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Booking Appointment Greenwich/Lewisham -so confused!

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LondonJen Sun 29-Sep-13 20:28:26


Hoping someone who has had a local booking appointment and dating scan can help me understand the procedure in the area as I've got quite confused!

I went to the Dr to tell them I was pregnant at 4+2. I was told to pick where I wanted to give birth so they could refer me and from that referal I would receive a booking appointment and a scan appointment between 8-12 weeks. I let the Dr know on the Monday, so at 4+5.

I am now 8+4 and yet to hear a peep! I contacted Lewisham Birth Centre as that is where I'd asked to be refered and they gave me the number for the community midwives office. I am a bit confused as that seems to be different from Lewisham hospital/birthing centre where I thought my appointment ans scan would be. Does anyone local know how it works? Who am I waiting for a letter from? Not the midwives at the hospital?

Obviously I can call the midwive number I got yesterday next week or hound the Drs office but I just thought it worth asking if anyone could shed any light?! I don't want to be the nervy nancy when they are busy but am worried about being forgotten!

Thank you so much for any help.

Quodlibet Sun 29-Sep-13 20:38:41

If it works the same as my hospital, your referral will generate 2 separate appointments - your booking in appt, which will be with the community midwifes who may well not be based at the hospital (mine aren't) and a separate referral to the ultrasound clinic for your 12 wk scan. It's not unusual to have heard nothing by now - most places don't book in appointments til the 10 wk mark or so as unfortunately a proportion of pregnancies don't make it that far.
Worth giving your community midwife team a ring to make sure you haven't dropped off the system if it'll put your mind at rest.

LondonJen Sun 29-Sep-13 20:47:41

Thank you, that makes a lot of sense! I had not twigged that midwives might be seperate from the hospital -got a lot to learn!

Even just sharing on here has made me feel better. We haven't told anyone yet as we wanted to wait but sometimes that makes it a bit isolating I think.

Thanks again!

MissRee Mon 30-Sep-13 09:10:45

Hello! Why don't you pop over to the local site for Lewisham and ask?


GiveMeVegemite Mon 30-Sep-13 13:49:35

I'm in Greenwich, but having my baby at darent valley in dartford cos I didn't feel comfortable at queen Elizabeth in woolwich.

The community midwives are different from the midwives at the hospital. For emergencies you would contact the hospital triage midwives and they would get you in straight away, but for all your regular visits you will be seeing the community midwives.

I didn't get an appointment until I was 12 weeks, I think I got the letter around 10 weeks....

ElizaJane78 Mon 30-Sep-13 19:26:29

Hi jen

I'm also in Lewisham and having my booking in appointment on
Wednesday (should be 9+6). I sent the direct access form to the Lewisham midwives email address, and then the community midwife who's based at my GP's surgery phoned me to confirm the appointment - phone only, no letter. The booking in appointment is at the surgery. No letter yet re the scan, but that'll be at Lewisham hospital

MissRee - thanks for that link!

retroelle Tue 01-Oct-13 08:55:46

Your booking in will be with the community midwife - in my case this was at my local GP surgery (but they have clinics all over the place) and I booked it through the normal surgery reception after seeing the doctor. You will get a separate letter for the scan which will be at the Women's Health department at Lewisham. I had to complete a form and hand it in at the doctors in order to get them to refer me for this.

cocinelle Tue 01-Oct-13 15:46:23

My GP would only refer to my official 'local' hospital (the PRUH in Farnborough), which is actually far more difficult for me to get to - I self referred to Lewisham, and requested all my midwife appts in the hospital- the only time I encoutered community midwives was after the baby was born.
It worked really well for me, and I'm doing the same again with DC2.. Lewisham is great, I had such a good experience with them last time despite a complicated labour and delivery! Good luck!

plantsitter Tue 01-Oct-13 16:09:51

Call the community midwives. They are lovely. In my case you had to book midwife appts through the gp surgery but it probably depends on which surgery you're at. It's also worth checking with your gp surgery that the referral for the scan has been sent.

plantsitter Tue 01-Oct-13 16:10:22

P.s I am in Lewisham!

LondonJen Tue 01-Oct-13 19:40:53

Thank you all for replying! I can't believe how much variation there is even locally. The Dr did tell me they don't have a midwife at our surgery currently so I shouldn't expect to have any appointments there.

Coincelle -glad to hear Lewisham is great! Been so busy with work I've been able to forget about worrying about this for a few days but will hopefully get some answers later this week.

Thanks again all so much for sharing each of your experiences and links x

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