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39 weeks with cramps

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kimkeeley123 Sat 24-Aug-13 22:15:12

Hi im 39 weeks pregnant with 2nd child and today been having really painful cramps and backache. Baby been in engaged since 34 wks. But sounds stupid but with my daughter i was induced at 37 wks so i dont know what its like to go into labour naturally? No 'show' and baby not moving much at all today. These pains nearly make my eyes water lol. Happening atleast 6 times an hour. Been in bath, taken paracetmol and codine (given by midwife) just wondering if its something of nothing or not???xx

valiumredhead Sat 24-Aug-13 22:29:38

Sounds like baby is on its waygrin

It sounds like something, good luck grin

How are you doing?

kimkeeley123 Sun 25-Aug-13 12:15:32

Barely slept and managed to wake my 2yr old up at 4.30 lol walking around. It gotta been nothing because only having little cramps now. Wish belly would soften up abit sad. Oh well just hope i dont go so far over they induce me again. Just got headache and sickness back. Thanku for posting smile. OH getting annoyed that his liitle boy ent arrived lol x

Aaw it won't be long now! Keep us posted. Xx

valiumredhead Sun 25-Aug-13 12:53:32

Have you spoken to anyone about your head ache? Headache and sickness can be a sign of pre eclampsia.

I always bang on about PE because it really took me by surprise and came on very quickly.

Adreamz Sun 25-Aug-13 13:02:47

I'm 34 weeks and I get lots of tightenings, back pain and cramps. They are far more uncomfortable than the Brixton hicks I had with my daughter but I know I will know when it's a contraction. It does sound like your body is preparing though so keep doing all the things to help move it on (walking, curry, sex :-) ) xx

AnotherStitchInTime Sun 25-Aug-13 13:08:47

I think you should phone your midwives team and tell them that you have been having headaches and sickness and baby hasn't moved much and let them check you over. Probably nothing to worry about just you and the baby preparing for the birth, but do check.

It sounds like early stages of moving into labour, rest and eat as much as you can to make sure you have the energy you need for later.

flopsybunny45 Sun 25-Aug-13 17:16:42

Ditto KK123 -

I'm 39+2 with no.1 and got all excited this morning when I had period-like cramps with tight braxton hicks every five minutes. Went for a walk and BH continued regularly along with a stitch-like feeling in lower abdomen... but 2 hours on, now nothing :-s

False alarm?!

kimkeeley123 Wed 28-Aug-13 01:10:05

Hi thanku to everyone thats commented. Just come outta hospital because very low fm. But now it seems he lay back to back with me which is why i havent felt him move. Mw never spoke anymore to me bout it, anyone got any experiances with this im 39+3 now. Having major back pain quite often like every 10mins or so x

kimkeeley123 Fri 30-Aug-13 05:41:52

Just to let ppl know i went into labour at 39+4 at 1.30pm. Made it to hospital at 3pm and gave birth to healthy 7lb 1oz baby boy at 4.37pm :D x

AuntieStella Fri 30-Aug-13 05:47:52


ElBombero Fri 30-Aug-13 05:48:25

Awwww congrats Kim, lovely, hope your labour was ok xxx

Aah congratulations Kim thanks

kimkeeley123 Sat 31-Aug-13 02:19:28

Thanku. Yep in labour for 3hrs 12mins smile and benjamin is fine i just feel like iv been kicked round a football pitch lol on plus side no stitches again ...YES!!!! Xx

AnotherStitchInTime Sat 31-Aug-13 02:24:14

Congratulations thanks


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