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MIL is annoying me

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Stevie77 Sun 29-Sep-13 23:13:51

Just that really.

She hasn't done or said anything. Her existence annoys me. Personality traits I'm normally able to ignore are annoying me. Things she may or may not do/say are annoying me in advance.

It was exactly the same when I was pregnant with DC1 and it took a good few months, if not longer, after the birth for it to pass. Must be the way I am programmed to be when pregnant.

Is it just me? Am I bat-shit crazy? grin

BouncingBelly Sun 29-Sep-13 23:29:22

Loving the hormones!

This pregnancy has seen me thinking everybody is an idiot, and I haven't hesitated in telling them so either (totally unlike me)
Keep your visits to a minimum and try and keep your cool. Maybe it's your hormones or maybe she is just bloody annoying anyway but your 'tolerance' is being put to the test whilst your body is busy making a baby.

Good luck!

Hope2014 Sun 29-Sep-13 23:33:54

You're not alone! I am a bag of emotions mixed with rage at the moment and finding my DF a struggle to even be nice to because I find things he does so irritating! I'm sure it's because we're so similar and I must be annoying him too but I wish I could somehow tone down my feelings a little and just be a bit nicer! Makes me feel so awful and yet I still struggle to hold it all in.

And even talking about my SIL annoys me...*sigh*.

Hoping this will all resolve somehow after baby arrives but I am worried whether I'll like myself much by then!

So don't despair - you're not crazy (or we both are!) x

PumpkinPie2013 Mon 30-Sep-13 07:31:34

Not just you - my Nan's friend is getting right on my nerves at the moment!

No idea why as he's a nice enough person (though a bit of a busy body but normally I can cope)

However, at the moment he just makes me angry and he doesn't even have to do/say anything! X

tigsnchar1 Mon 30-Sep-13 07:44:10

Mothers-in-law and pregnancy/new babies are the worst possible combination! Mine drove me mental - from buying baby things when it was far too early and I had made everyone promise not to, to threatening to turn up in the labour ward at the crucial moment. We couldn't actually tell her I was in labour in case she arrived.
Then cue all the advice - 'you're breastfeeding? Really? And bottled too obviously? No?'.
I think hormones have a lot to do with it - on both sides!

PrincessKitKat Mon 30-Sep-13 08:38:45

I have developed a real aversion to 'chatter' at 13 weeks. I found MILs conversation so repetitive & boring this weekend that I faked sleep to escape. Normally I'm happy to listen.

I think I just want to enjoy the silence while I can... grin

mustardtomango Mon 30-Sep-13 08:56:53

Have just started feeling this way here too, though mainly with Dh. .. Sitting too close (seriously, dont touch me - super sensitive skin) , not thinking things through (really, taking your friend with us to our nct class?!?), poorly thought out logic, half doing jobs ('I'll throw this away, it's gone off '... Um, good, but next time perhaps empty the container and then put it in the bin, rather than moving it from fridge to sideboard??)
Nearly bit yesterday at a guy I'd only just met for using Facebook all through a group dinner. Feel like I've suddenly become the reprimander

Mnippy Mon 30-Sep-13 09:59:21

Ditto Stevie. But yes, I am/we are bat-shit crazy. I feel sorry for my MIL.

Excited2meetmyprincess Mon 30-Sep-13 10:49:59

Exactly the same here too!! Started quite a while ago but now nearly 33 weeks and just get so wound up so easily!!
Have found myself getting really annoyed by certain family members on both sides that I would normally just listen to and ignore whereas now I am ready to scream at them!! And as for friends well there are some that I haven't even spoken to for a good few weeks because if I do I don't think we will ever speak again as they are annoying me soooo much with their stupid little comments and petty little issues in their lives!!
But on the other hand there are friends within our big group of friends that I never really bothered with that I have become very close to. So I do think that pregnancy and parenthood changes us and how we see people.
It has to be normal!! If not I'm gonna end up on a mental ward or some thing the way I'm going lol xx

Anothermrssmith Mon 30-Sep-13 11:09:28

Notching about my mother in law (who,unusually for mumsnet, I love) but my tolerance for bullshit went from sky high to non existent within weeks of finding out I was pregnant! I work with a bunch of blokes,one of whom is a typical sleazy salesman(he introduced himself as 'dave,but you can call me Casanova' when i started my job). Normally I can ignore whatever vulgar,sexist crap falls out if his mouth but on Friday, after a particularly disgusting comment involving his wife I finally snapped and told him exactly what I thought of him. On the plus side I think all the other guys I work with now are genuinely terrified of me letting rip at them now as well, lol!

Stevie77 Mon 30-Sep-13 14:55:51

Thanks dudes, helps to know its not just me!

BummyMummy77 Mon 30-Sep-13 15:36:39

It's not just you. Take some deep breaths and walk away. Quickly.

I've had to avoid mine. She makes comments like how ridiculous the - no stuffing the cot with blankets and rubbish about sleeping on the back- is 'cruel' and just a silly new fangled thing, "they change the rules every month and I'll be cuddling him up like a baby should be when I have him." (Which you won't for at least 2 years after that comment).

No you silly cow, the back thing has been a strong guideline since 1992 and SIDS cases have HALVED since then plus I've worked and trained as a maternity nurse for 18 f$@king years whereas you brought up two kids (badly in my opinion) over 30 years ago so how about you wind you neck in, quit with your shitty, unwanted advice and go buy a cat or a baby doll to pester the shit out of?

Urge, she really is sweet and tries to be helpful though, but look at what even the mention of mil's turns me into!

I think I need to section myself for a few months. sad

urtwistingmymelonman Mon 30-Sep-13 16:26:14

yep same here.
oh is annoying me.just the way he eats,breathes,smells etc
my poor nan is annoying me and I cant put my finger on why.
all of my teenage relatives are annoying me for being typical whinging teenagers.
the list go's on.
strangely though im finding my mother really sweet,kind and huggable even though ordinarily she annoys me like mad!

AhoyAhoy Mon 30-Sep-13 16:43:36

I get pissed off when people are walking behind me having a chat- in shops etc. I have to stand to the side and let them pass before I flip and tell them to shut up, and how dare they speak within earshot of me. Complete strangers, you understand? Luckily haven't flipped out yet, but it's getting more and more likely.

PrincessKitKat Mon 30-Sep-13 17:53:38

Yes AhoyAhoy! The chattering! I was enraged by a yabbering couple in front of me at the hospital. We were all queuing to book in for scans so I'm sure it was just their way of staying calm & breezy, but I was furious at their work related waffle & couldn't escape.

I ended up bursting into silent, angry tears, it was that or bite them. I'm so glad I'm not alone.

PinkParsnips Mon 30-Sep-13 18:10:10

No you're definitely not alone!!

My MIL sulked at the wknd because she was bored and couldn't come round to our house - never mind that the reason was I had the midwife coming to check my bp for suspected pre-eclampsia - oh no, wasnt bothered about that, just herself!! hmm dreading having to see her more when the baby's here!!

Then again I'm finding as time goes on (34+1 now) lots of people are getting on my nerves and I feel like hibernating more and more! grin

Apparentlychilled Mon 30-Sep-13 18:23:09

I've got the Rage too. My 'D'M drives me crazy at the best of times but I find it so hard not to want to kill her when I'm pg. I'm 22+3, so I guess I need to avoid her for 17.5 weeks...

That said, no-one is immune, though people who I normally fine mildly irritating are most likely to be the object of my ire.

Stevie77 Tue 01-Oct-13 09:26:36

LOL toall your stories.

Well, my MIL doesn't make comments or suggestions (thankfully), she just laughs and giggles her annoying laugh at fricking everything. Could punch her angry

She also, apparently, knew I was pregnant before she was told when she saw me walking from the front door to the stairs when she was babysitting DD1. That was at 1am and she was on the armchair all the way back in our lounge (which is quite a way from the front door), and she saw me for about 20 secs, in the dark hmm

I'm 15 ask and only just about getting the start of a bump. Rude bitch.

Thankfully, this time around I'm an experienced mum and won't hesitate to kick her out when she hovers over me while I'm trying to bf shock

Emilycee Tue 01-Oct-13 10:56:23

grin lol Stevie! I thought it was just me! Ive snapped at my MIL a couple of times then I feel really guilty and want to crawl under a rock!

Mine has come out with some bollocks however and only lives 1 minute round the corner so Im going to lock my door and leave the key in it after baby is born to dissuade her from dropping in every 5 mins!

She wants to get a doll, cover it in talc and have it in her living room so our dogs can 'get used to a baby and the smells' WTF?!?!
1. a plastic doll does not smell like a baby
2. we wont be using talc
3. the baby will not be at your house for a long time yet

I know she is exited, normally I love her to bits but I wish she would just chill out a bit! (or maybe I need to! lol!) smile

Stevie77 Tue 01-Oct-13 11:55:34

Mine lives round the corner too, but she has no key and will never ever get one. Even her son won't agree to that. To be fair, she doesn't just pop over and usually behaves as if we live a distance from each other, but I know how mental a baby makes grandparents. They forget they are 'only' the grandparents and think they have all sorts of rights. I won't even start about my mum, I still haven't forgiven her for how she's been when DD was born!

Emilycee Tue 01-Oct-13 12:07:14

I wish I could take the key off mine - I think we will move further away in the next year or so and I will put my foot down about it then! but if we are further away there will be less chance to just 'pop in' and would have to be pre arranged!

Apparentlychilled Tue 01-Oct-13 18:51:11

We've taken the key off PIL. Ostensibly because we need key to give builders. But actually they're not getting it back after letting themselves in a couple of times (an therefore incurring the Rage (TM) during this pregnancy).

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