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Placenta position

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Ilovecake80 Mon 16-Sep-13 22:26:16

I am not 100% sure but I think with a posterior placenta you have a better chance of baby being the right way round (not back to back) so labour is supposed to be easier than a back to back baby.

littleraysofsunshine Mon 16-Sep-13 20:30:40

Both my girls were great labours, fast, but second girl was back to back.. This didn't make it any harder though. Both anterior..

I'm just not sure if this posterior would change anything

Ilovecake80 Mon 16-Sep-13 15:57:04

Hi Sunshine, I had an anterior placenta with my DS and he was back to back, was a long labour, not sure if this was the whole reason as he was also a big baby. I think that it is natural for the baby to face the placenta. I did try all the tricks to move him but he would not move.

terilou87 Mon 16-Sep-13 11:07:25

Time* not tone blush

terilou87 Mon 16-Sep-13 11:06:10

for my first and second my placenta was normal first was induced and ended in emcs second was straightforward no problems third and fourth were anterior, third was straigh forward and fourth was back to back so a little bit difficult. Weird enough the awkward births were both boys and the straightforward ones my girls I'm having another boy this tone and placental is anterior again, hope this one is a nice easy birth!

littleraysofsunshine Mon 16-Sep-13 07:43:39

With my two previous dd's, I had anterior placenta. With this do, at 21 weeks I have posterior placenta. Would this be any indication of a different labour or anything?

My two labours were fast and natural and great really. (Luckily)smile

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