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vbac worries

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starsandroses Fri 27-Sep-13 18:02:29

hi, my first birth was exactly the same as yours, 15 days over due, induced, it failed, i was put on the drip, baby got stressed and I had a emergency c section. I failed to heal well, infection and infection. Bed ridden because it got so infected they had to leave the wound open.

2nd birth was only 2 years later, i was petrified, I had images of going through all that again, but then horror stories of things going wrong if I tried to have a VBAC.

Well my 2nd baby was a quick 2 hour labour, with only gas and air and no problems at all, I was back home within 6 hours and fine!

3rd baby again it was a 20 min labour, no pain relief and home within an hour.

I would recomend trying a vbac, if your not sure during labour they can always send you down for a c section but at least you tried. Having done both now, I would pick a natural birth every time, the difference is amazing. Yes it hurts, but mind over matter, as soon as baby is out the pain is gone and you just have that warm fuzzy feeling cuddling your baby.

LimitlessU Thu 26-Sep-13 16:41:13

Hi Cazzamacca26,

I was wondering whether you're still pregnant? And if so whether you managed to find out some more information on vbacs? Many, many women go onto have successful vbacs, so if you are keen go for it! Based on the limited information that you have put in your post, the reason that you didn't dilate is because your baby and body were not ready to go into labour, unfortunately this isn't uncommon for women who are induced, but it certainly shouldn't put you into an immediate 'high risk' category. Many mums who are looking to have a natural birth after a caesarean, prepare for labour using tools like hypnobirthing that teaches how to use your energy most effectively so you are both physically and mentally prepared for the twists and turns that your labour might take you on. If you do have any more questions about vbacs, please feel free to email me on If baby has already arrived I hope it all went swimmingly and if not good luck!!

happygolucky0 Mon 26-Aug-13 16:48:53

I would think if the doctors thought you was at risk they would arrange a c section. I am no expert though. Why don't you have a chat with your mid wife if you are worried. I had a emergency c section after many hours of labour too.

cazzamacca26 Sun 25-Aug-13 20:36:20

Hi people, I am pregnant with my second baby, my son is now 8 and I was 2 weeks overdue with him and had to be induced. After 20 hours in labour I hadn't dialated atall and then the babies heartbeat dropped ad I had to be rushed to theatre for a emergency c section. It was a very scary time for me as my babies dad didn't want to know us so I had to go through that with just my mum to help me. Thing is I told the midwife I wanted another c section this time round as I wanted to avoid a repeat of last time but my boyfriend teased me a bit (joking but i took it serious) saying was I just being lazy not trying a natural birth. I don't even know if its possible for me to have one after not dialating and they tried everything they could to get me to dialate last time. Has anyone been in this situation and had a successful vbac???? thanx

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