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Pelvic Girdle Pain and problems at work

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wethers Sat 24-Jun-06 00:00:56

I'm 21wks pregnant, and my midwife told me on Thursday that I have sciatica- (personally I think the symptoms more closely match pelvic girdle pain), and most days I'm in agony. I've been carrying on going into work as my line manager tries to make us all feel guilty about the fact that we're short staffed, but by the end of the day the pain is excrutiating and I find it really hard to walk/drive home etc etc. Although I work 37.5hrs a week, she's constantly making hints about me doing overtime as there's "no-one else volunteering". I also have a four year old daughter to look after, am not sleeping etc etc, and so far I've not done any, but she keeps on hinting...
Has anyone else had any similar experiences/ got any advice. Also, would it be appropriate to ask for a doctors sicknote for the PGP pains? I work in a doctors surgery, so I'm also worried whether my bosses will think it's a skive if I go off??

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chubbleigh Sat 24-Jun-06 02:04:55

Oh it's friggin agony. I had sciatica but it suddenly improved when the baby turned (I think) but I still had a lot of pelvic pain that got steadily worse as I got bigger. I was going around done up like a sausage in an enormous piece of tubigrip and that was agony too. There was no real answer, the only time I felt better was when I had worn the tubigrip all day and took it off, that felt sooo good. The only advice I can give is to not do things that aggrevate it which for me was walking except very slowly and not too far. Luckily I had a really understanding boss who was lovely and very sympathetic. Don't feel guilty about having time off work, just because you know the reason you are in pain, that you are pregnant, doesn't discount it especially as you can have next to nothing for the pain. It is not your fault they are understaffed. Get a referal for physiotherapy and take time off if you need it.

crabbiemum Wed 05-Jul-06 11:27:40

I also had PGP with first pregnancy though no-one told me what it was at the time - doc just prescribed cocodamil (refused to take) and said would clear after baby born. Spent 2 months welded to sofa with crutches to get around house. Midwife was acupunturist and this helped with pain relief but still didn't help with mobility. Am now 28 weeks pg with 2nd pregnancy and have been seeing osteopath every 3 to 4 weeks since week 8. This seems to have helped - at 28 weeks with last pg symptoms were pronounced but this time I am still able to run around after ds who is 17 months. Do feel a slight niggle now and then - pain in hip travelling down front of leg (I think sciatica has pain travelling down the back), but it clears up. Last time once it started it just got progressively worse very quickly. Cost is about £30 per session but it's worth it to me to retain mobility as no family nearby to help out and was so miserable last time. I got sick line for PGP no problem - even had to get it over the phone as couldn't make it into surgery. RE work, your manager sounds like a right charmer - any wonder she's short staffed! Hope this helps - it was through googling that I was put on the osteopath as no-one else suggested it. I did try physio but that was a waste of time for me - though you might have better luck/better physio.

Whizzz Wed 05-Jul-06 11:33:44

Have your employers done a pregnancy risk assessment (legal duty)?. You shouldn't be expected to work overtime especially if you are feeling grotty. Good grief, if you work in a doctors - surely they shoudl understand & give you some advice !!

Delia Sat 08-Jul-06 09:25:46

Hi, i've been signed off by my doctor for similar pains for the last 8 weeks and am not sure whether i will be able to go back, they refered me for physio and am now doing hydro therapy 3 times a week which makes it a bit easier. Don't push it to far i can hardly walk, can't drive for toffee and find any kind of steps/stairs excrutiating. I tried to ignore it as long as i could which apparently is why i'm in this state now! i would say if it's getting bad talk to the doctor and see if they can get you physio or a fembrace to help.

RoseH Thu 10-Aug-06 18:37:10

Hi, I'm on 3rd pregnancy (due end Nov) and for my first pregnancy was on crutches with pelvic pain, total agony. On my second,my consultant suggested a chiropractor and after finding one who specialised in women , babies and pregnancy I found the relief of pain miraclous after visiting her, she is on a years sabbactical this time but when the pain returned this pregnancy( around 16 weeks) I started going to her collegue, again it's not totally taken the pain away but allows me to look after my 2 little ones relatively normally (hussie on business trips all summer).
It's so worth a try and if any one is in NI the girl I now see is HElen Worthington, also Craniosacral therapy was good too but more from a sense of welbeing than diminishing the pain.

brooks101 Mon 29-Oct-07 19:06:24

Hi, I also have PGP and pain has got worse in the last couple of days. Becoming restricted in walking and moving. I am 21 weeks and have seen a physio 1 week ago. I don't see physio for another 2 weeks and don't see docs for a week. I am still working (office job) and today I was sent home coz after being in a meeting for over an hour, it was painful getting up and all I could do was cry! I felt very silly, but boss was nice. I'm not sure what to do though, should I see doc sooner, but not sure what else they can do, been given excersises and tubi grip for tummy, but nothing is helping with pain and paracetomol isn't helping.

helenislovely Wed 30-Jan-08 16:08:26

Me too. I am 22 weeks and although the pain is low level for me, it is constant. Unless I'm lying on my side I am uncomfortable and I just feel exhausted by it. I can't believe i will be immobile for a further 4 months. I am going to see a physiotherapist and I know I should go to get acupunture, but does anyone else eunderstand how feeling this in pain and exhausted all the time, the thought of getting on a bus (and the walk to the bus) to go get acupuncture is just unbearable.

mummykit Sun 02-Mar-08 15:25:16

I'm 39 weeks pregnant and been suffering PGP for past couple of weeks - can be really bad in the evening especially. Found sitting on birthing ball and rocking pelvis really helps although this add to lumbar pain higher up the back...if it's not one thing it's another huh??
Also found wearing support band under bump very helpful, especially when walking and pottering around the house (especially when having to stand to do washing-up/cooking etc.)

xplumx Mon 14-Jul-08 15:07:56

hi im 30 weeks pregnant and iv been having really bad lower back pain, when im sitting or laying its painfull and really hurts when i get up im only really comy on my side i just feel like crying sometimes so when i put in a search it come up with pgp and the symptoms match
is there any advice for what i have to do now about it?

notcitrus Mon 14-Jul-08 19:39:19

I saw the doc around 25 weeks as I was in lots of pain even changing my commute to avoid walking, and so tired I ended up bursting into tears in the office. The GP signed me off for a week, citing SPD on the sicknote but agreeing it was probably partly pregnancy-related exhaustion. The cocodamol at least gets me some sleep but I'm then pretty stoned in the day.

Had extra midwife appt the next day and got a rapid physio referral,The physio gave me some exercises at the first appt which helped a bit, but the next time (after the exhaustion had worn off after a week at home) banned me from commuting for the rest of my pregnancy.

Look after yourself - take some time off sick, get a referral to a physio, try an osteopath, and take it from there.

saraf Thu 07-Aug-08 13:10:00

Im 28 weeks and have been having pain since about 17 weeks. I had SPD in my last pregnancy but this time it has been much worse. I put off going to my GP this time as there's not much they can do for SPD, but I finally went a week ago and the saw the physio this week who told me I have SPD and PGP!! It's unbearable to lie down and it's not great at work. I was told the doctor would sign me off anytime I wanted for 2 weeks at a time, which is good to know. I had a midwife appoinment yesterday and she was unhappy that I was at work and that I was driving there (it's about an hrs drive). I feel a bit awkward being signed off too and am hoping to avoid it for another few weeks BUT as soon as it get's too bad I won't hesitate to get a sick note as I don't want to risk hurting myself any more.
I know it's hard but I think you should try to not worry about what your boss says and worry a bit more about yourself.

smilesattheweekend Fri 08-Aug-08 13:04:06

Hi Wethers, sorry you are in pain. I am 27 weeks pg at the moment. At about 22 weeks I started to feel like I had been hit between the legs with a baseball bat - or been on a bike all day long, mainly when I had been sat at my desk all day - I too work full time, I was in complete agony and went home (had to sit on the tram each day which was also agaony)and just cried. I went to GP who said it was SPD (or pelvic girdle pain) and that they couldn't do anything. I rang my midwife in tears and she said, silly GP she should have referred you to physio and the one at the hospital runs sessions for pregnant ladies with SPD, I met some other women who had the same so felt better in that respect. I have been having physio (I have private medical so I know I am lucky) and I cannot believe the difference it has made. I can now sit comfortably for most of the day, I need to remind myself to move around and although I do still get pains, they are no-where near as bad. The hospital offered physio too if needed. I wear a tubigrip everyday at work and although it can be a bit warm (the physio doubled it up for extra support and told me to pull it from the bottom up so it helps hold the bump up) I wont go to work without wearing it. I don't tend to bother too much with it at the weekend as I am more comfortable. The physio made sure I knew some basics, like keep knees together as much as possible when sitting, use a pillow between your legs in bed, made sure my posture is correct and I have pelvic exercises to do to strengthen the muscles to help hold everything in a bit better. She will get me a support belt when I am bigger too as the tubigrip will get too uncomfortable.

Before I got help I read some stories of people getting worse and not being able to have a normal delivery, however, these cases are rare, it did worry me, the sooner you can get help the better. I found it really hard to get my point accross to my GP and when she dismissed me so easily I fell to bits.

I hope this helps (sorry for ranting).



Appaloosa Sun 14-Sep-08 13:21:47

Hi everyone
This is an awful condition...I have been suffering for well over a year post- birth.
The NHS is very bad at dealing with this problem.angry
Get more info from the support group- Pelvic Partnership
Good luck!

kazkeech Mon 24-Nov-08 10:43:04

I think I might have PGP, but I'm not sure... I have days where I get no pain at all & days where it seems that every time I move I get excruciating sharp pain, always in my right bottom cheek. It never extends down my leg, front or back though...
On the bad days, it's hard to find a comfortable position sitting, standing, or lying, and it's painful to move around in any way at all... sleeping is hard on those days as well because I can't find a pain-free position, placing a pillow between my legs seems to relieve the pain a little but even that doesn't get rid of it totally... Does this sound like PGP?

ThePregnantHedgeWitch Mon 24-Nov-08 12:52:14

Message withdrawn

SarahH18 Mon 24-Nov-08 21:31:02

I'm just over 8 weeks pregnant but already I seem to have symptoms of pgp. My hips and buttocks are really painful and the pain radiates down the back of my thighs. If I've been sitting for any length of time I get severe pain when I try to stand up. The pain also seems to get worse when I've been standing for long periods - can be standing for up to 8 1/2 hours a day at work.

Has anyone else experience symptoms so early on?

Any advice??

mooncatgrover Sat 30-May-09 21:48:09

im at work for 40- 50 hours per week. i am a chef and hv now been told i hv pgp. i hv got a support belt but not helping at all. i am on my feet all day with no chance of proper breaks. by the time i get home my other half has 2 help me get from the car 2 the house. ive been having this pain since 8 weeks but its getting so bad now i cry most days. work wont let me cut down hours or cut down duties so im not standing so much and now physo has told me i will be on crutches for the rest of my pregnancy (26 weeks 2 go) being on crutches will mean i cant work at all. im stuck and dont know what 2 do

Tamlin Sun 31-May-09 12:51:13

I'm seventeen weeks, had SPD with my first child, and just went for a long walk. On the way home, felt my hip joints rolling and grinding painfully - got home and tried to carry sleeping DS up the stairs, and wound up standing immobile on one step, crying because the pain was so bad.

I've been seeing a physio who's given me exercises to do to avoid a repeat of SPD. Honestly not sure what to do, but am dreading the next five months...

LumpyBumpyThingy Thu 04-Jun-09 22:45:59

Both last pregnancy and this one I suffered from SPD. Both started with pain in my buttocks which midwifes described as 'weird' (real helpful) and progressed to severe pelvic pains and feeling like my hip would explode. Last time when I was finally diagnosed I was 24 weeks and could barely walk up the stairs and as a result was off sick for the rest of my pregnancy.
This time, dispite knowing everything I shouldnt be doing my SPD is just as bad as last time tho I dont moan about it half as much! Not easy when you've already got 1 dc to look after. For anyone who is or thinks they might be suffering make sure you pester your midwife about it so at least they know, act lady like (knees together!!) and the more you can avoid things like stairs and hoovering and your everyday essential tasks the better it will be as your pregnancy progresses. It doesnt get better till after the baby arrives but it can help it stop getting worse!
HTH xxx

madm00se Fri 05-Jun-09 16:14:15

Do you mean SPD (Syphysis Pubis Dysfunction)? I have it mildly-get referred by your midwife to the physio at the hospital-or womens health clinic. By law, no-one can force you to do over-time-it's optional. You should be having regular reviews with your line manager, and one of the questions is, are the hours for the employee still acceptable. I finish 10 mins early to get to the train-they have to allow this if you're struggling. Also I know of people who leave even earlier, and have even knocked their week down by one day-and their pay isn't affected. You can't be touched if you go sick, the only thing they CAN do, is make you take early maternity. (I've had this conf'd by my Union).


3rdbaby Thu 16-Feb-12 20:40:49

hi i have suffered this for years now pregnant or not i am on my third pregnancy and cannot get to my local hospital and find child care at the same time iv asked for halp or maybe a home visit but the best they can do is send an ambulance to pick me up, dose anyone know of getting a home visit via the nhs or something else that may be helpful, thanks xxxxx

funkky Sun 03-Mar-13 15:56:45


Chell2207 Mon 13-Jan-20 19:36:54

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and suffering really bad with pelvic girdle pain (pgp) when I sit i struggle to get back because its so painfull I can't walk far without feeling I've been hit with a bat I've not had a full nights sleep in weeks I've had physio they give me exercises to do which are no help at all

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