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Help - big unwired bras

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lulu25 Sat 17-Jun-06 19:52:55

32FF and counting.

Can't find anything I can sleep in. Tried Bravado but the smallest band is too loose.

Any ideas?

Sticking with underwires during the day. No idea WTF I'm going to do when I actually have to get them out on a regular basis.

browniechick Sat 17-Jun-06 19:55:39

Bravissimo Absolutely fab - can't recommend them highly enough!

jstbcs Sat 17-Jun-06 20:58:31

u coudl just get a bra extender?

maewest Sun 18-Jun-06 08:03:05

NCT also does feeding bras for later on, if you're worried about that. They go up to truly large sizes that you didn't even know existed . They have peeople to do fittings, try their website NCT

Would also recommend Bravissimo as below. Think they do a couple of soft ones. I'm big normally (32H) and am currently 34 wks pg and have been bad girl and not bought any soft bras. Now I'm down to 2 saggy old underwires that are the only ones I can wear with comfort. Oh, and I've never worn a bra a night, so cant comment on that. HTH

twocatsonthebed Sun 18-Jun-06 11:32:44

I'm normally a 34F - now 36G at 21 weeks so I can sympathise. I've cheated and am still in underwires, so can't help you there.

But I have found this great Topshop top to sleep in - it's got one of those 'secret support' bands in them, and the 16 fits me fine. I can't link to it on the website, but if you look on under maternity and then extras, it's the short grey top. I now have two, in rotation.

Hope this helps!

TheBlonde Sun 18-Jun-06 11:41:37

I wore Sloggi tops at night likethis

and went for sports bras during the day - the Berlei shock absorber ones

pol26 Sun 18-Jun-06 14:22:03

Have you tried M&S i know that in our big one they have hundreds of bras and maternity and can order them in most sizes to any store. I got two 38 DD's ordered one black one white, nothing special but cotton and comfy for £25.
They fit wonderfully- for now and will def go back to them to get more once I 'grow' again.

lulu25 Mon 19-Jun-06 08:22:34

thanks everyone. am already bravissimo devotee - sales woman in covent garden was the first person to know i was pregnant after DP. twocats, i will check out topshop.

lieliev85 Mon 11-Jul-11 16:42:22

have you looked at they have some great stuff. we're trying to get pregnant right now and i have some friends who used their nursing bras and sleep bras and loved them. i'm definitely going to get some and try them when i'll need them (hopefully we'll get the little plus sign soon!)

LDNmummy Mon 11-Jul-11 16:56:41

I second M&S, they have loads of unwired bra's to suit all types in their large stores. Not the best for fitting unless you are lucky and get someone good, but great selection of bra's IMO.

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