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migraines 31 weeks

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WhisperMen Sun 20-Oct-13 17:39:23

I had a really bad one last night complete with sickness and light sensitivity and had been recovering today. Just got the flashing wiggly lines that mean another one is on its way now. Has anyone got any suggestions on what to do to help? I would usually just take strong painkillers but obviously I can't do that.

eatyourveg Sun 20-Oct-13 20:15:11

No science in it - simply what sometimes helps me. A hot water bottle right up under the base of your skull by the brainstem and then find a pressure point on your scalp and gently tug your hair.

Unfortunately, you may well find that it won't go until you have either been sick or managed to sleep. Hope it doesn't go on for too long

valiumredhead Sun 20-Oct-13 20:26:00

Have you had a check up recently? Headaches and visual disturbance should be checked and PE ruled out. I'd ring mw first thing personally. Hope you feel better soonsmile

Mogz Sun 20-Oct-13 20:28:51

Sorry you're getting headaches/migraines. I suffer from them periodically and find that making sure I am a comfy temperature, relaxed in a dark room with lots to hydrate me is the best non drug method of feeling better.
Do give your midwife a quick buzz and mention it as it can be a sign of high blood pressure, especially if you've not suffered from them before.
Feel better soon.

valiumredhead Sun 20-Oct-13 20:35:39

I have always suffered from them so put mine down migraines when in fact it was PE. Best to get checked.

WhisperMen Sun 20-Oct-13 20:51:58

I'm being checked out now as midwife thought it was for the best.

valiumredhead Sun 20-Oct-13 20:58:20

Good x

valiumredhead Sun 20-Oct-13 20:58:40

Hope all is ok x

WhisperMen Mon 21-Oct-13 08:22:15

everything was fine in the end thankyou smile

valiumredhead Mon 21-Oct-13 08:43:14

Oh good news,I was hoping you'd update. What a reliefsmile

WhisperMen Mon 21-Oct-13 09:17:33

yeah, got given some lovely codine which finally shifted the headache thankfully.

Hawkmoth Mon 21-Oct-13 09:22:14

I've started having the, regularly again since 40 weeks with my now 15 week DC3. I'm BFing and have a sensitive stomach so am limited in what to take. What's been the only thing that stops me being a zombie for a week is to very quickly, at first sign of the rainbow of doom, take a cocodamol and a pint of coke. Then sleep.

I truly sympathise. My due date migraine had me in bed for nearly three days crying every time the painkillers wore off.

WhisperMen Mon 21-Oct-13 09:40:45

I like rainbow of doom grin

It was hell being in the hospital with their bright lights making my headache a billion times worse. Glad I went and got checked though as it meant I could sleep without worrying.

I really hope they don't become regular. I used to get them when I was a teen and really stressed.

louloubellamozzarella Mon 21-Oct-13 11:36:06

Apparently caffeine can help - some coke or a coffee. Magnesium supplements can also help some people (best checking with midwife that they are ok to take). I'd really recommend a book called The Migraine Brain - helps to understand some causes and cures smile

WhisperMen Mon 21-Oct-13 11:39:01

I find that caffeine is one of my triggers, especially while being pregnant. I did discover that if you take paracetamol with a can of coke it seems to make them work quicker though, so if I already have the migraine I can have caffeine, but can't have it any other time or i'll set it off.

louloubellamozzarella Tue 22-Oct-13 10:40:54

Yes, should have said - having some caffeine once you know a migraine is coming! I think it's something to do with the blood vessels as migraines could be caused in part by the blood vessels constricting (or this is an effect of a migraine which affects symptoms).

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