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Pregnancy books: Has anyone read anything useful they'd recommend?

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piratecat Wed 18-Sep-13 18:46:19

What to expect when you are Expecting was good. Mind you this was 11 yrs back. My USA friend sent it over, but i think there is a UK version.

Xenadog Wed 18-Sep-13 18:44:32

Christine Hill's Pregnancy Guide is good and so is the classic: "What to expect when you're expecting." I bought the Christine Hill book but then had loads given to me. I think these are the best of about 10 I was given.

kjh5 Wed 18-Sep-13 11:17:12

Thanks so much everyone, the Week by Week guide seems to be highly recommended so I think I'll definitely get that. I don't suppose anyone here has read Alison Scott-Wright's The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan? I am a long way off even having a bump, never mind holding an actual baby in my hands but a friend raves about this book and keeps telling me to get it in advance....

BroodyAndMoody Tue 17-Sep-13 19:37:52

Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth was just so positive and affirming that we can have babies and our bodies are made to do it!

MsFiremanSam Tue 17-Sep-13 18:13:29

I second the recommendation for 'Your Baby Week by Week'. I'm currently re-reading it, having just had my second. I wasted a lot of time reading useless books-this was the only one with practical, relevant advice. I'm also reading 'Coping with Two' by the same author-also very helpful!

Carole803 Tue 17-Sep-13 13:36:34

My friend gave me"the contented little baby" and "the baby whisperer". She said they both have opposite approaches, so I should read both and pick what I want.

I have only had one reading session and I am still baking the bun (25+5), so a little too early to give a verdict smile

FairyTrain Tue 17-Sep-13 12:52:10

I've bought "Blooming Birth" TWICE (gave my first copy away not thinking I would need it again!). It doesn't
Have too much detail about pregnancy but is great for birth and the aftermath! Just retread it and bit going to bother with any other book.

tracyrobo Tue 17-Sep-13 10:36:35

Baby Secrets by Jo Tantum and Barbara Want, gives good advice how to prepare, things you will really need etc. and also how to cope with a new born, feeding, sleeping tips etc. Really useful

Julietee Tue 17-Sep-13 10:21:36

I just got my copy of 'Expecting Better' - there's also one on Amazon called 'Bumpology' that looks similar.
One review of EB said it was great if you were sick of hearing 'best to avoid it completely to be on the safe side' - which I definitely am! There's a lot of misinformation out there. My experience with looking stuff up online is that it's more of a curse than a blessing - anything you can think of, there'll be someone saying it's hideously dangerous and someone saying they did it throughout with no problems. Very confusing, especially if you tend towards anxiety.

LadyMedea Tue 17-Sep-13 09:50:50

I second Emily Oster if you are someone that likes understanding the research and stats.

CuppaSarah Tue 17-Sep-13 06:54:40

I can't remember who it's by, but I had a day by day pregnancy book. It was like an advent calendar reading each days page. It had some great information and it really helped me in those early days, when I was quite worried.

BronaghT Tue 17-Sep-13 06:23:48

The only book I bought and would highly recommend is... Your Baby week by week by Dr. Caroline Fertleman. This book is fabulous for new mums and gives you a simple yet useful guide on what to expect each week for the first 26 weeks of your babies life, it was recommended to me by a friend and would have been lost without it. My DS is now 24 weeks.

bingeddybongo Tue 17-Sep-13 06:08:24

I knew absolutely f all about pregnancy and childbirth when I got pregnant and have found Christine Hill's Pregnancy Guide really straightforward and useful. It doesn't contain ALL the information I've found I've needed but I'd definitely recommend it. She's also got a good sense of humour grin

Emigrated Tue 17-Sep-13 01:32:33

expecting better by Emily Oster is good. Basically a long lit review analyzing contemporary research and dispelling misconceptions / poorly evidenced advice.

kjh5 Mon 16-Sep-13 23:09:02

I'm 9 weeks pregnant with my first and have been getting a lot of my information about what is going on with me and the baby via the internet my mum and friends. In a lot of areas I find myself woefully under-informed and am wondering if anyone has read any useful books on pregnancy that they would recommend?

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