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Partner off to USA - what do I put on the shopping list?

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Charingcrossbun Fri 13-Sep-13 21:02:34

15 weeks preggo. DP is off to Washington on business and says his hotel is in retail park what Target and such big shops.

Is there anything I need/will need that is good to get in the US?

Justshabbynochic Sat 14-Sep-13 07:46:44

Ooh sorry, posted too soon!

Just noticed all the love for Carter's! Lovely stuff, indeed.

All baby toiletries should be a lot cheaper over there, too.

Bath and Body Works have some lovely lotions and potions stuff if you like that kind of stuff.

So does Victoria's Secret. Their Pear Glace stuff is really nice and they have really soft pajamas.

Justshabbynochic Sat 14-Sep-13 07:57:44

Check out baby clothes at Old Navy as well as clothes for yourself!

EstelleGetty Sat 14-Sep-13 08:05:45

Burt's Bees stuff is much cheaper over there and it's lovely. Lovely mother and baby stuff too! You can get it in CVS pharmacy.

Oh, and Butterfinger bars, Oh Henry bars, anything else combining chocolate and peanut butter!

Stevie77 Sat 14-Sep-13 08:13:29

Also Aveeno stuff, that is great for babies, is cheaper and sold in Target.

It may be easier for you to order stuff inline and have it delivered to his hotel, just watch out for weight restrictions.

Justshabbynochic Sat 14-Sep-13 08:16:30

Yes, Aveeno stuff!!

GreatJoanUmber Sat 14-Sep-13 15:37:53

Gymboree baby clothes. Love them - quality is good, designs are cute (though some of them can be a bit too American), almost like mini Boden stuff. Yet it's about half the price of Boden AND they've almost always got a sale going on!

Justshabbynochic Sat 14-Sep-13 15:49:19

What does "bit too American" mean? I'm American, and have heard this before so am curious what it means. Like, patriotic-themed stuff?

MummyJetsetter Sat 14-Sep-13 18:31:51

Reeses peanut butter cups amazing but you can get here. Tootsie rolls yummy! Carters is such a lovely clothes shop and really different to all the usual uk stuff. x

GreatJoanUmber Sat 14-Sep-13 20:53:23

Justshabby - for me, "too American" is all that sports related stuff. References to baseball and what you guys think is football wink. Sometimes they have patriotic stuff too; but for me it's mostly the sport stuff. I just don't quite get it - does every little boy have to be into baseball?
I haven't noticed anything like that for girls; but then, having no daughters, I don't look at the girl clothes much!

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