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Midwife appointments

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jemimastar Tue 27-Aug-13 15:50:37

Mine only came to scans. Never seen any other men at my midwife centre?! Quite like that it is just female-female TBH, think you need some "you" time away from them. Have an at home doppler so he gets to hear heartbeat all the time anyway so nothing at all 'interesting' at midwife appointments I can't just tell him about later.

Smerlin Tue 27-Aug-13 15:43:30

My DH comes to scans, antenatal classes, hospital tours and booking in but not the routine midwife appts- very little happens tbh.

I have never seen a man waiting in the waiting room for our midwife.

MissHC Tue 27-Aug-13 15:40:33

DP came with me to the booking appointment (which was totally useless for him), 1st midwife appointment (same) and 12 and 20 week scans (highly recommended for partner to join). He's also coming to the antenatal classes which start next week. In our hospital you have a choice of those though and we chose the one for couples which runs Wednesday evenings so he doesn't need to take time off for that.

Also went in to A&E once at 19 weeks and he came home from work as he was worried (was fine in the end).

Normal midwife appointments and blood tests etc I've gone by myself as it's pretty boring and there's nothing that important to be said.

JoJoManon Tue 27-Aug-13 15:32:17

My OH came to the booking appointment and all scans and we also did a tour of the maternity ward together. But generally, like other posters, he hasn't come to the midwife appointments. Actually he may have come to the second one but really there is no point unless they really want to. They only take blood pressure, urine test etc. Your OH won't be missing anything.

Franykins Tue 27-Aug-13 15:21:55

DP was planning to come to all midwife apps, even though we knew they would probably be a bit of a waste of his time, but was definitely coming to the scans. We found out at our 12 week scan that we a re expecting twins so our mind-set had to change as I am now a 'high risk' pregnancy so will be consultant led (apparently! only seen him twice at 26+4!) so we agreed that he would come to the scans and the consultant apps as I was worrying that he would say something I would forget. I told him that he didn't have to come to the standard antenatal classes as they were during the day but would like him to come to the special twin classes we were offered which he was happy to do. (he has two DS's already so kinda gets the gist of labour, even though they are all different) However, our special twin classes were cancelled and may not be till October at the soonest now, which might just be too late!

RubyWindsor Tue 27-Aug-13 15:12:17

My DP has been to all my appointments, it is a little easier for him as he works shifts and has been available for all of them but I think he would have wanted to be there anyway. They are a little boring, urine test, blood pressure tests, measuring of bump etc but I know my DP would have been very upset to have missed out on hearing baby's heartbeat for the first time!

TheContrastOfWhiteOnWhite Tue 27-Aug-13 15:03:03

DH came to first booking, but not with DC2. It was useful because they asked some questions about his medical history that I didn't know.

He came to scans. Nothing else, they dip a strip in your pee, measure your tummy, possibly take blood. Unless there is anything he would like to talk to them about, it is dead boring.

StuckOnARollercoaster Tue 27-Aug-13 14:56:55

Mine only came to scans and the ante natal classes. The midwife ones were very routine and boring for me so he missed absolutely nothing...

stargirl1701 Tue 27-Aug-13 14:55:47

DH came to every appt (PFB) grin

paperclipsarebetterthanstaples Tue 27-Aug-13 14:55:10

Mine came to scans but no others - they're boring. I'd say he should save his time off in case you need it at some point later on :-)

polarpercy Tue 27-Aug-13 14:53:21

My husband has come to the scans and the consultant appointments. But he doesn't come to the regular midwife/GP appointments. To be honest I think I have only seen one male partner waiting at all the appointments I have been to! One thing you might want to ask is if your midwife runs any parent craft classes. Ours does (in the evening) and its a good way to include partners. My midwife was great and let me record the heartbeat so I could share it with my husband, which will be a nice surprise for him tonight!

Most of the appointments will be: check urine, blood pressure, possibly weight (depending on your area/midwife), going over any test results and queries and taking blood if needed. Hope this helps.

hugshugs Tue 27-Aug-13 14:37:30


I'm just wondering about this one as I really don't know! Is probably a silly question, but hey ho! I've just had my booking appointment which my hubby came to. He's obviously coming to the 12-week scan too. However, there are loads of appointments after that - is it normal to just go on your own to those, or do you take your hubby too?

Thank you! x

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