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33 weeks going on 34 weeks

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MunchkinJess Mon 02-Sep-13 14:18:06

and im feeling pretty fed up of being pregnantenvy . ..back ache, uncomfy, Waddeling everywhere...just had to have a mini rant!

valiumredhead Mon 02-Sep-13 15:26:49

I had my d at 32 weeks,I was only just starting to uncomfortable ,I couldn't imagine another 2 months!

MunchkinJess Mon 02-Sep-13 15:35:40

I'm just starting to feel the strain on my back, all clothes feel uncomfy to wear, feel uncomfy when I eat. out of breath always tired...the list goes on lol im due to habe a c section on 10th October and im still at work for another 4 weeks...its just no fun at all at the moment sad

WentOnABearHunt Mon 02-Sep-13 18:08:35

i am 34 weeks tomorrow and I feel the same lol. Too hot ALL the time, back hurts, out of breath, cant bend over sooo tiered... i have finished work though so once the pesky kids are back at school later this week i shall be enjoying relaxing! I have a history of being over due by quite a I have a long way to go yet...

Newmum0113 Mon 02-Sep-13 23:48:29

Will be 34 weeks on Thursday.

Am official waddling now, my DH has said.

I've got mahusive cankles and haven't seen anything below the bump for months. Fed up of back ache and extreme tiredness and numb hands and fingers all the time.

Is anyone else having the 'stabby fanjo'? I can't really explain what it feels like - almost like growing pains across the front - bloody awful!

Oh and I broke my toe at the weekend sad

fuckwittery Mon 02-Sep-13 23:52:20

32 weeks here, put on 3 stone, massive, uncomfortable, hot, sweaty thighs rub together when i walk, grown out of all maternity clothes, baby is in a bad position, stabby pains and hip pain, leg cramps, fecking fed up. Third baby and first two didn't sleep through for well over a year each, so I am also not looking forward to not being pregnant! Also terrified of birth, had two shitty experiences first time round. Totally with you on the fed up bench

sweetiepie1979 Tue 03-Sep-13 00:13:31

Yes I'll join the fed up bench, 34 weeks here. Hot and sweaty, shiny face greasy hair. Probably up to about 3 stone now my arms feel huge, growing out of maternity clothes and wondering what I'm going to wear after the birth because my normal clothes won't fit and my maternity clothes are mostly summer. Can't play with 2 year old dc I'm too tired cryed when I got home from work tonight with total tiredness. How am I going to do a baby and a toddler..... Do you think it might be easier than been pregnant with a toddler? I've also got cookie pain what is it? Don't remember that with first..... Could head be engaged?

MunchkinJess Tue 03-Sep-13 09:34:38

I havent had so much pain more pressure and uncomfy. ...sorry for too much info but every time I go for a pee I my insides along with the baby is going to fall out lol

Tiredemma Tue 03-Sep-13 09:37:06

38 weeks here.

feel like a whale.

SeriousStuff Tue 03-Sep-13 09:43:50

I'm 34+4 today and completely fed-up. Luckily I get to work from home but that doesn't help when, after only 3 hours of working already this morning, I'm ready for bed!

It's reaching the point where I don't really want to organise anything because of the hassle of finding something to wear (I'm reluctant to buy any more maternity clothes at this late stage) and because I know any activities outside the house makes me even more tired.

Is it awful to hope the baby comes early?!

MunchkinJess Tue 03-Sep-13 10:01:34

hahaha no way im 34 weeks today ...according to the NHS I am 34 weeks on friday and I sometimes secretly wish the baby would come early. due on 18th oct but have a c section booked for 10th..i dont know how im going to make it to the 10th... all my maternity clothes are from primark. .ive had enough Waddeling everywhere. ..and I weighed myself far ive out on 2 stones !!

MummyJetsetter Tue 03-Sep-13 11:02:39

34 weeks here and felt uncomfortable for weeks now. Got anaemia, go light headed when I stand up for more than a coup,e of minutes. Baby likes stretching to the point of hurting me, have had the shooty foof too, midwife said it's baby on a nerve. All my maternity tops have become crop tops, not a good luck and I've only gained minimal weight it's just all bump! 1st baby was born week 38 so I'm hoping for the same again!

And munchkin yes I feel like it's all going to fall out when I go for a wee! x

fuckwittery Tue 03-Sep-13 12:12:02

I've just cancelled going to my college reunion when I'll be 36 weeks because I do not want to see people I haven't seen for years looking like a whale, oh and it's black tie and I literally have nothing to wear. I have just bought a size 18 pair of stretchy PJ bottoms (normally am a size 10) as I couldn't find any reasonably priced maternity PJs. I love them, they come right over my bump and I may just live in them for the next 8 weeks.

Summersun1983 Tue 03-Sep-13 12:30:47

Erm I'm only 21 weeks so got ages to go but feel like this already, this is baby number 2 please can I join the moan thread or am I officially to early on ?? :-)

Clothes are my main problem at mo, everything feels a size or two too small and like I'm wearing a fur coat when only in thin Cotten. The bottom part of my bump hasn't gone hard yet either (due to being too wobbly) anyone got any secrets of how t hide it so i don't look half pregnant half fat??

P.s I am officially cr*p at being pregnant :-(

mrspaddy Tue 03-Sep-13 12:43:30

Over 39 weeks here... The end is in sight but I don't want to go over and face another 3 weeks ....

Luckily nobody has to see me as dressed in way to baggy over washed trousers and big men's t shirt.

It is hard to move.. Bit watching newborn videos on YouTube are keeping me going. Off to clean the sink.... Again !!!!!

MunchkinJess Tue 03-Sep-13 12:51:49

everyone is free to join to have a good moan...its made me feel less alone and reassured im not the only one..this is my first so all new experience for me. back has been giving me gip today.

ps is 2 stone alot of weight to have put on so far ? no idea what is lol

I am also quite cr@p at being pregnant. ..not feeling this glow everyone goes on about. ..and dont get me started on the comments on how big or not big my bump is...envy

sweetiepie1979 Tue 03-Sep-13 15:33:09

Today I cried with tiredness and I got so cross with my 2 tear old who is wild and I feel like I can't tame her. What do you reckon could things be easier when baby here, cause im done in I really am up till now I've had a real hormone high now I want to crawl under duvet and eat crisps till the end. OP weight varies I've put on over 2 stone because despite having healthy meals I eat all the crap too

Newmum0113 Tue 03-Sep-13 21:33:19

Well, I haven't glowed so much as sweated like a trooper in the desert!

I am tired all the time, even after a nap, I am constantly hungry but have had to cut out my sugar in the last month as have GD, so no coke, no coffee, and no chocolate shock

I had gained 6lbs by week 30, and now at 33+4 I've only gained a total of 4.5lbs since being pregnant (lost 1.5lbs due to new diet).

I still waddle like a penguin and have constantly swollen feet and ankles due to extreme water retention (not [pre-eclampsia, been checked 4 times now smile )

To top it off I broke my little toe on Saturday. Seriously fed up, and almost hoping the consultant decided to induce me in 2-3 weeks as he initially suggested at my 28 week appt.

Also, still working full time which doesn't help, and studying too. I have bitten off more than I can chew, methinks.

At least I am not alone! flowers

sweetiepie1979 Tue 03-Sep-13 22:20:15

Hey newmum sorry about your toe! That's tough. Hope it heals quickly. What is your diet?

Newmum0113 Tue 03-Sep-13 22:35:59

Thanks sweetie the bruising is getting worse but the a&e nurse said that would happen. It should take 4-6 weeks to heal fully but should be ok. Just a pain as no ibuprofen! sad

I'm following a low GI diet so basically no sugar in drinks, or at least no added sugar squashes. When looking at food I can only have items which have 10g or less per 100g - that is shown as carbohydrates --g, of which sugars: --g

Ideally need to have things that are 5g or less per 100g so things like houmous and a portion of carrot sticks or cucumber, and a whole meal pitta bread for lunch.

I'm also on 4 metformin tabs a day (maximum dose before they give insulin sad - will be assessed for that next week.

The good thing is it will go away after DD arrives!

Also important to say - I was a size 16-18 pre-PG so not meant to put on loads anyway, but GP is really happy with my weight gain, or lack thereof! Makes a change! smile

sweetiepie1979 Wed 04-Sep-13 08:20:20

That's great good for you. Sounds really healthy I'll probably be a size 16 when baby is born and want to get it off as soon as possible it does nothing for my confidence and unknown will add to baby blues. Can you take some arnica for your toe? Also some nettle tea good anti inflamatory as is tumeric x

Razzdazz Wed 04-Sep-13 09:28:49

Hi, I am 34+6 today and have been seriously fed up since week 24 when I developed polyhydramious so started measuring in the 30's then and missed out being 24-30 weeks lol!! Also have GD and due to all of the extra fluid keep having urine retention and having to be catheterised sad. However, happily the end is near and I am having a c-section on Friday grin

sweetiepie1979 Wed 04-Sep-13 12:13:56

Ooh razz yeah you've been through it excited about your baby arriving Friday for you though. Good luck and hope you feel healthier when baby is here x

MunchkinJess Wed 04-Sep-13 12:17:59

ohhh good luck razz.. do let us know how it all goes grin .....

I know it sounds bad but I do wish I could have my c section a teeny weeny bit earliersad smile

3.5 weeks left of work..ho hum. ..

got asked yesterday if I was having twins when I said no im due to give birth in less than 6 weeks...I was then told oh must be a big baby then envy it is not!! and no I am not unusually big !! grit teeth angry while Waddeling away wink

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