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My baby isn't growing properly

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woollysocksaresexy Thu 10-Oct-13 11:24:41

My baby was small on the 20 week scan, which really wasn't a massive surprise - I am only 5 foot tall, average build and was quite small at birth which seems to run in our family a bit. However our baby was still above the magic 10th percentile. At 25 weeks, things seemed to have improved a bit and had gone up some centiles, but now at 31 weeks has fallen below the 10th percentile, so things have gone from no-one being concerned at all to worry worry worry. 2 weekly scans planned, consultant appointment in a week, weekly visits to hospital. This has really scared me!
Would be grateful if anyone else has any experience of this they could share, or words of comfort.
I am just really scared!

AnythingNotEverything Thu 10-Oct-13 11:32:03

It could be absolutely nothing - as you say, you could just be a small family.

Either way, it's good that you're being heckled regularly. I have extra fluid so have had extra scans to check baby is growing normally and that the fluid isn't assign of anything sinister.

It's a pain, and increases the level of worry, but it's quite reassuring when they see everything is ok. Most people haven't idea of their baby's progress between their 20 week scan and birth.

Try not to worry, and definitely keep away from google! Share any worries with you midwife and consultant instead.

woollysocksaresexy Thu 10-Oct-13 11:53:03

Thanks anything, this pregnancy thing is just so stressful! And I have unfortunately already given in to the temptations of Dr Google, which has made it a million times worse!

GeorgieJo Thu 10-Oct-13 12:37:05

Woolly please try not to worry.

My baby was measuring around average at 20 weeks, and then at my third trimester scan at he had dropped to 14 per centile, which got everyone very worried (not least because DH and I are both around 6ft!).

Like you I was then on two week scans - and obviously spent the next fortnight worrying and goggling (IUGR?!). At the first "extra" scan he had picked up a bit and was back towards 20 per centile. And then he had a massive growth spurt and at 40 weeks is now bang on average!

My consultant basically said:
a) like the rest of us babies have growth spurts at different times - yours, like mine, might just develop at a slightly different rate to the average
b) by definition 10/20 per cent of babies have to be in the smallest 10/20th per centile - it is a mathematical certainty, doesn't mean anything is wrong

I wish that I hadn't worried so much over the last few weeks - it is easy to say now, but I put myself through massive amounts of unnecessary stress.

If you can, try to work on the assumption that everything is absolutely fine: maybe tell yourself you can worry IF the doctors confirmed a REAL problem, but until then don't let yourself stress about extra monitoring...

But easier said than done, I know!

Good luck.

theothermrssoos Thu 10-Oct-13 12:44:14

Hi woolly.

My DD1 was small on growth scans and I measured small. I was scanned every week from 28 weeks (I was admitted with bleeding and high BP) Various issues but the biggest was the fact that she was small.

They induced me at 36 weeks as she hadnt grown, and the scan woman (dont know the proper word) said she would only be around 4lbs based on the measurements.

DD1 was born the next day weighing 5lbs 12oz.

Hope this helps to alleviate some of your worries !

terilou87 Thu 10-Oct-13 13:16:14

My dd was measuring 7th percentile and was born 7lb3 so by no way was she small I would say average, even though she was born normal size I have to go for growth scans again just because they measured her small before she was born. I wouldn't worry too much growth scams can be way out X

terilou87 Thu 10-Oct-13 13:17:05

Scans* oops fat fingers

SmallBee Thu 10-Oct-13 13:51:44

Hi Wolly,

Hopefully everything will be ok, one of the things a lot of people who work in this area have told me is that the margin of error when it comes down to estimating the weight of the baby in the scan is quite large, so your baby might be a little bigger than they think, as theothermrssoos has said.

HootyMcOwlface Thu 10-Oct-13 14:54:19

I had dodgy blood tests at 12 weeks which potentially indicated a problem, and I was told I may have a small baby.
DS measured a little small at 16 weeks (I had anomaly scan early due to potential problems) then I had growth scans booked at 20, 28, 32 and 37 weeks. His growth was low side of normal at 20, 28 and 32 weeks, then I went into labour and had him naturally at 36 weeks. He was born weighing 4lb 13oz, so small but healthy. Didn't need special care and we took him home after 2 days. He's now 11 months and is absolutely fine, has gained weight really well and he's a cheeky monkey smile
Lots of worry at the time, but it ended up OK. I hope all goes well for you too, I remember how scary it was.

TwickyWoo Thu 10-Oct-13 15:00:40

I am in a similar position to you. I'm not overly tall, average build and appear to be from a family of small babies. At my 25 week midwife appt she decided my bump was on the small side and referred me for growth scans. Despite this being ok, they have decided to give me another scan 2 weeks later (next week) to check growth.

I'm a very pragmatic person, but it is something that has played on my mind since being told about 2 week scans and consultant appts. I've done a lot of reading around the subject and agree with the other posters that it is definitely not an exact science when it comes to measuring babies in utero... many are really fine. I try and look on it that it isn't worth (really) worrying until I'm being told something is definitely not ok and with the regular scans you have the best chance of picking this up - and identifying things early anyway.

Try not to worry - easy said than done - I know. I just think that some babies are on the smaller side, and like us each one grows at their own pace and speed - which doesn't necessarily always conform to what the medical profession think is 'normal'. Stay positive and the best of luck with your next appt - mine next scan is on Tuesday so we'll see what happens! smile

theothermrssoos Thu 10-Oct-13 17:36:48

Id just like to add that DD2 was born at 39 weeks weighing 6lbs 12oz, and that was a normal, standard pregnancy with no issues. I think some women just carry small babies smile

Having said that my son was 7lbs 11oz, which is apparently an average size but huge for me personally !

Chuddy3 Thu 10-Oct-13 19:12:14

My baby seemed on track until a scan at 32 weeks showed him to be small....on the 3rd percentile. So I had a scan every 2 weeks. However they weren't too concerned as my daughter was 6 lbs and they said it may just be that I have small babies. I had a scan 2 days before my due date and he had only grown 3 ounces in the last 2 weeks so they induced me the next day. He weighed 5 lbs 9ozs, and healthy. By the time he was 4 months he was on the 50th percentile. I wouldn't worry too much, as if everything else looks to be in working order (blood flow etc) and the baby is growing then they just may be a little dinky

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