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Super swollen - any advice?

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Newmum0113 Thu 22-Aug-13 22:19:01

Hi ladies.

My feet are seriously swollen - I've put a photo on my profile page -

Any advice? I've got them elevated but still in pain and throbbing and numbish too. And in getting hideous heartburn from lying in this position!

Trying to get a gp appt but have to call back in the morning first thing.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Newmum0113 Fri 23-Aug-13 19:25:46

Hahaha karma I would love to pee out my cankles!!!! Oh that made me smile!!! grin

They are much better but still not 100% normal.

Will try swimming tomorrow hopefully smile

fanjodisfunction Fri 23-Aug-13 14:32:18

Good news OP, do mention it when your at your GD appointment, I've noticed my swelling going down now I have control of my sugars.

KarmaBiatch Fri 23-Aug-13 14:12:57

pop your poor tired puffy body in a bath with epsom salts, then after an hour or so rush to the toilet to pee out your cankles wink

RegainingUnconsciousness Fri 23-Aug-13 14:06:04

Glad all is good, OP. glad your doc did some thorough checks.

valiumredhead Fri 23-Aug-13 13:57:08

Hooray , good news smileSorry I didn't mean to scare you but you do need to be very careful as there can be no symptoms at all.

Newmum0113 Fri 23-Aug-13 13:36:07

Hi all thanks for the support!

Definitely no protein in my urine, bp absolutely fine, and GP said nothing to worry about. He checked for sth else in my urine too but it wasn't there and he was happy about that.

I am seeing GD clinic obstetrician and midwife on weds and have a scan booked too.

So all is ok for now. smile

RegainingUnconsciousness Fri 23-Aug-13 13:32:50

I've just seen BP monitors in Lidl this morning. Didn't look at the price though, sorry.

sillyoldfool Fri 23-Aug-13 13:18:05

If it turns out everything is ok, get yourself to the local swimming pool. Stay in as long as you can, the gentle water pressure pushes the water from your tissues back into your blood and you can then wee it out. I've had pretty severe water retention with both my pgs and not had p-e, so you may well be fine.

BoffinMum Fri 23-Aug-13 13:05:13

Regardless of what happens a day, investment in your own digital BP machine might well be a good idea, for reassurance if nothing else. They are about £40.

KarmaBiatch Fri 23-Aug-13 12:25:24

good luck xx

CoteDAzur Fri 23-Aug-13 12:13:51

GP should prescribe a tests looking at not only protein but also uric acid in blood.

I had very high and climbing uric acid in my blood during both pregnancies, which led to being induced with DD and a 3-day hospital stay with DS. My feet and fingers were also swollen. My normally very thin wrists were also swollen, which led to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Newmum0113 Fri 23-Aug-13 12:06:58

Hi everyone sorry just got Internet access - am still in GP waiting room - my appt was 30 mins ago!!

I am going call daycare at my hosp if not happy with the GP comments.

Do far at all appts bp has been good side of low. But many of you are saying it can come on do quickly.

valium I'm petrified now as I'm 32+1!!!!! I'm not ready to have my baby yet - she's not ready to come!!

oscar took loads of photos in case it went down - I wanted to show the GP what it looked like!

They did go down a bit overnight but are swelling up again.

Will keep you all posted as soon as I hear.

fluffyraggies Fri 23-Aug-13 09:39:26

Gosh this is very worrying. Everything crossed for you OP.

curlew Fri 23-Aug-13 09:32:43

Have you gone?

fanjodisfunction Fri 23-Aug-13 09:14:54

You should phone maternity bleep or whatever your maternity unit calls it. Swelling is noraml with GD, how have your glucose levels been? Are you seeing a diabetic nurse at all? If you are ring them up, and see what they say.
And don't worry about being a nuisance. Good luck OP.

Don't want to scare you but a friend of mine had GD and had the same symptoms as you and they sent her home, if it wasn't for a post on a thread where she mentioned her symptoms, we all told her to go back to the hospital. She had early stage pre-clampsia, she had caught it just in time. They gave her a steriod injection for the babies lungs and then booked her for a C-section. It turned out she wass very ill and any longer and the baby would have been ill too.

valiumredhead Fri 23-Aug-13 08:57:51

I had severe pre eclampsia which came on very suddenly and ds was delvered at 32 weeks. My only symptoms were swollen feet and heart burn.

Please get yourself checked out x

nextphase Fri 23-Aug-13 08:51:14

How pregnant are you?
Ring the Hospital midwives, on delivery ward if your over about 30 weeks, and tell them what you've written here.
Hopefully it is just the warmer weather, but it could, especially with the + protein, be the start of something more serious.
Don't wait for the community midwife to get back to you. Pease see some ASAP.

curlew Fri 23-Aug-13 08:42:15

Sorry- don't mean to scare you, but you need to be seen immediately. If necessary, go tonA&E- but immediately. You have been given poor advice by your HCP- it could be nothing- but pre-eclampsia can progress very quickly indeed. If you haven't already, go now.

oscarwilde Fri 23-Aug-13 08:38:52

Ooh. Just saw your post about your mum and the protein. Take a photo of your feet and get to a maternity unit would be my advice. Worst case they send you home but they will note in your file and watch more carefully because not to would be neglectful.

oscarwilde Fri 23-Aug-13 08:34:52

Get it checked out but they will probably shrug and tell you its normal. hmm I can't see your pics as on phone but I had extreme oedema in my legs and feet. It was soooo painful.

Drink lots of water
Get to a swimming pool, for a paddle. It makes a huge difference in an hour.
Find someone to give you a firm but gentle foot and leg massage in an upward direction. Use oil or thick cream as your skin will be so sore from the stretching.
Get decent heartburn meds from your doctor/midwife. Don't accept Gaviscon if you can lie down with your feet elevated, while on your right side etc etc. Ridiculous. confused
Don't wear tight shoes (assuming you can get any on at all)

The bad nems is that it can take a few weeks to go post natally. Sorry. It's worth actively managing it now. Get to a pool asap!

BoffinMum Fri 23-Aug-13 08:34:10

Ignore midwives and GPs and make sure you see a consultant at the hospital immediately. Make a fuss if necessary. It sounds dodgy to me.

getoffthecoffeetable Fri 23-Aug-13 08:31:14

Please phone your maternity ward and get seen ASAP.
Hope all goes well.

RegainingUnconsciousness Fri 23-Aug-13 08:27:31

Protein shouldn't be in your urine at all, it's a big molecule that shouldn't be able to get out through the kidney. It indicates high pressure.

You must ring you mw, or if you feel like she's not taking it seriously take yourself to the maternity ward.

Hope everything is ok, OP. hope we're all just overreacting.

Deathbyladybirds Fri 23-Aug-13 08:24:33

From action on pre eclampsia website
The following signs and symptoms of preeclampsia, and variants such as HELLP syndrome, may indicate a problem or may just be harmless side effects of normal pregnancy. Awareness of these signs and symptoms is important, and please follow up with your health care provider if you have any concerns. Technically, a sign is a characteristic of preeclampsia that can be measured, but may not be apparent to the patient, such as high blood pressure. A symptom is something that is experienced by the patient, such as a headache or visual disturbances.

No Symptoms
Edema (Swelling)
Sudden Weight Gain
Nausea or Vomiting
Abdominal (stomach area) and/or Shoulder Pain
Lower back pain
Changes in Vision

Racing pulse, mental confusion, heightened sense of anxiety, shortness of breath or chest pain, sense of impending doom

Deathbyladybirds Fri 23-Aug-13 08:23:06

Heartburn type pain is a symptom of pre eclampsia.

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