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iron tablets yay or nay?

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morgs22 Thu 26-Sep-13 22:46:50

I have been severely anaemic since being a teenager (am 24 now) I was on one of the strongest iron tablets that can be prescribed but since finding out I'm pregnant I'm scared to take them as I've read that iron tablets can be bad for the baby but obviously it won't be good for either of us if I don't take them. I cant get a drs apt for love nor money and midwives don't seem to want to help until im at least 12 weeks, any advice or experience with this would be really appreciated x

DaleyBump Thu 26-Sep-13 23:10:16

Take them. I'm also really anaemic and still on iron tablets (750mg of iron a day I think) and it's really important for the brain development of your wee one. It's also really important for your health, you're creating more blood now to support your baby which can make you even more anaemic causing problems.

NoIHaventHadTheBabyYet Thu 26-Sep-13 23:13:14

Try Spatone, you can take 2 a day with no side effects.

Oddsocksrus Thu 26-Sep-13 23:19:46

I took floridex when I was pregnant. It has a high dose of iron as well as loads of other good stuff.

Ok when pregnant too
You will find it in health food shops

DaleyBump Thu 26-Sep-13 23:21:49

Meant to say, I'm 30+5 and had no problems so far.

DaleyBump Fri 27-Sep-13 02:55:33

I was wrong, it's 966mg I'm on per day. It's a lot and both myself and my wee boy are perfectly healthy.

DropYourSword Fri 27-Sep-13 03:05:29

Absolutely take them. Your iron levels can naturally dip further in pregnancy anyway so it's important to keep them at a decent level. Iron tablets aren't bad for the baby as far as I'm's vitamin A that's the issue if you take too much.

Thesunrising Fri 27-Sep-13 03:48:11

To increase absorbtion of iron from the tablets, the usual advice is to take on an empty stomach and wash down with orange juice as Vit C helps maximise the iron you take on board. Also cut down/stop drinking tea and coffee which is thought to stop the absorbtion of iron.

Iron levels can also be upped by increasing intake of red meat, dark green leafy veg, dried apricots. Just make sure you also have enough fibre, fresh fruit, veg etc to counteract the constipating effect of iron tablets - constipation is the last thing you want during pregnancy! A teaspoon of ground up golden linseed over your cereal or mixed in water should help loads!

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