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PG after MC? Posifrickitivity and handholding aplenty

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WhatWillSantaBring Thu 26-Sep-13 16:18:14

Hello again - another shiny new thread for the batsh*t crazy women going through the stress and emotional rollercoaster that is being pregnant after a miscarriage.

Fingers crossed for lots of happy scans and boring pregnancies.

Bumblebzz Fri 18-Oct-13 14:59:05

Thanks for the advice everyone, is FMC = fetal medicine centre?
Not sure how luxurious they can make the ultrasound (cos we're talking the internal scan aren't we?!) but good to know there are options smile

Good luck if you have a sweep Janie :0
Not so fond memories of having numerous sweeps with dd!

SaggyIsHavingAPinkKitten Fri 18-Oct-13 14:46:40

New thread here

WhatWillSantaBring Fri 18-Oct-13 13:52:52

Hey ladies - we'll need a new thread by tomorrow (and I won't be able to start it). No idea on titles as long as we say PG after MC (I think we forgot once and had some ladies thinking we were all mad (which of course we are).

Can't believe we're getting into baby season on this thread - I think there are loads due in Nov and Dec (then a bit of a lull?). For those in the much earlier days, I think the time does start to go quicker once you've got past your 12 week scan. Not necessarily with any less worry, but definitely quicker. I caught a glimpse of myself earlier and my bump is massive - and I'm only 7 months....

bumblez I think a few ladies used FMC in London and its sounds lush (though expensive). If you really just want reassurance that you have a heartbeat then a cheap scan will get you the same thing - I saved about £30 by going to a very basic scan in a GP surgery in a shitty part of town. No luxury, not a particularly clear or detailed scan, but a HB seen and measurements taken to confirm viability.

SaggyIsHavingAPinkKitten Fri 18-Oct-13 13:44:59

Bumble hang on in there. I think 7 weeks is ok. I saw a H/B at 6ish, might be better to hang on until 8 weeks though just in case.
Youve got 10? weeks to go until christmas. Thatll make you 17 weeks ish? Much safer than twllibg everyone at 7/8.
Keep your chin up and remember our Mantra: Today we are PG. smile

SaggyIsHavingAPinkKitten Fri 18-Oct-13 13:40:25

Crikey Janie! Thats thorough! shock

JanieLovesLuckySocks Fri 18-Oct-13 13:17:15

Still no reason why i got the scans...I guess they just liked the look of me?! But might be normal as there were quite a lot of bigger bumps there. They've booked me in for my term appointment and said it'll be a scan, fanjita examination and sweep if I want it eek! Better get my bikini wax booked!! Cripes!

Pentagon Fri 18-Oct-13 13:03:14

janie great news on the scan - good weight for 35 weeks! ibip I also have scan envy! With DD I had a scan at 35 weeks because my placenta was low at my 20-week scan; it was high this time at 20 weeks so no late pregnancy scan [disappointed]

pig/snot good luck with your scan this afternoon!

cbeebies sorry to hear you're feeling so crap. I can't believe your midwife dismissed your concerns just like! I hope you manage to see your GP today and get some answers

saggy thanks for the encouraging post regarding labour/birth, it was really sweet. Sounds like you had a fab day out with your sisters!

christine it's great that you're there for your colleague, I think you're being really considerate and I'm sure she appreciates it

jmf & janie yay for only 1 week left at work!

I had my 38 week midwife appointment today; I was really anxious but everything's fine, thank goodness; bump measuring 38 weeks, heartbeat normal, baby head down and 4/5ths down the way. Such a relief! I'm having the flu jab this afternoon. Still don't know if there's any point/it's a good idea but everyone seems to be doing it so I'll just go for it

andthepiggotupandslowlywalkeda Fri 18-Oct-13 12:59:11

Glad your scan went well Janie, but shame the doctor was a bit rubbish. Also, seconding Ibelieve's question - did you get any reason, or were they just won over by your fine eyes, or something?

IBelieveInPink Fri 18-Oct-13 11:21:48

Ooh Janie great news! And 5lb 3 doesn't sound too bad for 35 weeks - at 40 weeks that would make baby just under 8lb no? Sounds like a perfect size! unlike giant hippo baby

Any clearer as to why you got a scan? I have scan envy! smile

jmf294 Fri 18-Oct-13 11:21:10

Good luck with the scans Janie and Upthepig!!

Bumblebzz Fri 18-Oct-13 11:07:14

Hello lovelies

Just checking in again, still pregnant thankfully though some days are quite stressful as every twinge makes me panic. 5w + 2 so no idea how I will cope, but I will, if only I can just hang onto this! I'm feeling a bit nauseous today and have been absolutely shattered all week.

Thanks for your comments on the early scan, I totally get now why it's a good idea. I was looking at it the wrong way around, and of course it makes sense to get any bad news sooner rather than later, as you're right, the longer the pregnancy the more difficult it is to deal with the loss.
Is 7-8 weeks the recommended time for a viability scan? Any recommendations on a clinic in London?
It would be so amazing to have good news for family at Christmas, last Christmas we told them I was pregnant (I was so sick I couldn't hide it at 7-8 weeks) and then had to tell them our terrible sad news at the end of Jan. Am a bit afraid to hope but every so often I allow myself a few minutes of stealth hoping.


SaggyIsHavingAPinkKitten Fri 18-Oct-13 10:54:01

Good luck today Cbeebies. x

JanieLovesLuckySocks Fri 18-Oct-13 10:49:00

Thanks pig smile all good here, baby currently weighing in at 5lb3oz eek!

I asked the pretty horrid doctor what were her thoughts on raspberry leaf and she said she'd never heard of it. Think she needed a bit of a personality transplant too!

andthepiggotupandslowlywalkeda Fri 18-Oct-13 09:46:35

Thanks Janie, I have stripy socks on today - stripes are always a good thing!
Thinking of you as well today, and presumably your lucky socks also!

JanieLovesLuckySocks Fri 18-Oct-13 09:41:13

yes pink...i don't really know why either if i'm honest! but i wasn't going to say no! i had one at 30 weeks (dunno why) and he asked me to come back today at 35 weeks but still none the wiser as to why! maybe my hospital are just super wonderful or something?! i want to ask for a picture this time as it'll probably be the last chance...although i'm guessing it'll be pretty unclear as the wee mite is probably squished into crazy shapes.

good luck with your scan pig/snot! don't forget to wear your lucky socks smile xxxx

one more week of work to go yissssss!!!!!

andthepiggotupandslowlywalkeda Fri 18-Oct-13 09:07:47

I've name changed from snotmyproblem, if by any chance anyone is wondering who andthepig is!

Cbeebies, defo get second opinion. I've never had GD so can't comment, but you know your own body, as everyone has said.

Janie, good luck with your scan.

Can I have some good thoughts here please as well - 12 week scan this afternoon. I don't feel too worried at the moment, which is worrying me! I think it's all going to erupt 10 minutes before the scan, and I'll suddenly go from fairly calm to blubbering mess.

IBelieveInPink Fri 18-Oct-13 08:56:30

A scan Janie? That's exciting (less scan doom now than earlier) I remember you saying you had one but can't remember why? I REALLY want another scan -(in case I haven't mentioned that 50 million times already).

Cbeebies- another one here for trusting instincts. But sound like you are already doing that smile

JanieLovesLuckySocks Fri 18-Oct-13 08:50:57

Cbeebies I'm sending you a big hug. Im of the opinion that we know our own bodies better than anyone so we just know when something isn't right or if there's some sort of imbalance. The fact that the midwife brushed you off seems shocking IMO. Definitely get thee to your gp pronto, hopefully they are more sympathetic and competent to help you xxx

I'm off to my scan this morning, hope I get the funny Spanish consultant again. Still have scan doom though

CbeebiesIsMyLife Fri 18-Oct-13 08:17:56

Jmf, thanks I'll be buyin a kit. It could be GD this early, it's not uncommon if you've had GD before, but I don't know if I had it before confused I'll be getting a kit ASAP then phoning gp and mw if there's a problem.

jmf294 Fri 18-Oct-13 07:38:01

Cbeebies- just seen your other post , definitely agree to get yourself to your GP.
It could be high blood sugars making you feel like that. The GP should easily be able to do a GTT. You could even do it yourself as blood testing kits are cheap in boots , you need to drink around 200mls of fresh juice or lucozade and then blood test 1 and 2 hours afterwards but best let the GP do it. It wouldn't be gestational diabetes this early I don't think but it's possible at any age to develop type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
Christine- great that you could support your colleague, hope she is lucky soon.
Interesting reading about the hypnobirthing, I had a c-sec last time but I used relaxation and visualisation whilst they did the spinal anesthetic which really helped as it can be a bit uncomfortable, it really helped and I was on a lovely beach in the Indian Ocean instead of the operating theatre.
Have a good day all, another weekend almost here- I have 6 days left at work- can't believe it!!

CbeebiesIsMyLife Thu 17-Oct-13 23:42:07

Thank you, its good to know people don't think I'm being daft! Dr in the morning for me I think. Thanks smile

SaggyIsHavingAPinkKitten Thu 17-Oct-13 23:29:34

ive commented honey. I dont think you arw being daft at all. Like I said over on that thread, see a GP. Tell them everything and be firm. xx

CbeebiesIsMyLife Thu 17-Oct-13 23:16:26

Hi ladies, I'm really sorry I know so many of you have bigger problems going on, if you have a minuite can you take a look at this and just tell me to snap out of it or to go and get some sort of help.

SaggyIsHavingAPinkKitten Thu 17-Oct-13 23:06:16

Thank you. Im feeling a little more positive each day. smile

fod27 Thu 17-Oct-13 22:57:03

saggy I'm so glad you've had a lovely day! I really enjoy reading your posts and they are getting full of posifrickintivity with each day.... Keep it up xxxx

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