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Miscarriage? :(

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MammySam Thu 26-Sep-13 19:24:29

How did you get on happilymarried? Thought about you today.
Hope you had some encouraging news xxx

Happilymarried155 Thu 26-Sep-13 07:12:05

That's much better news. Keep us posted!

Thanks, I'm so scared. I think I'd rather carry on not knowing than get the bad news to be honest sad

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Wed 25-Sep-13 23:17:08

I had an ectopic. I googled HCG levels in PG. I found a great website (possibly BabyMed) with a chart of figures. Figures can quite normally vary widely, and it clearly stated that doubling is the norm, but everyone is different, and not every PG conforms to the rules.

MammySam Wed 25-Sep-13 22:30:44

had he scan today and we could see a small sac, which may or may not be a gestational sac! Not to get too excited just yet of course! There was no yolk visible or a heart beat or anything like that. However they did say, i Might be earlier than 6+3 ( as my dates suggest) and just seeing the sac would put me at approx 5 wks which feels quite plausible.
The bloods showed that my HCG is still increasing however its still really slow so that's still a concern. Based on the scans the sac appears to be in the womb as opposed to outside of it so hopefully that's a good sign its not ectopic however we still need to keep an eye on the HCG as obviously this can show there's a problem if its not doubling. On Monday 16 th sept HCG was 690 and today (9 days later) its only 3,000 but it should be more like 11,000 if it had doubled every 48 hrs.
So the verdict is, we have a positive result versus last weeks scan (which showed nothing) however I'm not out of the woods yet and I'm back next Wednesday for another scan and I presume another blood test.
Best of luck for your scan tomorrow happilymarried I really hope you get some good news smile
Sam x

Happilymarried155 Wed 25-Sep-13 22:15:10

How did you get on today Sam? X

Happilymarried155 Tue 24-Sep-13 21:56:32

Nope, it's on Thursday. Hopefully it's a week full of happy news! smile

MammySam Tue 24-Sep-13 21:49:51

happilymarried have you had your scan yet? How did you get on?

MammySam Tue 24-Sep-13 21:47:23

Thank you x

Happilymarried155 Tue 24-Sep-13 21:02:07

Good luck smile

MammySam Tue 24-Sep-13 20:30:08

Thank you ill take a look! smile

lolablu Tue 24-Sep-13 20:26:31

if you do a search for early pregnancy scans you should get an idea of what to expect on the scan...

MammySam Tue 24-Sep-13 20:18:30

Scan tomorrow! I'll be 6+3 by my dates so fingers crossed something will be visible.
Has anyone seen anything on such an early scan?

MammySam Sat 21-Sep-13 21:54:45

It really is. How did you get on?

dirtyface Sat 21-Sep-13 11:57:22

oh sam sad

just read your posts and i have everything crossed that it is good news on weds. i have been here as well, and the waiting is the worst bit isn't it


MammySam Sat 21-Sep-13 09:07:27

Hi just thought I'd post a bit of an update. Had my third set of blood results yesterday and its the same story- hcg gone up but no where near double. So whilst its good news that right now still looks like I'm pregnant, there's quite a strong chance that its ectopic, especially as I've had pain.
So next step is for another scan on Wednesday (5 days time) to see if they an see anything this time. It will have been a full week since my last scan so hopefully even a small something will be visible.
I literally have everything crossed sad

MammySam Wed 18-Sep-13 16:50:16

Thank you for your kind support smile really appreciated and great to hear similar stories with great outcomes!
Just got the call rom the midwife wit the results and hcg gone from 690 on Monday to 840 today. Was told if it went up 66% everything was normal, if it stayed fairly flat it was probably eptopic and obviously if it dropped then miscarriage.
So I guess an increase has to be a good sign but how good we're not sure. The registrar wants me back again n Friday for another test to see what's happened again and then they'll decide when to scan me again.
I've decided to stay off work the rest of the week and just relax (as much as is possible with a 4 yr old!) just to see if it makes any difference t anything, and also because I'm quite emotional at the moment too!

kjh5 Wed 18-Sep-13 16:33:58

Hi Sam sorry to hear you are having such a hard time - it is so worrying in the early weeks of pregnancy when they can't really tell what is going on. I have had one miscarriage and am pregnant again so know quite a bit about the anxiety you are feeling.

First of all try not to panic - cramping and erratic symptoms are completely normal in early pregnancy. I had all of the symptoms you are describing (plus bleedjng) and I'm now 9 weeks. Seeing anything on a scan so early is always hit and miss and they often won't spot anything so early on. They don't always see a heartbeat at 6 wks either. Sometimes you can only spot one closer to 7wks.

Try not to read anything in the faintness of lines. It means nothing. If you have a positive you are pregnant now an that is what matters. I'm sure you will be absolutely fine. Hope you can keep the anxiety at bay and your next scan shows that everything is going well. X

Happilymarried155 Wed 18-Sep-13 16:22:59

Hi Sam,
Just saw this on another thread, I had this last week, went for scan at 6+2 and they saw a gestational sac but no yolk sac. She gave me a panflet about non viable pregnancy and misscarriage and booked me in for another scan in 14 days time. It's a horrible position to be in isn't it.
I read alot online that it is still quite early and that things can change alot over just a few days. It can also be affected by late ovulation and late implantation so try not to worry to much.

I'm clinging on to the hope that when I go next week everything will be ok. Sending you lots of love x

MammySam Wed 18-Sep-13 15:50:40

I had a faint positive test last Thursday night which was great then took another on Saturday and the positive was stronger and appeared quite quickly.
On Sunday I felt quite dizzy and I've had quite a lot of tummy cramping (which. Know can be normal in early stages)
Then Monday lunchtime I got stabbing pains in my left lower abdomen so went to the GP after work who referred me right away to the gynae surgical assessment unit at the hospital (as Epau was closed due to the time of day) the dr did all sorts of exams and tests as they wanted to rule out eptopic. The bloods were done and needed to be repeated 48 hrs later.
So I went back for my appointment today and they scanned me (normally and internally) and no pregnacy is visible. Being only 5 and half wks by my date obviously mean it might not yet be visible but I also had a lot of quite severe nausea even before I got the positive test but that has gone away since yesterday as has the soreness in my boobs, which hurt even walking downstairs and now they are normal and have also lost the 'swelling'.
I've still got the pains in my lower abdmen (not bad enough to have me bent double, more like a stitch that comes and goes) but not had any bleeding or spotting.
I'm just waiting for the blood results to come back so we can see what the hcg levels have done since Monday. Midwife said they were at just over 600 on Monday so she wouldn't expect to see anything on a scan at that level so I know there is an element of hope but I really don't think that will be the outcome. She did a normal preg test this morning and said it was still positive but faint. I'm almost certain it'll be early miscarriage... sad
Anyone else had anything similar? My first pregnancy with my little girl (who is now 4) was trouble free so I've no experience of all this. Very scary.
Thanks in advance,

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