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Waters just broken. .. What now?

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mustardtomango Tue 15-Oct-13 04:28:21

So we've done nct and read the books, but um... Not theyve gone, what do we do? grin

BillyGoatintheBuff Tue 15-Oct-13 04:35:08

how many weeks are you?

Merrilymerrilymerrily Tue 15-Oct-13 04:35:47

It was hours between when my waters broke and when it was time to go to the hospital. Call your hospital / midwife to give them a heads up, start to monitor any contractions and try and get some sleep. Not long until you have a shiny new baby!

BillyGoatintheBuff Tue 15-Oct-13 04:36:39

I'd say you could call your midwife, if you are concerned, or wait until a reasonable time in the morning and call them.

Bearandcub Tue 15-Oct-13 04:37:35

Ring your midwife unit or hospital. They will check it is your waters and how your cervix is.

Wear a maternity pad and note how many you get through in an hour.

Labour may start naturally or you may need induction.

mustardtomango Tue 15-Oct-13 04:40:17

I'm 37+2, no contractions yet so lying back in bed with a pad on... Thought might be calling hospital unnecessarily at this stage? Was clear and no pains...

Bearandcub Tue 15-Oct-13 04:43:32

Ringing the midwife allows them the opportunity to record when your waters broke and assess your and baby's health. If you haven't started labour naturally within 72 hours you may need to be induced. This can be 24 or 48 hours dependent on the hospital policy.

mustardtomango Tue 15-Oct-13 04:51:49

Thanks bear, just calling...

piratecat Tue 15-Oct-13 04:54:15

what lovely news. my cat woke me up and i was just getting a cuppa.

mustardtomango Tue 15-Oct-13 05:04:59

Thank you pirate! Had the mostly lovely lady on the phone, said we should go in and get checked out so they'll can confirm everything. Dh is now in the shower singing smile

Editededition Tue 15-Oct-13 05:46:24

ooooooh ...... live thread ?!?!?!?

Keep posting grin
and good luck!!!

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Tue 15-Oct-13 05:47:16

Good luck!

Just to warn you it may still take a while. My waters broke at 3 pm on a Saturday and contractions didn't start properly until 9 pm Sunday night. DD was born 3 pm Monday afternoon.

jessandalfie Tue 15-Oct-13 07:30:43

Good luck how did you get on at the hosp? Have things progressed any x

WhenSheWasBadSheWasExhausted Tue 15-Oct-13 07:32:20

How exciting, best of luck.

mustardtomango Tue 15-Oct-13 07:39:17

Edited - yes live! grin
Just got home, contractions 3 in 10 mind but only 1cm dilated... They seemed happy but said better to wait at home and then return at 4cm (how I'm to tell I'm not sure)
Still, it's all progress! Figure will call when it ramps up. Now - to distract...
Thanks for all the messages, I love this community x

terilou87 Tue 15-Oct-13 07:45:55

Oooh good luck mustard. X

Excited2meetmyprincess Tue 15-Oct-13 07:57:03

Good luck!! Hope all progresses quickly for u xx

jessandalfie Tue 15-Oct-13 07:58:36

How exciting you will have your lovely baby soon good luck and keep posting smile

Editededition Tue 15-Oct-13 07:58:41

Aww... glad all is OK, and so pleased you have come back to 'share'

I recommend lots of pottering about!
Keep posting ('cos you obviously have nothing else to think about, but MN grin )

LadyFlumpalot Tue 15-Oct-13 08:05:02

Eeeee new and tiny baby on the way! grin

TrueToYou Tue 15-Oct-13 08:10:40

Ooh how exciting! All the best to you x

Hooleywhipper Tue 15-Oct-13 08:14:48

I'm in the keep upright & moving gang! Easier said than done I know. Good luck OP. so so so excited for you xx

GreenGiant3 Tue 15-Oct-13 09:13:36

How amazing! So excited for you OP and very envious!! Not long now until you meet your bundle of joy.

Good luck and congratulations envythanks

FortyFacedFuckers Tue 15-Oct-13 09:22:01

Oh congratulations hope it all goes well for you. grin

PistachioTruffle Tue 15-Oct-13 10:28:06

Congratulations OP! Hope all goes well and you're snuggling a tiny baby soon grin

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