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Advice - 34wks with MCDA twins, ELCS booked for Monday

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Kelly1814 Fri 20-Sep-13 08:48:32

Hi Clara

Just to update you and hopefully provide some reassurance, I had my baby on Monday, she was 36+6, and also measuring a month behind due to my dodgy placenta....she was a tiddly 4.9 pounds.

We were so so worried but despite basically being the size of a 33 weeker she only needed 24 hours in nicu. They wanted to see that she could regulate her blood sugars and temperature and then she was free to go. We're leaving hospital today smile and our baby is perfect and beautiful.

There's every chance you won't need a long stay. Best of luck and will be thinking of you.

neversleepagain Wed 18-Sep-13 12:52:43

Good luck clara smile

claracluck1978 Tue 17-Sep-13 21:03:08

Well because of a refurb in out unit and because it seems extra busy we still haven't managed to have our babies. On one hand I'm pleased they are cooking a little longer but in the other I'm now getting more and more frustrated when every morning the op gets cancelled. There is now talk of us moving hospital which is making me more frustrated as we have been here over a week now. Touch wood we are on the list for tomorrow but who knows what will happen in the morning

PollyPlummer Mon 16-Sep-13 23:19:07

YY agree with max, we were told to expect them home around their due date - they were 5 weeks old so 35 weeks gestation when we got them home.

mymatemax Mon 16-Sep-13 23:14:44

Oh & they always give the due date for aim for discharge for any prem babies. So don't be alarmed at that.

mymatemax Mon 16-Sep-13 23:13:25

having had one term normal birth & one emergency c section at 28 wks I can honestly say that I recovered quicker from the c section.
I would chose a C section if I were to do it again.
Your babies sound a good weight & are almost full term fingers crossed you'll be home before you know it.
Good luck

claracluck1978 Mon 16-Sep-13 23:09:15

So, my elcs has been delayed twice as no nicu cots free here. After a week in hoslital Im going mad!
At least it keeps nabies cooking a wee while longer x

claracluck1978 Sun 15-Sep-13 22:26:01

Kelly - best of luck to you also - let me know how things go. I'm also finding the idea of them being whisked away so scary even though I know it would be the best thing for them.

Polly - yes, we had the steroids back on Fri but our NICU rep came to see us earlier and said based on the most recent scan we would be looking at having the babies home for around their original due date. This is much later than we had considered and is panicking us again. Glad to hear you haven't had any probs with your two since then. That's got to be a huge relief.

Heritage - we've already joined the two local twins groups to us. I was meant to be visiting a couple of meetings this week to try to make friends with some other twin mummies but it seems that is something else I left too late! There seems to be something in the water in our part of the country as there are so many multiples around so there's always something on!

I can't believe this time tomorrow DP & I are going to be parents - its just the scariest and most exciting thought in the world!


Kelly1814 Sun 15-Sep-13 09:42:27

oh clara, i know exactly how you feel.

i am having a section tomorrow, at 36.6. my baby is only 4 pounds, a tiddler, they think due to IUGR.

i feel like a huge failure and so sorry for the baby, that i didn't manage to grow it bigger. the hospital where i deliver keeps them in NICU if they are under 2.5 kilos. the thought of the baby being whisked away is really upsetting me.

trying to stay as calm as possible and know that it's better for this baby to be out than in. and hoping it chunks on some weight quickly.

your babies are great weights, i am sure they will do brilliantly. best of luck and i look forward to hearing how you are soon smile

PollyPlummer Sun 15-Sep-13 09:17:53

Hi Clara, good luck for tomorrow.
The idea of NICU is very scary, have you had a chance to pop in and speak to the staff there ?
If you have had your steroid shots, it will really help their lungs.
My 2 were born at 30 weeks, they are 3 now and no problems from prematurity.
Good luck again, I know it's scary, you will be fine.

heritagewarrior Sun 15-Sep-13 09:06:28

There's so much stuff to feel guilty about, isn't there? I don't think that ever gets better unfortunately! When you are all safely at home, can I recommend joining a local twins club if you have one and you haven't done it already? I found it really, really helpful - lots of stuff with twins is the same as with singletons, but some is really different and can be quite a challenge. Being able to flop down in a chair at a twins group every week, vent to other mums who understand, and get advice from those who have older twins has been a lifesaver. I went every week from 3months to the end of July just gone and found it hugely helpful.

Good luck to all four of you!

claracluck1978 Sun 15-Sep-13 08:18:37

Thank you all
If you hadn't guessed, we're first time parents and the whole 'Oh My God, I'm going to be a Mummy tomorrow' is really hitting home right now.
I've had lots of re-assurances from all the staff here that the ELCS is going to be ok and that we are in the best possible place should the babies need help but its great to here positive news from people who have been through similar. I just feel a bit like I've let them down by not being able to keep them inside me a wee bit longer.
Thank you all again

YoniMitchel Sun 15-Sep-13 07:55:15

again no experience of twins but have had an EMSC and an ELSC and both were fine. Had the ELS weeks ago and felt so well that I could have driven myself home from the hospital! sections are spoken of very negatively on MN and in RL IMO but I'm a fan grin

Laquila Sun 15-Sep-13 07:35:45

I'm afraid I can't be any help on the twin front but just wanted to say that I had to have an EMCS for my son's delivery 10 days ago, and it was nowhere near as traumatic as I'd feared. It was all over very quickly - to be honest, the worst part was the catheter! Only felt that for a few mins though. Recovery time wasn't bad at all - I was up and showering about 12 hrs after, and hadn't had any morphine. I stayed mobile but well-rested after that (3 nights in hosp) and now feel generally fine - still a bit tender but that's just the scar healing, I think. Hope this reassures you a bit on that count at least.

heritagewarrior Sun 15-Sep-13 07:32:43

Hello! Sorry you're feeling lonely - you have my sympathies. I ended up having my DTs a week earlier than planned because of PE at 36+6 by C- section. Don't worry about that - its fine. It feels like someone is doing the washing up in your stomach, but nothing more. It's quite calm and peaceful. Yours sound to be OK weights. Mine were a bit heavier but then they were cooked for a bit longer. One of mine had a couple of days in NICU. This won't be a comfort but we were kept in for 8 days after they were born because they had jaundice and my blood pressure wouldn't come down. But I'm sure it will be fine - mine are nearly five now and have just started school. One of them had just brought me a very complicated Lego model as a present and the other is in the spare room terrorising his godmother who's visiting.

The next couple of weeks might be a bit bumpy, but I'm sure it will be OK in the end. And having twins is a marvellous thing xx

Slavetominidictator Sun 15-Sep-13 07:31:47

Afraid I can't help with twin experience, but re the elcs, I had one and it was an extremely calm and special experience. The recovery was really not bad at all. I would choose it again - that's how happy I was with it.
Really hope people are being kind to you at the moment.

duckyfuzz Sun 15-Sep-13 07:20:50

Btw I didn't have CS so can't help with that side of things, sorry. Try posting on the do y'ever... Thread in multiples

duckyfuzz Sun 15-Sep-13 07:19:41

Hi Clara, my twins were born at 35 weeks weighing 4.6 and 4.2lbs. They didn't spend any time in nicu, but we were in for a week for jaundice and to monitor weight gain. They are now tallest in their class (y5)!

Good luck!

claracluck1978 Sun 15-Sep-13 07:15:02


claracluck1978 Sat 14-Sep-13 22:24:30

Hi all
I was admitted to hospital this week with pre-eclam symptoms and now won't be going home until my twins are born. We had originally booked an ELCS for 35 + 5 but we are now looking at 34 + 3. Our scan last week showed one weighing approx. 5.8lb and the other 4.4 but our consultant isn't concerned abt TTTS just thinks one is larger than other. I'm now spending too much time on my own in hospital and dreading not only the ELCS itself but also the time my babies may have to stay in NICU. If anyone can put any of my mind to rest at all please try.

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