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Changing bags, Storksak, Pink Lining or something else?

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midori1999 Mon 26-Aug-13 18:45:17

I need to get a changing bag and would like one with several pockets/compartments, maybe that zip up, that isn't too traditionally changing bag like and will look ok to carry with a sling as well as go over the pram handle and preferably is under or around £50, although that's a bit flexible. It also needs to be big enough to put cloth nappies in when out and about.

John Lewis have the Storksak Olivia in the sale at the moment and it appeals to me as do some of the Pink Lining Bags, although not the 'Yummy Mummy' ones. They have a few on sale at the moment too. My main worry with the Pink Lining bags are that they could look grubby very fast as they seem to be canvas type fabric.

If anyone has either or something else, I'd love to hear your opinions on them.


MortifiedAdams Mon 26-Aug-13 18:46:52

Tbh your best bet is to find a standard bag that meets those requirments. Rather than look solely at changingbags.

I used an old messenger bag.

rootypig Mon 26-Aug-13 18:51:58

This one from Babymel has been fantastic. It is a canvas fabric but doesn't look grubby to me after heavy use. Main compartment with different sections, good change mat and wipe box, insulated bottle pocket accessed from outside of bag has been a godsend, brilliant mechanism to attach to pram handle, separate space for your stuff, looks fairly unisex and not like a changing bag. And £40. It took me months after DD was born to find what I wanted, it is the holy grail!

rootypig Mon 26-Aug-13 18:53:32

Meant to say main section zips up, separate front section under flap that closes with popper. And I think it's roomy enough or cloth yup.

yoyoyo Mon 26-Aug-13 18:55:59

I use the freebee from boots

PoppyAmex Mon 26-Aug-13 18:56:54

I have a Pacapod, which I love.

Apparentlychilled Mon 26-Aug-13 19:12:16

I use cloth and looked at the pacapod but thought it wouldn't be able to fit a couple of nappies, change of clothes plus wipes etc. I'd go for the storksak- I have a storksak (Emily, I think), and it's great. I've previously had an Oioi Hobo, which was great too. Thank god for gift vouchers, which allowed me to buy both.

PoppyAmex Mon 26-Aug-13 19:20:25

I can fit two pairs of Tot Bots there, but the advantage with Pacapod is the feeding and the changing pod both come out and give you loads of free space. You can clip the pods to your pram.

MikeTheShite Mon 26-Aug-13 19:59:07

I had a Cath Kidston one which was awful, and found a pink lining one in a charity shop.
I'm not convinced I'd buy one. It gets grubby quickly, the bottle holders on the side aren't great the elastic is too tight.
I do like the zip to close it, and I like how roomy it is though. The mat is still big enough for 11mo dd to lie on... Although she runs off. I find the clear zip bag really handy for storing nappies in. I also like I can have it as a body cross bag or a handbag too.

Fliss55 Mon 26-Aug-13 20:03:01

I also had a Pacapod and absolutely loved it. The separate pods were really useful and it was wipe clean - lasted well.

WayHarshTai Mon 26-Aug-13 20:04:11

My pinklining one looks like a bag o' shite after a year. Really grubby, and it got rained on and the blue lining bled out onto teh canvasy fabric.


peggyblackett Mon 26-Aug-13 20:05:21

Pink lining are awful IMO.

WayHarshTai Mon 26-Aug-13 20:07:22

My sister spent 4 times what I did on that baggage on her Storksak, which is older and still in perfect condition.

Get one of those.

Potol Mon 26-Aug-13 20:08:35

I am a fan of the JJ Cole Mode bags. They hold a ridiculous amount of stuff. Lots of zips. Different ways of carrying them, across the body or shoulder strap and the buggy straps are really great. And the designs aren't too naff. They are also easily cleaned so don't look minging with prolonged use. I think they maybe on sale on Zulily now.

CleanAllTheThings Mon 26-Aug-13 20:25:20

I would go with the Storksak, especially at that price! I have a Storksak Elizabeth, it is second hand but in perfect condition so i assume they wear really well. Lots of space and i love that it doesn't look like a changing bag. I don't really like the Pink Lining bags and see lots around that look quite grubby.

HeffalumpTheFlump Mon 26-Aug-13 20:36:43

We have chosen this one:


It's not the most stylish on the market, but at £40 it offers everything we were looking for. It's bigger than a lot of the others, has enough sections for everything (including a pocket for dirty bits) and has an antibacterial coating on the fabric which I liked the sound of. As its black I'm hoping it will stay looking smart for longer too.

MaccaPaccaismyNemesis Mon 26-Aug-13 20:44:30

I love my bababing. It's not pretty but it is impossibly useful and practical. Looks like new and I bought it second hand!

Humuhumunukunukuapuaa Mon 26-Aug-13 20:54:39

The handle of my old storksak Jess was long enough to wear across my body over DS in a wrap sling which was always ver handy and secure

Racheld33 Mon 26-Aug-13 21:01:53

In defence of pink lining (doesn't seem very popular on this thread!), I love mine. Used for 2 years with DS, and just got out of storage ready for my next arrival and still looks perfect. grin

suntodayplease Mon 26-Aug-13 21:42:58

I've just got my second Storksak (2nd DC and it was a gift) my first one is still in great condition after heavy use for 18months. I haven't seen the style you're considering but can vouch for the quality. I've got an Elizabeth and love the fact that it doesn't look like a changing bag. I'm personally not keen on any of the pink lining bags, but that's just my own taste. Friends have them and have been pleased although once the baby years are gone the bag is redundant.

PetiteMum Mon 26-Aug-13 23:00:48

I have this which has been great. Bought off eBay, but worth the price as I have also used it post baby for overnight trips with work. Was also fabulous on long haul flight with toddler......

PetiteMum Mon 26-Aug-13 23:01:02


TobyLerone Tue 27-Aug-13 04:35:13

Oooh, I was just planning on getting a backpack or something, but that royal blue Lin & Leo one might have changed my mind!

Apparentlychilled Tue 27-Aug-13 05:26:09

I did this for 1st year w DC1 (now pg w DC3)- I got a huge bag from Primark and some lg clear wash bags from Boots for clothes/wipes/nappies etc. worked fine though it was a real treat to get a nappy bag w compartments at Christmas. Definitely a nice to have rather than must have though.

Queazy Tue 27-Aug-13 06:54:38

I just bought a storksak nina (grey) but love the pacapod and would have got a pacapod coramandel if I could have afforded it (my limit was £80). I did have a leather one from OiOi that I bought on ebay - beautiful tote changing bag but sold it as it was purple and clashed with my pram! You can tell I'm overdue and over thinking.... grin Xx

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