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Early Pregnancy After IVF: Worry-warts and wimps gather to whimper and wobble.

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PramQueen1971 Fri 30-Aug-13 11:41:28

Yes! Happy Birthday to me indeed! Fanks for all the cake I would say 'nom-nom' and 'it was awesome!' but I would have to stab myself for being an irritating twat. I digress..

Come here, ladies who have survived IVF and are now battling the first trimester nerves and scans. We did it...we did it!! grin

prambo2thereturn Fri 11-Oct-13 16:33:56

Apparently, I did have all those measurements taken at the dating scan, I evidently wasn't in the room grin

MotorcycleMama Fri 11-Oct-13 17:50:03

You were probably like me pram and really only heard the fact that the baby was alive and looking healthy. I only knew the stuff about the other measurements because it is recorded on the scan report.

chocolocodowninacapulco Fri 11-Oct-13 21:13:52

Hello my lovelies! I still check in on stalk you to see how you're doing.

pram great news about your scan! how fab! Can't believe how many weeks you are already. Are you still working at the charity shop?!

maybe sorry you've been feeling rough, but hope things keep improving from now on with the sickness

beetle how was your scan today? Twins, wow.

How are you doing motor?

Hi wim

I got an email today to say they have found a donor match!! grin and we've accepted! The donor has a different eye colour to me, but with mine and DH's eye colour combined we would have had a 50/50 chance of a child's eye colour being that of the donor's anyway(not sure that made sense!). Otherwise, pretty darn perfect a match. For those of you in the know, how long might the cycle take from this point? We've just finished a mock cycle and all tests are done. So excited!!!

prambo2thereturn Fri 11-Oct-13 21:23:58

Oh, Choco! I'm so excited for you! Surely transfer is less than six weeks away? I take it this is a clinic in this country (I don't want you to out yourself)? Do they take the embies to day five? Oh, please keep us up to date with developments. Sending you tons and tons of luck and best wishes thanks xx

NoMaybeAboutIt Fri 11-Oct-13 21:38:33

Oh Chocco that's amazing news. I'm so pleased for you. I have no idea how a donor cycle differs, but am here for lots of hand holding. This is the best news thanks

chocolocodowninacapulco Fri 11-Oct-13 21:40:24

Thanks prambo, it's really exciting! I was hoping around that kind of time scale. In this country, yes. They take them to day 5 and they will only put 1 back due to high chance of success. Thanks lovely smile

chocolocodowninacapulco Fri 11-Oct-13 21:41:13

Thanks maybs. I miss you girls.

MotorcycleMama Fri 11-Oct-13 21:55:14

Great to hear from you choco. Good luck with the next few weeks treatment, and I can't wait for you to join us here!

chocolocodowninacapulco Fri 11-Oct-13 22:10:23

Thanks motor, that'd be a dream come true - almost too scared to hope!

Wimwom Sat 12-Oct-13 09:14:56

Ooh choco - how exciting, congratulations on the match and good luck. We really want you to come and join us soon!

Beetle, all ok honey?

prambo2thereturn Sat 12-Oct-13 11:53:44

Maybe, a donor cycle involves eating at least one donor kebab every day from EC until ET, then you switch to pizzas.

Choco, over on the Assisted Conception thread Frosticle is waiting to see how her eight donor egg embryos are doing in Spain. Pop over and have a chat.

NoMaybeAboutIt Sat 12-Oct-13 12:21:23

Thanks for clearing that up Prambo wink

Beetle lovely, where are you?

BeetleBeetle Sun 13-Oct-13 20:00:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BeetleBeetle Sun 13-Oct-13 20:02:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Wimwom Sun 13-Oct-13 20:06:55

Phew beetle - I was getting worried! So pleased to see all ok with both babies. I heard that they play with their cords/get wrapped in them when small but less as they get bigger as less space to flip about... I don't know if this is true.
Here in wim land had thought nausea/vom was getting better but had a random vom this morning. Yuck. Marbs - new tablets still holding it off a bit?
Waves to motor & pram - how big are the bumps now?

NoMaybeAboutIt Sun 13-Oct-13 21:07:36

Oh Beetle what a relief. I'm so chuffed lovely xxx

I heard that too Wim, babies play with their cords. It helps them develop their reflexes apparently <nods head wisely>

prambo2thereturn Mon 14-Oct-13 00:49:57

Oh, halelujah, darling BettleBabies!

Wim, it won't be long 'til nausea is a thing of the past unless you're Marbie, poor cow Yes, 20wk bump photo now on my profile. It's pretty much a whopper shock

MotorcycleMama Mon 14-Oct-13 08:39:20

Thank goodness for that beetle - I've been so worried that things had gone wrong. But everything is great - congratulations! 12 weeks is a massive milestone.

Sorry to hear about the ongoing nausea/sickness wim - I can only sympathise, without knowing what it is like, as I got away with it entirely. I have got a bit of a bump, though not noticeable to most people as I don't tend to wear tight fitting clothes. More obvious in the evening when the baby and uterus are fighting for space with whatever I have consumed in the day etc. How about you?

It is now 6 weeks since I last saw my baby in a scan, and 2 weeks until I see it again at the 20 week point. It feels like a life time. Luckily I am not constipated anymore, but this has been replaced by insomnia.

Hi to maybe and pram. It seems like we have lost nook and caip - any news on them? I hope they are ok.

BeetleBeetle Mon 14-Oct-13 09:07:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BeetleBeetle Mon 14-Oct-13 09:10:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MotorcycleMama Sun 20-Oct-13 09:23:21

Hi all. Should we declare this thread redundant? Nearly a week since a post. I am on the Pregnant (IVF) worriers thread which I find very supportive - can I tempt any of you to join me over there? I do look in on the Martians thread where I can keep an eye on pram and maybe, but I can't get into it myself. I'd hate to lose touch with beetle and wim. Love to you all. X

BeetleBeetle Sun 20-Oct-13 10:59:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MotorcycleMama Sun 20-Oct-13 18:57:43

Sorry you had a scare beetle, and pleased it was nothing to be too concerned about. How many weeks will you be at your scan? I've got my 20 week one week after next - can't believe that will be half way through!
I look forward to you joining the worriers thread.

NoMaybeAboutIt Sun 20-Oct-13 21:17:55

Sorry have been AWOL ladies, I've been a bit of a lurker of late.

That sounds scary Beetle glad it seems to have stopped now. I'm keeping everything crossed for your next scan x

How are you doing Motor? What date is your scan? Mines the 5th. Feels so weird to be almost at the half way mark. Will you find out the sex?

We had our gender scan in the week. We are having a girl! We were so convinced it was a boy thlgrin we are so happy though. It made it feel all the more real.

I was on the worriers thread for a while, but I was quite overwhelmed by it. I think it was because at the time, everyone was having issues, and I wanted to bury my head in the sand and just carry on as though I were normal. Iykwim? I may pop in and are how you are all doing though.

Love to you all

MotorcycleMama Sun 20-Oct-13 21:50:07

A girl maybe - how lovely!
My scan is 28th Oct. I don't want to find out the sex, but I may cave in on the day. I just can't believe we're near half way!
Well, I hope to get regular updates from you whichever thread you're on. X

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