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2nd pregnancy and showing bump really early?? could it be a girl?

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foxy1 Sun 18-Jun-06 21:15:22

Hello - I have a 14 month old son and I am 9 weeks pregnant with my second. I went down to a size 8 and now all of a sudden my tummy has popped out and it really firm and I look about 4 months pregnant. Is this normal? This has happened really quickly in the last 2 weeks. I remember on my first pregnancy that I did not show until alot later. Do you think this means it will be a girl this time?

Any advice appreciated! Thank you.

beansprout Sun 18-Jun-06 21:17:38

Best Friend's guide talks about this - after the first baby our stomach muscles aren't, ahem, what they once were, so the bump will always show earlier in subsequent pregnancies. Congratulations!

clairemow Sun 18-Jun-06 21:18:03

Hello, I am 29 weeks pg now, and on second pregnancy too. I started to show really early second time around too, well before 12 weeks it was obvious - my midwife said this is really common, as the muscles have already relaxed once in the first pregnancy and now think "Way hay, here we go again..!". So don't worry about it.

I am having a boy, so don't think you can read anything into sex from this though.

LaylaandSethsmum Sun 18-Jun-06 21:18:06

Personally don't believe any of the bump size things. My 'boy' bump turned out to be a girl! Your second pregnancy tends to show earlier as you muscles have already been stretched and you may notice it more as you are so slim ! Or could your dates be wrong and you are further on than you thought?

clairemow Sun 18-Jun-06 21:18:48

wow, we all posted at the same time, saying the same thing...

SoupDragon Sun 18-Jun-06 21:19:35

Absolutely. Your stomach muscles are shot to pieces.

Lact8 Sun 18-Jun-06 21:24:04

LOL at the identical posting!

Weak tummy muscles is the probable cause IME

A woman in our village stopped me when pg with dd (no 3) and asked me how long I had left in a sympathetic, oh poor you in this heat kind of way and I was only 14 weeks

Still remember smugness on no 1 when the midwife told me my extremely strong stomach muscles were holding eveything in really well....they didn't say it on the next two tho

foxy1 Sun 18-Jun-06 21:25:02

wow thanks for your speedy replies!! I went for a scan and they told me 9 weeks so I assume they are right. I had a flat stomach before I just find it so amazing how quickly it has come out. I am really excited to be pregnant again - magical!!

shazronnie Sun 18-Jun-06 21:27:00

lol lact8!

Lact8 Sun 18-Jun-06 21:28:20

Oops, forgot the CONGRATULATIONS bit!!

Are you going to ask what sex the baby is?

foxy1 Sun 18-Jun-06 21:33:36

Thank you. Not sure part of me woud like to know so I can buy in advance but I would also like a suprise.

Lact8 Sun 18-Jun-06 21:44:01

It's a difficult one to decide on isn't it?

Didn't ask for my ds's but found out with dd just in time for the sales

I think you'll have the same age difference between yours as I have between ds2 and dd. Dd is 6 months now and its so nice watching them start to play together

TuttiFrutti Mon 19-Jun-06 09:48:13

Foxy, I also have a 14 month old son and am 5 weeks pregnant with no 2. I look 3 months pregnant already - I have told everyone, partly because it's just so obvious! I don't think this means you are having a girl, it's just what happens with second pregnancies. My sister said that on her third pregnancy, she was in maternity clothes by 8 weeks.

Did you get very big with your first? I was HUGE, couldn't sit down without my stomach resting on my knees, and I think this may have over-stretched my tummy muscles more than women who have neat little bumps.

hotmama Mon 19-Jun-06 10:00:30

Agree with the lax stomach thing. Also am finding that my stomach is far more baggier after dd2 than dd1 - think I may need some magic pants!

bigsurprise Mon 19-Jun-06 13:54:57

I'm on #3 and a friend guessed I was pg last week (I was 5 wks pregnant! ). There is no hiding it!!

clairemow Mon 19-Jun-06 14:03:42

If it's any consolation, despite getting bigger quicker, I seem to have slowed down now (29 weeks tomorrow), and I don't think it's any bigger now than last time at this stage - it was just the initial growth that was so shocking!!!

shhhh Mon 19-Jun-06 14:11:34

I am also expecting baby2 and I am also showing a lot sooner (only 8 weeks), not told many people as I haven't seen many friends since finding out but I guess they will guess sooner or later..!!

clairemow, thats nice to know..I keep thinking, gosh am I going to be able to fit into maternity clothes by the time I am 7-9 months or will it be bed sheets for clothes lol..!!!

noodle6 Mon 19-Jun-06 17:38:04

Its my 2nd one and I showed very early as well. My midwife told me its because my stomach muscles have already been stretched by the previous pregnancy. Friend of mine also told me the same thing.

foxy1 Mon 19-Jun-06 22:38:54

Thank you everyone - I love this website! Its brilliant that you can talk to people and get great feedback!!

With my first pregnancy my bump was really neat and from behind you could not tell I was pregnant. I know every pregnancy is very different and the way that you carry is very different.

Noop Tue 22-Aug-06 13:12:05

Hi I'm eight weeks pregnant and I'm showing already - but this is my first pregnancy! Is this normal? I have had fatigue for the last few years, so I guess my stomach muscles are not what they once were, but it's a bit weird to be looking obveously pregnant so early (especialy when I was't planning on telling people til a bit later on). I've basically gone from a size 12 to a size 18 in a couple of weeks and I haven't been eating that much. Any advice welcome!

Boosta Wed 23-Aug-06 15:45:38

Hi Noop

i showed really early on my first pregnancy as well, so dont worry, i was in maternity clothes by 10 weeks. this time round i'm about the same, except this time i was larger before falling pregnant so i look a bit fatter !

i am trying not to tell anyone for another 2 weeks until i've had the scan, but it is so horrible having people give you that "is she pregnant, or has she just put on weight" look !

Noop Thu 24-Aug-06 10:19:53

Hi Boosta
Thanks - I know what you mean about the "look" I've been getting some hard stares from people I know and haven't told! I think the cat is out of the bag tho, I got an email from a friend I haven't seen in ages saying she'd heard congrats were in order. I'm in maternity trousers already (I can't do anything else up) so maybe that is a dead givaway...

pregw3rd Sat 26-Aug-06 15:38:29

Hello, first I just want to say congrats to all! I am preg. w/my third and feel so much better after reading all these posts, I was starting to feel like something was wrong w/me as I am 5 weeks and already fixing to buy maternity clothes, I popped fast w/my other 2 but this one was really fast. Now I dont feel crazy or alone, or like it is just in my head. Thanx

mlojitos Wed 20-Sep-06 21:43:08

Hi: I have a 2yr old and with him I didnt show until after 16 weeks. Now Im 6 weeks pregnant and already showing, none of my pants or skirts fit.

I wonder if another reason for women showing so soon have to do with the pre-pregnancy weight? Im 5'2" and Im overweight, I wasnt with my first child.

eidsvold Wed 20-Sep-06 22:22:07

I showed earlier with my 2nd - but she was half as big again as her sister. I am now on my third and my belly popped very early too.

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