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anyone had any experience of this?

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TruJay Fri 18-Oct-13 21:57:25

So I have this pain in my groin, both sides, it comes while I'm standing or walking. It literally stops my legs working and I can't put any weight on them, its very very strong. I've had it about a week now but today has been the worse. I rang midwife this morn and as baby has been a bit quiet too she suggested I popped to hospital for a trace, all was fine and when she had a feel of baby she said they were very well engaged which at my midwife appt on weds they weren't engaged at all so I'm thinking that this has caused the increase in the pain. My question is, whether it is an indication that labour will be happening pretty soon or just a sign that I'm reaching the end, I'm 38weeks tomorrow. I never had anything like this with my son so I'm just curious of anyone else's experiences

Bubbless Sat 19-Oct-13 18:10:53

I had this with my dd, it turned out to be a combo of Spd (weak muscles holding your pelvis in place- very painful) and an engaged head from 30 weeks (didn't give birth until 40+1 and was induced)
Sorry I can't be much more help, but you may have a while longer to go!

Excited2meetmyprincess Sat 19-Oct-13 18:20:32

Sounds like the pains I get with SPD. Hopefully it won't last long with u being so close to due date x

TruJay Sat 19-Oct-13 22:27:15

Ok thank u, I did think it may be SPD but I'd never heard of it before joining mumsnet. It's a shocking pain, never had anything like this with my son but bump has dropped considerably the past few days so baby is certainly getting ready. Will just have to get on with it and at least I only have 2 weeks left, hopefully I won't go over!

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