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I just want to sleep!!

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yellowsnownoteatwillyou Thu 03-Oct-13 06:55:08

I had this at round about the same time it was awful. Lack of sleep when the baby comes is totally different for some reason. I worked out that I've not had unbroken sleep for about 8 months and have a 9 week old Ds. He actually sleeps quite well between 4-6 hr stretches at night.
My DH does get up with him at the weekends but I always wake up and am generally awake the whole time he's feeding him or at least drifting in and out so you are still getting the broken sleep just not having to do anything.
It's just a stage you are going through and it will pass and things move on to something different, I hated people saying this to me but its true. If you can try and just rest even if you are not sleeping it's better than using the time to do things.

PinkWitch803 Thu 03-Oct-13 06:47:42 is another feed with fellow non sleepers

PinkWitch803 Thu 03-Oct-13 06:46:16

Lots of us struggle. Try all the recommended advice, and try not to stress about it, that wwill only make it worse.

My view is that sleep will be different when the baby arrives. I may not slep any more, but I will sleep better.

I plan on expressing and getting the baby on to a bottle within the first couple of weeks. Then I c an hand over to DP for a feed giving me a good block of time to catch up on nine months sleep. That is assuming my plan works! I am copying my friend who did the same with both her children.

failing all that, I could make a guest appearance on the walking dead!

cookiemonster100 Thu 03-Oct-13 05:14:21


I am nearly 34 weeks & I am having such trouble sleeping!! I am awake from about 3-6 each night! I can't cope now on the lack of sleep how am I going to cope when the baby comes!!!

Anyone got any top tips for sleeping or do I just need to suck it up!

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