

MaryBS Fri 07-Jul-06 07:46:23

I ate cheese cheese cheese when I had my boy. Fruit for my girl.

kdinas Fri 07-Jul-06 12:43:51

ooh, I have been eating alot of fruit, maybe it is a girl for me then!

sparkler1wantsaconservatory Fri 07-Jul-06 12:47:21

1st pregnancy - no carvings - girl

2nd pregnant - milk - girl

I also used pregancy as a damn good excuse just to eat.

jabberwocky Fri 07-Jul-06 17:42:33

The general consensus seems to be boy and...

It IS a boy!!

sparkler1wantsaconservatory Fri 07-Jul-06 17:54:36

Ah congratualtions on your little dairy boy

jabberwocky Fri 07-Jul-06 17:55:28


Tatties Fri 07-Jul-06 17:56:56

Wow! How lovely

fullmoonfiend Fri 07-Jul-06 19:51:04

Yay! He's the milky bar kid! Well done and many congratulations

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