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Pain in calf

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Babysealion Sat 19-Oct-13 19:30:05

I'm 25+2 and this afternoon at work (I work in a retail so stand up 8 hours a day 5 days a week) I started developing an achy calf, at the back of my leg under my knee. It's still hurting now so I rang triage on my way home from work and they said to go home and put my legs up and if it still hurts call back at 9 pm.
I've been sitting down for about 30 minutes and the pain hasn't got any better - it's just a dull ache, and is worse when I'm walking around.
Over the last week or so I've been plagued by calf cramps during the night so was wondering if it could be related to that, but also have a family history of blood clots so am scared it could be something to do with that sad
There's no tenderness or swelling, just a constant pain. Has anyone had the same thing?

BikeRunSki Sat 19-Oct-13 19:31:56

Magnesium tablets helped me for this.

Babysealion Sat 19-Oct-13 19:33:16

Forgot to say it's just in one leg. I have a varicose vein but it's in the opposite leg.

Any redness/ swelling? Pain or heat to touch?

Call the Assessment Unit at local maternity unit if any of the above applies.

PastaBeeandCheese Sat 19-Oct-13 19:37:05

I don't want to be dismissive and you do need to get it checked out but I found that sometimes the night leg cramps were so nasty that my legs would continue to ache all the following day.

Hopefully it is this.

I would imagine it is simple cramp, but would advise you give them a call to get it checked out.

Babysealion Sat 19-Oct-13 19:38:52

LittleMiss, none of that, already rang Maternity they said to call back in a couple of hours if no improvement.

Thanks Pasta, that's what I'm just hoping it is. I've been woken several times a night by cramps so wondering if it's from that. Bit random that I'd only notice it at 4.30 pm the day after though.

Frecklesandspecs Sat 19-Oct-13 20:31:47

Get it checked asap.
I left a dvt in my calf after my first child 3 weeks thinking it was a cramp until I couldn't walk on it any longer.
I had no idea about dvt back then.
better safe than sorry.
the risk in pregnancy is much higher too.

Frecklesandspecs Sat 19-Oct-13 20:32:54

ps. I did not have swelling or redness either, just pain. it is different for everyone.

Doctorbrownbear Sat 19-Oct-13 20:38:31

I woke up with hideous cramp last week. My calf ached for a good few days afterwards. This happened towards the end of my last pregnancy too. I think bad cramp can sort of bruise your muscle.

Applepiesky Sat 19-Oct-13 20:45:20

I had this last week all day and all night long, just in one leg. Couldn't seem to get any release from it! I put it down to leg cramps and I've had it before (pre pregnancy) and usually from when I'd been on my feet all day!
If it isn't better tomorrow I would get it checked out but you will probably find it's better tomorrow!

littlecrumb Sun 20-Oct-13 10:56:00

I am 27 weeks and I too work in retail and on my feet for hours at a time. Yesterday I had exactly the same thing! Dull ache in my right calf. I found walking around more seemed to help a bit. By the time I went home though it had gone and not returned since so not worrying too much. I think I will mention it to my midwife as I am seeing her on Tuesday anyway. Hopefully we are ok and its just the added weight on our legs all day!

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