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grumpy pregnant ladies this way

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WhisperMen Mon 28-Oct-13 12:34:46

come sit and complain with me.

I am 32+4 and fed up. everywhere hurts. I can't get comfy and to top it off today I have started getting crampy pains and feeling sick.

what's ailing you?

Stom91 Thu 31-Oct-13 14:15:54

Sorry girls need a rant.
Wok up this morning. As got dressed to find that non of my trouser fit not even my maternity one I had! Stupid fat arse in the way!! So I'm wearing a pair that I can do up. My stretch marks have finally popped (im33weeks) they itch I've put cream on but still itchy

I feel huge!! My face feels like it's ballooned but looking at me I look no different.

Had a call from mw she has the results of the swab I had taken at hospital on Saturday and I have really bad thrush (had no symptoms though) so I now need a dr appoinent to get some canesten as she said I need the pessary too. (I've never used one what's it like?
Also me and dp dtd for the first time in for months the other say so that means I've probably given it to him. Great!

Argghhhhhh I hate being pregnant so much
I am not doing it again!! (Saying that give it a couple years I I'll prob be pregnancy again lol )

BummyMummy77 Thu 31-Oct-13 15:36:17


The pessary is no big deal. Better than an itchy moomin anyway.

I know how you feel with the clothes. It's getting cold here (was -8 last night) and I have one dress that fits. And no tights. No pjs, nothing.

I can't stop crying. Pretty much every part of my body hurts or aches and I've slept 6-8 hours in the last three nights. I can't actually DO labour this tired.

I just want my Mum and for this all to be over. People keep saying "are you excited?". I'm so not excited, I'm miserable, scared and sad and feel like crawling into a hole to sleep forever.

Stom91 Thu 31-Oct-13 16:48:04

I actually don't have an itchy Moomin lol I've got no symptoms other than a little discharge. The mw São it's really high up.

Yup I feel the same. Absolutely terrified of labour and birth and the pain I just wana crawl under a rock lol
I am not
Doing this ever again lol

Peanutsmummy2be Thu 31-Oct-13 17:54:59

Needed a rant this morning....this is pretty much how my morning started!!! Rageeee!! Can laugh about now though grin Bent down to put uggs on to go to drs n was sick everywhere!! Quick change n mad dash to get jab....very nearly ended up with flu jag twice....nurse had needle in n had to pull it out again when i said id already had it! Noticed i had sick on my neck!! Had to jump in shower & clean up when i got back....couldnt get bloody mushed rice krispies off carpet so had to resort to hoover all the time retching away & then have to force myself to eat something as had huge dose of insulin with brekkie n will end up hypoing!! Ggrrrr angry angry angry xx

Stom91 Thu 31-Oct-13 17:56:38

Oh gosh peanuts hope you're ok
Now x

BummyMummy77 Thu 31-Oct-13 19:35:47

I've got to say, I'm thinking twice about doing it again. The plan was we'd try a few months after this one's born. FUCK THAT.

peanuts that sucks. I threw up in bed this afternoon. In my mouth. I'm ashamed to say I swallowed it as I knew I wouldn't be able to get to the bathroom without it going everywhere.

Stom91 Thu 31-Oct-13 20:02:23

I'm waiting at least 3 years for another lol

Peanutsmummy2be Thu 31-Oct-13 21:32:32

Yeh im ok thanks stom91.
Aww bummy hope youre ok? Even if i had wanted to I couldnt have swallowed this back down & it was proper projectile!! shock
Had a much better afternoon/evening though & now having an early night grin
Hope everyone is good, will need to get laptop out tomorrow & have a proper catch up with mumsnetters smile xx

OnTheRunFromTheAcademe Thu 31-Oct-13 21:33:04

Reflux. Gaaaah. Just when I was lying down with ds to get him to sleep, so I couldn't get up for nearly an hour. Why does my body hate me? Why?!?

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