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birth announcements. Do they work?

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MultipleMama Tue 17-Sep-13 11:05:18

I don't use email other than for bills etc and I'm not on any social sites. Usually I tell them when they phone but I'm sick of repeating it over and over. Was looking for a way to tell everyone. We have about 24 close friends in total and DH is willing to design & print them off. We'll want to send them out around a week after they're born when hopefully we'll be home.

I talk to DH more, you may be right on the postage costs etc. Does bare thinking about. Thanks smile

meditrina Tue 17-Sep-13 10:06:29

Only if you have the energy to send them out immediately after the birth. But even then, people may still get in touch by whatever means they prefer.

I think cards are a bit of a waste of money, tbh. If you're going to do a written announcement, then just write in ordinary paper. With twins on the way, I doubt you"ll want the fuss.

How do you usually communicate with the people you would want to tell? If it's email, then that might be the way to reduce both the amount of time/effort you spend sending stuff out and the cost.

(Btw, if your friends are in non-overlapping groups who do not all already know each others e-addresses, address the email to yourself, and put everyone else on the "bcc" line, so you don't upset anyone's privacy).

MultipleMama Mon 16-Sep-13 20:06:34

I usually have a crap load of text messages/phone calls asking me dozens of questions about the baby/ies and then I get a ton more after I have them and I either want to punch them or scream at them to leave me alone.

This time we haven't told anyone except close family members when the twins are due and even the gender and names, to avoid all of this fuss again.

So, we thought about the birth announcements cards. Has anyone used them and has stopped people pestering in them? They're all aware that they can't visit for at least 4 weeks (non-family), so would this hold them off on all the questions?

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