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Preggo Rage.

(452 Posts)
ladymalfoy Thu 10-Oct-13 18:03:01

Husband eating too load for my liking. He's keeping his mouth closed but eating very quickly and just making way too much noise. I really want to scream and yell at him to stfu but I know its hormones. And he's talking too loud. I'm so close to meltdown.

StinkerBoo Fri 11-Oct-13 18:00:31

Shouted at two strangers today, a man who barged into me in the train station (aka 'Fucking Penis') and a teenager speeding his car out of a concealed car park nearly into me (aka 'Fucking Idiot').

Also perilously close to inserting a stapler into the next member of my team who COUGHS WITHOUT COVERING THEIR DIRTY MOUTHS. WTF? As if I actually want their horrible germs!

Charingcrossbun Fri 11-Oct-13 19:04:08

Bumpymummy I am so with your about the shoes!!! Why is everyone so casual about such things!! My mum laughed and said her feet went up 2 sizes and never shrank back...! Is no one thinking about the impact on the shoe collection?
They should put warnings across cute pictures of babies that might make you broody - warning may render your shoe collection useless approach with caution!

Feeling the rage too ladies - Haven't bitten DP yet but there is still time smile

BummyMummy77 Fri 11-Oct-13 21:35:50

charingcross I KNOW. Everyone tells you that you may have hulk feet forever all casual like.

I bought a pair of Gina shoes for my wedding last year. They cost * gulp * £800 and they are the most beautiful thing I will ever own. If I can't wear them again I will be heartbroken. And for anyone that says "well, the baby will be worth it" - will it? Will it REALLY?

Franykins Sat 12-Oct-13 02:20:21

OH MY GOD DPI SHUT UP! Why is he snoring; he doesn't normally and we have a long day tomorrow traveling to a wedding. and why is he breathing on me. i just want some sleep!

Im not even thinking about my shoes - i can't bear the thought of not fitting in them!

Thingymajigs Sat 12-Oct-13 07:31:34

Why on earth does DP have to walk so flat footed across the floor? It vibrates through the whole house and every footstep drives me mad.
He also slops his food and makes disgusting smacking lips sounds as part of a new habit that he has inexplicably picked up in the last few months.
And fgs how can he not know that he has food on his face after eating?
I'm certain that he wasn't this annoying before I became pregnant. hmm

froubylou Sat 12-Oct-13 09:10:08

I annoy myself with my breathing. For some reason I now sound like an old asthmatic pug when I fall asleep.

I also think I now snore. But refuse to accept responsibility for it. So am waking myself up with my breathing/snoring noises. And kick DP and tell him to turn over/move/stop breathing etc etc.

No wonder the poor bastard looks tired.

morgs22 Sat 12-Oct-13 10:54:16

the rage has hit me hard, I feel as though I have super pmt! even thinking about the things that have pissed me off this week brings it back. People on the trains and tubes coughing, sneezing or heaven forbid blowing their nose next to me! they get the look of death. slow walkers in front of me on the way to work, fast walkers pushing past me after work because I am noticeably slower lol. DP constantly saying think boy boy boy boy! I want to stab him in the face sometimes. the list just seems to go on and on and all I seem to see is happy glowing pregnant women ugh angry

froubylou Sat 12-Oct-13 11:19:30

There are some benefits to the rage though.

My annoying,toxic friend who for years has phoned and moaned and groaned and whinged and bitched down the phone to me is now a very much arms length friend. She has been my friend for many, many years but the last 3 I have realised she is a waste of my time. But because of various complicated relationships and a shared interest its easier to keep her around than to get rid completely. I told her when I was 22 weeks that I didn't need her shit, grow a pair and deal with your issues and come back and tell me when you have. Don't want to know otherwise.

She calls once a week now. This is good and progress.

DD (aged 9) now picks her shit up as it lands on the floor. Dirty washing makes it to the washing basket. Shoes to the cupboard. Bookbag to the hook. This is good and progress.

DP decorated the kitchen and fitted my new flooring after only 1 weekend of prompting <full blown tantrum>. And tidied up his mess afterwards. This is good and progress.

The dog now jumps off the kitchen table as she hears me approaching rather than as I enter the room and snarl 'Get down'. This is good and progress.

So although the rage does fill us with rage I think there is a reason it exists in pg women. Its not just an influx of hormones and tiredness and feeling like you are on an egg timer. Its there to get shit done by the people around us. And to get the people in our lives who cause us shit to leave us the fuck alone whilst we are pg.

I am thinking some very mild baby blues for at least 6 months after baby is born to ensure that shit remains done and people remain the fuck away whilst I am dealing with new baby. And by the time they have had 6 months of pg rage and 6 months of babyblues hormonal outbursts they should be trained enough.

WhisperMen Sat 12-Oct-13 11:23:42

just gave the man working at tescos a good telling off because they didn't have any of the tuna I wanted. How am I supposed to make tuna pasta bake now? I think he hid it. Bastard. door can fuck right of too with their shouty friends. I do not care if he 'stole your papers' so you can't have a spliff. Shut the fuck up. 3am is quiet time. USE YOUR INSIDE VOICES! I wil tell the landlord you have a puppy despite it being a no pet lease if you tip me too far over the edge. angry

Hyperhelpmum Sat 12-Oct-13 11:51:20

Froubylou you are a genius! All you say is factual and correct! It's a necessary move from mother/ wife running around after ungrateful/ useless family to 'do jot mess with me and get your own f ing drink I'm pregnant'!

katebakes Sat 12-Oct-13 12:03:35

bummymummy77 - I laughed so hard about the shoes that I snorted..

I'm not feeling the rage today...but there's still time. I haven't actually spoken to anyone else yet.

Nothing is ever going to fit me again. I'm not even sad about it, it's true. I'm never going to be that small, I'm never going to be a size 4-6. I'm now always going to have an arse and ginormous thighs. Makes it better that DH actually told me he thinks I'm incredibly sexy and look better now and I head a lot of those comments from friends.

I just want a healthy little baby to be born in two weeks. Not in five weeks. In two weeks. Then I want to eat unpasturised SOFT cheese and drink champagne....

katebakes Sat 12-Oct-13 12:05:48

Have spent the morning in bed looking at cheese websites. I'm serious.

WhisperMen Sat 12-Oct-13 12:57:58

mmmmm cheese. I miss you!

did you know we can eat them if they're cooked? We can have baked Camembert...

dobedobedo Sat 12-Oct-13 13:08:06

Nail on the head froubylou! Dh was musing earlier this morning about pregnant ladies and their tempers. This is why. I'm going to tell him.

Today my phone is getting the brunt of the rage. When have I EVER used the word "ducking"? Never. Yet I use "fucking" all the damn time. STOP CHANGING FUCKING TO FUCKING DUCKING! Piece of shit.

WhisperMen Sat 12-Oct-13 13:21:16

my phone gets shouted at all the time. It has the worst auto correct I have ever seen. I typed schof in as I was writing schofield, as in philip schofield and it changed it to echocardiography. WHY?! WHEN HAVE I EVER USED THAT WORD BEFORE?!

froubylou Sat 12-Oct-13 13:56:05

My poor DP just felt the full force of my rage in argos.

I am having a new carpet cleaner. For the last 3 years me and my sister have shared one due to the fact I have limited space and I only use it a couple of times a year.

These sensible reasons when pointed out by DP induced a snot snorting, breath taking, can't speak to you because I am so fucking angry tantrum. Whilst in the middle of the retail park.

It has taken him much grovelling, an offer to go back and get it now (he wanted to wait while next week), a bar of dairy milk and a coffee to even get me downstairs. This is after we have driven through busy retail park with me blowing snot bubbles at people on zebra crossings.

I cry when I get the rage which I find is more effective than just shouting. No one would date argue with a crying pg woman would they?

When I feel he has suffered enough I will order it on check and reserve.

Shellywelly1973 Sat 12-Oct-13 14:29:28

I've read this thread a few never fails to make me laugh!

I've got a thread running at moment about paternity leave & mat B1 form. Im so pissed off with dp I hate the way I have to do everything... he's such a lazy bastard! !!

Seriously he does nothing unless I make him. Im furious with him today!!

BummyMummy77 Sat 12-Oct-13 14:33:37

Ha. Dh reckons this thread is 'enabling' my bad behaviour and that "that Mumsnet lot are banding together to destroy poor partners".

The walking around the floor thing has been an issue for us since I've been pregnant. We live in a wooden house and it's like the Green effing Giant has taken up residence.

Mother in law has severely pissed me off this morning. She rang at 7am (7am?! I swear in Britain we have manners and don't ring people between 9am-8pm unless you know them REALLY well right?) to ask me what I was doing today. (I'm nearly 38 weeks and can only get off the sofa by doing a commando roll off, across the floor and drag myself up on a chair you STUPID woman). When I said "not much, I'm really finding things difficult now" she had the barefaced idioticity to tell me about her friend's daughter (Saint) Nicole who is 40 weeks and was looking after her husband who's has both legs broken by a white water rafting incident (good, he's a smug bastard).

"Some people just cope with pregnancy better than others I guess" she said.

Right. Now this would have pissed me off without the entire Western world's hormones flowing through my poor little angry brain. Phone went flying into the fridge (3rd phone I've now ruined and horrid dent in lovely big stainless steel fridge, to match the one in the bin that I booted across the kitchen when dh forgot to empty it when I was suffering REALLY bad morning sickness and there were gall bladders and stomach from various stuff the bastard cats had killed) and dh got told we're moving away from your controlling, judgemental she bitch of a Mother and she's not holding her firstborn Grandchild until I'm dead.

He's gone off to work chuckling his head off. I feel completely trivialised and want a divorce. Seeing as it's not the best timing I'll settle for using his new razor blade he's been looking forward to shaving with on my armpits which have gotten WAY out of control and eating his bit of chocolate pie he saved from last night's dinner as my breakfast.

And ---- breathhhe.

katebakes Sat 12-Oct-13 16:30:30

BAKED CAMEMBERT GIVES ME HEARTBURN. Damn you baked Camembert, damn you.

ladymalfoy Sat 12-Oct-13 19:37:39

Well the rage left me for a while and I got weepy because I love my DH and I felt bad for being ragey. However, he is now eating. And he has just finished a fajita and LICKED THE FUCKING PLATE CLEAN. I make the fajitas but can't eat them because the texture makes me all gippy now. And please stop talking with your mouth open.

BummyMummy77 Sat 12-Oct-13 20:23:08

When the rage leaves me I'm adorable. (One hour in 48).

I buy dh lots of presents on amazon and offer blow jobs and everything (too fat for proper sex now). He always passes though as I guess the hysterical sobbing, snot dribbling down my face and chance of me getting the rage half way through and giving his pride and joy a good toothing is off putting.

And by the time his presents turn up from amazon I always have the rage again and throw them at him with some passive aggressive, sarcastic comment.

SweetPea86 Sat 12-Oct-13 20:46:59

Eating loud is my pet hate pregnant or not. Your mad of better stuff than me coz I would of screamed at him lol

MacD75 Sat 12-Oct-13 20:47:24

This thread is brilliant, totally agree!

Keep picturing some poor bugger looking at cheese websites, like I feel walking past the wine aisle!

Self service checkouts that loudly tell you to do stuff 30seconds after you did it - ffs keep up!!

Colleagues who sit at their desk and chew noisily - you're not a f#@$&£€ g child, chew quietly, you're disgusting!!

Rude, socially inept colleagues who think a conversation is them talking about themselves and me oohing and aahing at their amazing (amazingly boring and pointless) lives and despite being 20 weeks pregnant and ever wider they haven't once commented!! They now have a few minutes to show interest in something other than themselves or I literally turn and walk away without a word!

Aaahhh that's better ...til I'm next in asda... smile

MacD75 Sat 12-Oct-13 21:04:59

I meant smile !!

princesspants Sun 13-Oct-13 18:25:15

I was driving home heavily pg with my 3rd. Two LO's in the back. ASSHOLE, as I remember it starts revving right up rear of the car.

Absolute nutter, swaying back and forth and nearly clipping the back he was so close. I could see there were about 3 neds in the car.

Im usually a very chilled person and if I hadn't have been PG id have slowed down to annoy him and just grinned about annoying him back.

Not this time, oh no, the fucker must die. I was going to kill him and his friends.

Wait for it, they finally swung out and around me (I was doing 60 in a 60), then turned left into the golf course. I followed, in hot pursuit.

The plan? I hear you ask.....The plan was to jump out of the car, all 5'2 of me with my 38 week bump, and go right up to him swearing, telling him what an absolute knob he was and that I had a 2 yr old, a 5 yr old and a baby one the way (im sure he would have been fine without the last bit of info) whom he nearly KILLED and that if he was ever lucky enough to get some date rape drug in order to make a woman sleep with him and she was pregnant with his baby, that I hoped one day a knob as knobby as him would wipe them off THE FUCKING ROAD.

Yep, that's where I was at at 38 weeks gestation with third.

By the time I had got to the car park it was so busy and I couldn't find the car. I stormed up and down, red with rage, looking for them. I then went into the golf club reception and asked in a loud voice if "ANY NEDS" has just came in, 3 of them? Told the poor receptionist who looked a bit scared what had happened then stormed off, still scanning all the cars and the course.

Can you imagine if this plan had come together folks? I just thank my lucky stars that I didn't catch up with them.

Nobody who knows me actually believed this story. blush

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