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Abnormal uterus! anyone else?

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Tulipsandbuttercups Sun 29-Sep-13 09:11:25

Hi. I am currently 27+2. I have a unicornuate uterus. So far everything is going well. Getting more anxious the further I go through the pregnancy though.

Would like to hear from others that have an abnormal uterus. Did you go full term? Was it a normal labour?

Bunnylion Sun 29-Sep-13 10:53:53

A close friend of mine has this and has had 2 children.

First was born prematurely at 32 weeks after going into spontaneous early labour. The second baby was full term, because that time she was on a medication to stop her going into early labour again.

Both her births were natural, the first was very stressful as it was so early but she made it to hospital in time with her DH. She told me that the second was a wonderful, calm birth. She came off her medication to stop labour at 38 weeks this time and after a few days had first twing at 5am and baby born in hospital at 11am.

Both of her daughters are very happy, healthy little ladies.

MrsBungle Sun 29-Sep-13 10:57:56

I have a bicornuate uterus but mine is more love heart shaped and the indent is not too far down.

I carried both my babies to full term.

I hope everything goes really well for you.

yummymumtobe Sun 29-Sep-13 11:01:48

I have bicornuate as well. Actually carried both mine beyond their due dates and they had to be induced!

Tulipsandbuttercups Sun 29-Sep-13 16:55:11

Thanks ladies, everything you read on the internet is scary so it's nice to hear from people that have actually gone through it x

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