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tell me about tens machines....

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honey86 Mon 02-Sep-13 11:41:24

im 31 weeks and just about starting to think about getting prepared....

is it worth hiring a tens machine? how do you work them? do they even work? from what i can see of pics it looks abit fiddly n awkward to put on...

BelleEtLaBaby Tue 03-Sep-13 05:15:08

I loved the borrowed one I had for my first labour so much I refused my planned water birth! I didn't think it was really doing much at first, but I took it off to have a bath and realised how good it had been - and I didn't take it off until a few hours after DS1 was born as its also supposed to be good for after pains. I bought one off eBay this time for £20 - it's an ex-hire unit which has been refurbished. I'm not planning any more kids but £20 to own it was less than hiring the same one so I went for it. Plan to lend it to SIL who is due in Jan then probably flog it.

The labour tens differs from a regular tens in that there are 4 pads instead of two - this has something to do with the placement of pads and the specific locations of labour pains. The reason they say don't use in pregnancy is they are not recommended before you are actually in labour as they can stimulate contractions or distress the baby by givin them a shock. My labour tens says not o use at all before 37 weeks - I did a bit of reading as I have had awful backache and thought the machine might help, but my MW said it can bring on labour. A bit more reading showed up a few studies where the tens caused contractions but these subsided when the tens was removed. But that's why you can't use them in pregnancy, only labour.

Might be worth asking around to see if anyone's got one you could borrow?

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