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I have my own gravitational field.

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WhisperMen Tue 08-Oct-13 19:40:50

Seriously. I walk near things and they fall over, or jump off tables to get away from the giant belly.

29+5 and I am fed up of having this beach ball up my top.

Anyone else feeling massive?

There is a pic of me on my profile if you want to laugh at the beached whale that I am grin

moobaloo Tue 08-Oct-13 19:56:44

Looking blooming! grin

That thing where things fall over when you're near them? That happens to me and I don't have a belly yet (7+2) so I can't imagine how bad I'll be when I have a beach ball attached to my front as well!

I'm sure it has it's benefits - can you use it to push people out of the way with in supermarkets??


WhisperMen Tue 08-Oct-13 19:59:44

it seems to attract people in supermarkets annoyingly. People with their opinions and who want to grope me and tell me how massive I am and their horror stories for labour. I wish it repelled people!

PicklePants Tue 08-Oct-13 20:05:56

Yup! I'm 29 weeks and feel like a barrage balloon.

I'm clumsier than usual too, and every time something drops on the ground I could weep.

There's been a stray sock on the floor in my hall since last night - I just can't face bending down to get it, and DH is clearly blind hasn't noticed it!

WhisperMen Tue 08-Oct-13 20:09:04

oh I can't bend down either. Things get dropped on the floor and I just look at them sadly because I know I can't get them. Poor DP comes home to a trail of items I have dropped.

I can no longer do my shoes up either. I feel like a child having to ask DP to tie my laces for me haha

PicklePants Tue 08-Oct-13 20:15:51

Yes I've pretty much abandoned my lace up trainers now! I was much more flexible first time round (this is DC2 for me), I don't know what's happened to me this time confused

I feel bad for wishing it away, as I don't plan on having any more, but I'm soo looking forward to not being pregnant any more!

PicklePants Tue 08-Oct-13 20:17:18

Oh, and you look lovely, not massive at all - blooming, like moobaloo says smile

WhisperMen Tue 08-Oct-13 20:17:21

It's my first time and I am so unflexible! I cannot wait to not be pregnant any more, but then that means I will have a screaming baby to contend with...swings and roundabouts grin

WhisperMen Tue 08-Oct-13 20:17:54

oh thankyou. I don't feel like I am blooming. sad

PicklePants Tue 08-Oct-13 20:25:52

It's MUCH better being a mum than it is being pregnant! I don't seem to do pregnancy very well, but the end result is well worth it, I promise smile

AnythingNotEverything Tue 08-Oct-13 20:37:34

And you know what?! It only gets worse!

I'm 39 weeks now and have measured big since 29 weeks. I keep opening doors on myself, I can't reach the dinner table, I see stars when I bend over to put my shoes on, and I can barely reach to dry myself downstairs, never mind keep it tidy.

We'll have our babies soon enough, and then it'll all be worth it!

WhisperMen Tue 08-Oct-13 21:54:09

I can't imagine how big I'll be by 39 weeks. I just hope I'm not overdue. I dont want to spend any longer than I have to being an incubator grin

SomethingOnce Tue 08-Oct-13 22:01:36

Bless you, you do look lovely.

How tall are you if you don't mind my asking?

PinkWitch803 Tue 08-Oct-13 22:02:04

Whisper, you is being paranoid m'lady. You aren't a whale, your are 29 weeks pregnant and look amazing.

People coming up to you in the supermarket can only be taken as a compliment, regardless of how irritating it seems smile

Applepiesky Tue 08-Oct-13 22:21:07

Sorry to hijack Whisper but I am also 29+5 so we are due on the same date! :-)

Shellywelly1973 Tue 08-Oct-13 22:26:33

You look great!

Peacenquiet2 Wed 09-Oct-13 06:38:39

I think you are looking great! :-)

WhisperMen Wed 09-Oct-13 08:35:37

I'm just under 5ft. I'm a teeny little thing grin

thanks for the compliments guys smile.

ooh hello applepiesky, how you finding it?

Applepiesky Wed 09-Oct-13 09:30:35

Whisper - I'm great thank you. Really enjoying my pregnancy so far altho I'm up at least 5 times in the night for a pee which is starting to get me down a bit!! Grr. How about you?

mycatlikestwiglets Wed 09-Oct-13 09:46:15

Ahh WhisperMen, you look just right for your stage, not huge at all. Just you wait - I'm now so big that I have to stand half way across the kitchen whilst cooking so that I don't set my bump on fire (nearly 38 weeks)! Us shorties do create the most excellent baby bumps it has to be said.

WhisperMen Wed 09-Oct-13 09:46:44

I'm hating it most days sad I am permanently exhausted but i'm too much pain to get any sleep. Everywhere aches and I can't reach the kitchen sink taps.
I love feeling the little one wriggling around though and it always makes me smile, but I cannot wait for it to be December and for this to be over haha.

SomethingOnce Wed 09-Oct-13 09:53:13

It's true - I'm tall and never got a proper big round bump! envy

WhisperMen Wed 09-Oct-13 09:56:48

oh gosh mycat DP has started not letting me cook because I keep knocking stuff over and he doesn't want me to hurt myself haha. Side question, does your cat really like twiglets?

something you can have mine if you want? grin

pokesandprodsforthelasttime Wed 09-Oct-13 10:26:33

If it's any consolation I'm as big as you and I'm only 25 weeks. I'm also a short arse and I grow big babies.

People keep saying "ah you must be due soon" with a knowing wink sad

Yesterday a tiny old lady was struggling to reach something off a shelf in the supermarket. I offered to help and she said "oh no dear you can't in YOUR condition" like a bit of stretching will send me into labour right there and then.

My maternity clothes are getting a little tight, god knows what I'm going to wear in 10 weeks time.

I can't sleep well either and feel permanently uncomfortable. If I sit down I have to use every inch of my willpower to make myself get back up again.

I don't walk I waddle. Very slowly. I can't keep up with my 6 year old, she keeps rolling her eyes and saying "come ON mummy".

DD walked in when I was in the shower and said "Mummy your tummy IS massive. You look like Mr Greedy!". Yep 6 year olds speak the truth sad

I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL this baby is born. I was big with DD too, and to be honest I found looking after a newborn with a CSection scar about a million times easier than being heavily pregnant. And that's honestly the truth.

<Whinge over>

mycatlikestwiglets Wed 09-Oct-13 10:42:32

Lol at Mr Greedy grin. I agree having a newborn is much easier than being heavily pregnant!

WhisperMen yes, my cat really does like twiglets - we discovered him licking a bowl of them after we'd left them out as nibbles one Christmas!

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