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Having a small freak out - pre eclampsia

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CherryLips1980 Fri 18-Oct-13 21:17:42

I don't even know if I have it :sigh:

I went to the MW this morning (am 37+6) for a check up. Asked me how I felt within myself - replied honestly that I felt totally fine. Urine was checked (fine/clear/whatever), BP checked - was high for me 140/80; previous high was 135/82 after I'd been to hospital at around 27 weeks and they couldn't find a hb on the monitors(!) so was scanned and then they took my BP after(!). Normally it is around 110-115/80. MW decided to do it again after I'd been measured/she'd had a feel. She did and it was still the same.

She asked me other questions - headaches? Well, now you come to mention it, yes, yesterday I had a horrendous headache but I am feeling rather cold-y today so I put it down to that. Swollen feet/ankles/wrists? Why, yes. I had put it down to pregnancy swelling. Visual disturbance? Like flashing lights? Umm, actually, yes, Wednesday afternoon I had about a minute or so where it looked like someone had thrown glitter in front of me. It was very pretty.

So, apart from the proteins in urine & pains in stomach - she said ribs, but thinking about it, it hurts occasionally in my pelvis but I assumed that was the child adjusting position - now I'm wondering if this is another aymptom. So, I tick 4/6 pre eclampsia symptoms. If I get the glitter/flashing lights I'm to go straight to hospital, do not pass go, do not collect £200 etc. I'm still working for another week so she recommended that I start carrying my hospital bags in my car. Just in case. I'm booked in with her next Friday to have my BP checked again but she muttered 'if you make it to then' as we booked it #optimistic and the the hospital the week after for my 'full term' appointment.

I don't really know what the point of this post is, other than to have a whinge? A wibble? I don't know but I kind of wish I knew either way whether I actually had it or not rather than waiting for glittery eyes or the BP check next Friday.

Feel free to tell me to MTFU, but I will happily accept any hugs or sympathy people might fancy handing out...

MyCatLovesMeSometimes Fri 18-Oct-13 21:23:42

Big hugs from me. Does sound like pre-eclampsia but at least your aware now.

My pre-eclampsia was found at my 36 week appt - straight to hospital and induced 3 days later. However I'd left work the week before and apparently they thought I looked terrible (but didn't tell me!) I had no symptoms apart from swollen ankles and hands (& proteins and High Blood pressure but I didn't know about them!).

If you want more info about being induced say so.

Take care.

CherryLips1980 Sat 19-Oct-13 08:52:34

Thank you for the hugs! I didn't even realise swollen hands/ankles was a symptom, I just thought it was a normal pregnancy thing.

I'm a little calmer this morning (although I haven't slept that well and I am not overly looking forward to a day at work) as she hasn't started me on any treatment (so its not 'that' bad? Assuming the lack of proteins is a good thing).

I'd like to know a bit more about induction though, if you don't mind? Just in case?

(I have decided that if I go into labour naturally, it'll either be today as work will be screwed if that happens or Wednesday as my FIL is having a heart operation at a different hospital to where I'm having the baby....!)

FannyFifer Sat 19-Oct-13 08:58:51

Don't panic, that's not a massively high BP reading, and no protein is good.
Swelling is normal in pregnancy and the headache could just simply be a headache, are you drinking enough water?
Don't stress yourself out, just keep an eye for any other symptoms.

LadyMedea Sat 19-Oct-13 10:48:43

That is a normal BP reading (they only pay attention over 140/90, and only really get worried over 150/100) and no protein means I'm pretty comfortable saying it is not pre-eclampsia at the moment. I'm a bit surprised that the midwife indicated it was.... Considering you are missing the two defining symptoms for a diagnosis - high BP and protein in urine! Your other symptoms can have other causes!

Something to keep an eye on though as things can change very quickly, and if any of the symptoms get worse ring maternity triage.

In the meantime read about the treatment protocol....

MyCatLovesMeSometimes Sun 20-Oct-13 12:53:05

My BP was 150/100 when I got taken in and induced after a 24 hour urine sample (that was fun). Sorry I missed earlier that you said you hadn't got protein in your urine, sounds less like PE then.

If you get induced depends how many weeks you are but I was 36 and wish I'd refused the sweep as it wasn't going to do anything that early and was agonising. If you have PE then they were very happy for me to have a epidural as the contractions were far stringer than normal due to the oxytocin, as it also reduces your BP. Also being induced means you are more Kelly to need some sort of intervention (I didn't realise this and was very shocked when I ended up with a c-section, though forceps etc are a possibility).

Hopefully none of this applies though! As sounds like your MW was being a bit over cautious.

CherryLips1980 Sun 20-Oct-13 13:22:26

Thank you all - LM, I didn't realise that was normal BP :blush: Way more reassured now! I am 38+1 now. I didn't realise either that being induced means you're more likely to need intervention. FF, I'm making a conscious effort to make sure I drink more now - my 'cold' has never really developed into anything.

While I really, really do appreciate everything that the MWs/hospital are doing, they're putting the fear of God into me by investigating every last tiny detail - so far I have got/had elevated platelets (these do need checking post baby), abnormal ALT levels, the baby's tummy was measuring small & she needed to come early but then they changed their mind at the next scan and now preeclampsia that isn't.

LadyMedea Sun 20-Oct-13 22:23:27

I only know about BP as I have pre-existing blood pressure problems. Most peoples goes up a bit in the third trimester so that's probably why yours is up a bit on your normal. Not sure where your midwife got the PE from confused, it would be good if they actually explained th diagnostic criteria when th start bandying around scary words like that.

It's a pain but at least they are taking things seriously. Always better to have more monitoring than less.

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