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Tearing - 1st baby vs subsequent babies?

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CherriesOnTop Mon 30-Sep-13 11:47:48

Just interested to hear experiences of tearing during a vaginal birth for your first and then subsequent babies... I had a 2nd degree tear for my first baby, which was by no means traumatic, but I wondered if it means I'm "weaker" somehow now and might tear again (or even worse!)? Or does your second time carry a lower risk of tearing because everything has already stretched once before??

Fakebook Mon 30-Sep-13 12:37:26

I also had a second degree tear with my first. 4 years later I had another second degree tear with DS. I think my body had loads of time to tighten up again that's why it happened. This time I'll be giving birth about 22 months since my last birth so hopefully everything is still loose and she slips out quietly hmm!!

MummyJetsetter Mon 30-Sep-13 14:39:29

I also had 2nd degree tear with 1st, 2nd due any time now and hoping I don't tear again (this was my biggest fear!). x

BopsX3 Mon 30-Sep-13 14:46:36

I had an episiotomy with my first but tore with my second and third.

I was sent home with anti inflammatories etc with my first

My 2nd baby was the worst though, I needed a lot of stitches and it seemed to take forever to heal afterwards confused and also was sent home with anti inflammatories and pain killers

3rd was quite easy going compared to my 2nd. I tore with him but only needed a few stitches and healed quite quickly. I didn't need the pain killers etc with him.

Tmh76 Mon 30-Sep-13 14:53:28

I had an episiotomy with my first (6lb 4oz) a first degree tear with my second (7lb 13oz) a small graze with no stitches with my third (8lb 5oz) and nothing at all with my fourth (5lb 9oz).

A lot I think is dependant on positioning and breathing. IME my tears healed better and more quickly than my episiotomy.

magichamster Mon 30-Sep-13 14:58:52

I had a ventouse with my first and had a tear - not sure which degree, but did have stitches. Didn't tear at all with ds 2 (who wasn't ventouse).

Sadie204 Mon 30-Sep-13 17:49:31

I had 2nd degree tear with my 1st, (needed 4 stitches I think) only slight tear with my 2nd DC 3yrs later (no stitches) and nothing at all with my 3rd. There was only 18mths between DC2 and DC3 so maybe that helped lol

CherriesOnTop Mon 30-Sep-13 22:04:11

Thanks everyone - some reassuring stories!

CherriesOnTop Mon 30-Sep-13 22:04:22

Thanks everyone - some reassuring stories!

GreenGiant3 Mon 30-Sep-13 23:53:42

I also had a second degree tear with my first, will keep an eye on this thread, due second soon and I'm very nervous about tearing again confused

PastaBeeandCheese Tue 01-Oct-13 06:47:30

It's such a horrible thought. Stitches were the worst part for me. That awful sensation and the local anaesthetic injections. <shudders>

I know this time if I tear again I'll be panicking at that point when I should be relaxing and pleased that it's all over.

Had episiotomy and a second degree last time. They healed fine and a very kind obs put me back together but still I hope that I don't have to go through it again.

PastaBeeandCheese Tue 01-Oct-13 06:48:16

Oh, I'm also expecting #2 so no use at all in terms of your question.

Haylebop12 Tue 01-Oct-13 06:50:39

1st baby - 2nd degree year, 2 stitches.

2nd baby - 1st degree tear, no stitches.

Haylebop12 Tue 01-Oct-13 06:50:59

1st baby - 2nd degree year, 2 stitches.

2nd baby - 1st degree tear, no stitches.

MrsBungle Tue 01-Oct-13 06:51:10

I had a third degree tear with dc1. With Dc 2 (just under 3 years later), I had a tiny tear that I really didn't notice. Nothing like as bad as the first.

Madasabox Tue 01-Oct-13 06:52:43

I had an episiotomy with my first 6lb baby and then nothing at all with my second 9lber!

mrsmindcontrol Tue 01-Oct-13 07:00:25

I had a 1st degree tear with my 1st (8lb 13) but he was born with his arm over his head.
14 months later, I had an incredibly difficult forceps delivery with my 2nd, 8lb 4 baby, no tears.
3 years later, my 3rd baby was born very quickly in the water weighing 9lb6.5 and I had no tears.

I think it's down to positioning so try your best to have an active labour & don't give birth on your back if you can help it.

TobyLerone Tue 01-Oct-13 08:08:26

I had a 2nd degree tear with DC1.

No tear at all with DC2.

Chilli81 Tue 01-Oct-13 09:40:54

Thanks so much to all the ladies who have responded with positive stories. I had a nasty 3rd degree tear with DS1 (ventouse delivery on my back with legs in stirrups!) and pretty scared about the next. I really wanted an active birth first time but I had been pushing for over two hours so they intervened. I am hoping for better luck this time.

CherriesOnTop Tue 01-Oct-13 10:06:15

Yes, thank you everyone - it sounds like the chances of avoiding tearing the second time are higher than first. I hope so anyway! I'm hoping for a water birth so will definitely try to be as active as possible...

Metalhead Tue 01-Oct-13 16:09:15

Not to rain on your parade, but I had a very active birth with DC1 and still tore quite badly, so I don't think you can really influence what happens.

Ttc #2 at the moment and the thought of tearing again scares me shitless...

TobyLerone Tue 01-Oct-13 16:15:35

And I gave birth on my back both times and only tore the first time. You just can't tell. I hear that water helps soften the perineum, though, and makes it more likely to stretch, rather than tear.

bundaberg Tue 01-Oct-13 16:21:15

i had a second degree tear with my first but my second and third were born with barely a graze

CPtart Tue 01-Oct-13 16:33:25

Second degree tear with both DS1 and DS2. Stitches both times, one needed in my urethra apparently second time, it was all a bit of a blur.

PastaBeeandCheese Tue 01-Oct-13 16:40:33

I'm pleased you said that metalhead because I agree wholeheartedly.

Here's to better luck next time coupled with it all being a bit more stretched this time!

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